Top 15 Must Read Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Business Page 

Suppose you are an owner of a brand and want to grow your business on a social media platform like Facebook. Then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 15 must read tips that are very important for a brand to run its Facebook business page successfully.

Run a Successful Facebook Business Page: Over 60 million large and small business pages on Facebook are currently active worldwide and tapped into a massive market to increase sales successfully! Even with the introduction of many other social media platforms, Facebook has maintained its top position on the top sites for business and advertising. 

In a recent article by Ad Espresso, 78% of Americans claim to have discovered Facebook services and products. So, if you haven’t already made a business page, then you must right away! If you aren’t convinced, then read the pointers listed below. They best describe why you need a successful business page. 

Why you to Need Run a Successful Facebook Business Page?

Run a Successful Facebook Business Page

More Organic reach

As of 2020, Facebook has a whopping 2.45 billion worldwide active users, and many of these users are on the platform solely for brand awareness. It means that you will be able to reach a wider audience ORGANICALLY and nurture higher leads. As you grow, you may be able to build a thriving community.  

Direct your followers to shop

You can do this by adding a CTA or call to action button on your page. These buttons will encourage a new shopper/explorer to purchase whatever it is that you are offering.

For example, adding a “Book Now” button to your hotel/BnB business page will make it easier for a new customer to book. 

Advertise yourself

Facebook allows businesses to advertise themselves, and the feature was launched in November of 2007. While the feature isn’t new, it has gained notoriety only recently and is a great medium to reach an unknown audience through paid/sponsored campaigns. 

Sharing insights

Sharing insights

Facebook is perfect for giving details about your product/service and your location and contact to your customers. Why is this important? Well, it validates and humanizes your brand to put a new customer at ease instantly. 

Personal Communication

Yes, Facebook does open doors for more detailed and private communications to take place. These conversations could be grievances where a customer wants an issue resolved or just a thoughtful note informing you of their satisfaction.

Both will help you and your business in prospering. The communication could take place through the comments section or even the Messenger.  

An example, that will help you understand Facebook advertising’s impact is the Maybelline New York campaign run in Thailand. The brand ran the campaign between January to March of 2020 and drove online sales towards a range of their available products.

All the products shown to the customers were based on their recent online behavior and whatever products they left in the carts but never purchased on the site.

The three-month-long campaign helped the brand increase its ad recall by 73%, a rise of 8.8 points in purchase intent, 3.9 times increase in the brand favorability apart from an increase in sales.

The conclusion you must take away from this example is that Facebook can effectively help you accomplish your business goals. 

How to create a successful Facebook Business page?

How to create a successful Facebook Business page?

Now let’s talk about how you can maintain and run your Facebook business page successfully. Listed below are 15 top ways to ensure your Facebook business page is successful in the years to come. 

Upload Complete Business Information

Upload Complete Business Information


Before doing anything else, you must fill out the basic information regarding your business. The mandatory fields to fill out are- Page Name, Address, Phone Number, and Category.

Why is it necessary to fill these fields out? Because these will provide your customer with transparency and the option to reach out to you if necessary.

Take a look at the Screen Shot of the Facebook page below. Zappos is an online fast fashion brand that has provided complete necessary contact and address details.

This makes them one of the best small business pages on Facebook, and rightfully so! This step is also the time when you must choose between ‘business/brand’, community, or public figure options, so ensure you click on ‘business/brand.’

Fill out your About Us Section

the About us section is the space that allows you to provide information regarding your business/company. You will be able to specify what you are providing (product/service) and what is unique about the company to people visiting your page.

If the information you provide in this section is not up to par, your customers are most likely not purchase from you. You can also add things like company milestones in this section. 

About Us Section

Look at the About Us page of Target below. The company mentions its milestones like- the year it was created and when the company printed its first logo. They further make a mention of their mission and the products they sell. You can follow a similar pattern.

Add Recognizable Cover and Profile Photo’s

Cover and Profile Photo's

Your Facebook page’s profile and cover photo are the first things a visitor will notice. Which makes them supremely important, and special attention must be paid to choose the right images. You must select a cover and profile image that helps visitors instantly understand what your brand is about and what you are selling. 

Look at the Oreo Facebook page! The cover and the profile pictures are appropriate and speak volumes about the brand. If you can find nothing better, then use just the brand logo as your profile picture.

Keep in mind that both are recognizable and can be changed so you can customize your page at any point of time.

Determine Best Posts for the Page

Best Posts for the Page

if you want to make your online presence felt, then you must upload visual content in the form of images or videos.

They are the best way to show your viewers what they are missing out on and allow them a look into your brand/product/service. The catchier your post, the more likely visitors will remember it and follow you. 

As per, video content performs better than any other type of content and could generate 59% more engagement.

The chart you see below shows that the top 500 posts on Facebook were videos, while only 18% accounted for were images. Content is key, and you must put serious thought into its creation.

Fun fact: What your follower sees on their Facebook newsfeed is decided by the EdgeRank algorithm.

Assign Page Roles

On most occasions, a team of people manages, edits, and publishing content on Facebook. Facebook provides you with the option to add people and give them access to your page for this purpose.

There are different levels of permissions available that can be assigned depending on the role of the person. For example, a person who is the most involved in the editing and publishing process can be given an admin’s role.

Determine the Ideal Timing and Frequency for your Posts

Ideal Timing and Frequency for your Posts

Most social media marketing experts recommend posting regularly to be in front of the viewers every day. However, posting frequently could also hurt the engagement of your page.

You can efficiently resolve this issue by maintaining a social media content calendar where you mention which post performed best and at what time. This way, you will map the type of content, what time is perfect for uploading it, and the content’s frequency for your page.

In his article for Forbes, Neil Patel mentions uploading a post at least once a day if you have a following of less than ten thousand. He further says that doubling your post’s frequency could affect your average clicks, so you can stick to making one post a day.

At the same time, social media strategists like Mari Smith mention in her blog that it is ok to skip posting on weekends. But keep in mind that content and its frequency entirely relies on the behavior of your followers.

Ideal timings would be when you know your viewer will be free. For example- when they commute to work in the morning or when they settle down for lunch in the afternoon. Over time you will understand what time suits you best and accordingly adapt to increase the engagement.

Pin Important Posts to the Top

Is there a post you like best and think it would do well with your audience? Want them to keep seeing it for longer? Then you can pin the post to the top of your page. This post is on the top and would be the first post a viewer would see when visiting your page. 

Therefore, it is bound to gather more attention and visibility. The post could be anything from an announcement (for example, when you are launching a campaign) to a video with details of the services or products you offer. But this post will only stay pinned for seven days, after which it returns to its old position.

In the image below, you will see the pinned post by Domestika. Domestika is an online education website that offers a variety of courses for people to learn. Their pinned post talks of a massive discount on their online courses.

Automate Post Scheduling

Automate Post Scheduling

Many times; you may end up forgetting to upload a post for the day because you were preoccupied elsewhere; there goes all your effort down the drain! Not anymore, as you can automate the uploading of posts.

Automation of posts will ensure your post gets uploaded at the time you know your users are likely to see it. This process could allow you to spend more time engaging with the community you have created and understanding their type of content.  

Cross Post

Cross Post

since Facebook and Instagram are interconnected, you can take advantage of both at the same time. It could increase a variety of possibilities, like being able to tap into a new market. Cross-posting has been simplified by adding features on both platforms that allow sharing the same post from Facebook to Instagram or vice-versa. 

Both platforms will require you to jump into the settings and turning on the cross-platform, sharing options at the bottom of the post.

Promote your Page

This is the perfect way to promote your page to numerous people who haven’t heard of your business but may be interested in something similar. These are called Pages Likes Ads and look like what you see below. 

If you do not wish to spend money at the moment, then you could also start small by sending page requests to people like your friends and close relatives. Then you can reach out to users and have discussions, chats, and conversations to show you are interested in connecting and not promoting.

Use Clear call-to-action

Use Clear call-to-action

Call to action or CTA is a commonly used marketing term and helps users understand what action they must take or how to take it. You can add a CTA in the form of a CTA button or through words in your post’s caption. Your CTA must be concise and to the point. 

That being said, its length can be short or long; it is your choice to make. In the video add by Animoto you see below, their CTA is quick, straightforward, and to the point. They state that by watching the summit, you get 25% off on a new professional plan. In simpler words, the user, by taking that action (watching the video), will benefit 25%.

Target Customers with Ads

Target Customers with Ads

Once you are content with your page’s outlook, you can think of running ad campaigns to reach a fresher audience. The process is simple and allows you to create your ad from scratch and choose from goals like traffic, engagement, and reach.

Please select your desired audience and move on to pay for it. You will have to be careful about the content you wish to use as your ad to ensure your brand is represented well.

Less and Simple is more Friendly

people tend to get distracted easily, which means your content must be simple, easy to grasp, and soothing to the mind. Content that is crisp, together, and flows seamlessly will deliver the highest impact on viewers. 

Humanize your Image

You can add a humanizing touch to your business page by introducing the admin. Add a face and a name so they can relate! Your viewers are inquisitive folks and want to understand what your brand is about and all the people behind it. Appearing mysterious isn’t going to help your brand. 

Measure the Success of your Facebook Efforts 

It is time to dive into the Facebook insights and find out the engagement metrics. It will allow you to divulge into things like the number of people engaging with the page or post further. 

Why is this important? Mostly to help you make better content! The more interactive your content, the higher will be the follower retention rate. The insights are available for you to see on the left-hand corner of the page. Click on it to dive in deep.


Marketing your business is no easy feat but can be simplified using social media platforms like Facebook. This article provides you with the perfect tips for growing your business and reaching the ideal audience using Facebook. 

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