New Facebook Video Publishing Options You Need to Know

Want to know about the new video publishing options on Facebook, if yes then you have arrived on the right page, here in this blog we are going to discuss in detail about the new options of publishing videos on Facebook along with the places where you can make them available for the Facebook users. Let's begin!

Facebook Video Publishing Options: The number of individuals who watch videos on Facebook is extremely high. We are talking about a number of over 140 million individuals every day. Imagine how massive it is!

Studies show that putting up directly on Facebook will give you 86% higher reach than presenting a link on your video from YouTube or another facilitating platform. Facebook’s new distributing alternatives even allow you to pre-schedule recordings that appear as live. 

So what do every one of these alternatives mean? What’s more, how might you use them for your potential benefit?

Options to Publish your Facebook Video

Facebook Video Publishing Options

Let’s look at the various options you have to publish your video on Facebook.

Publish Now

The primary choice you have under “Publishing Options” is “Publish now.” Actually, as it sounds, this choice allows you to publish your video to your Facebook page immediately. You can, however, plan it as a post to be published at another time as well. 

At the point when you select the “new release” alternative, it will appear as a Facebook live video. Individuals will actually want to make comments, and you will get the visibility increase, just like in a live video. 

You should consider not going for this option however, if, for reasons unknown, users should have the option to fast forward to various segments in the video or on the off chance that you don’t need real-time comments from viewers.

At the point when you select this choice, individuals can plan watch parties, and you can see the number of users watching it at a given point of time (like you can with a live video). When individuals have watched the video, it will appear as a customary video post on your page.

Publish Your Facebook Video as a Premiere

Publish Your Facebook Video as a Premiere

At face value, “Premiere” and “New Release” may seem like something very similar. Nonetheless, some significant contrasts exist between these Facebook video publishing alternatives. 

At the point when you select the “Premiere” choice, it has every one of the features and benefits of being delivered as a “live” video – but you can schedule it. 

Another alluring component of utilizing this choice is that you can make an alternate custom picture (separate from your custom thumbnail) that will appear as an announcement post. Doing so gives you a significantly greater capacity to customize how your video appears to those who are seeing it for the first time. 

After individuals watch the video, they will see your custom thumbnail picture in their newsfeed as opposed to on the announcement image.

P.S: On the off chance that you are scheduling locally on Facebook, consistently try to re-check your settings so you are planning it for the right time as per the region.

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Schedule Your Facebook Video Post

A lot of choices under “Publishing Options” seem to be comparable from the outset. You may be enticed to believe that “Schedule” is equivalent to “Premiere” … but you might want to look closer! 

The critical distinction here is that you are still scheduling your video, however, it isn’t appearing as a “live” video. Along these lines, you will not have ongoing remarks or viewers. You additionally will not get the visibility and higher engagements as in live recordings. 

The one extra component that you get with scheduling that isn’t accessible in the prior choices is the capacity to have your post naturally expire. On the off chance that you are making a video post that may be a limited-time offer, this may be a decent alternative for you to test.

Backdate Your Facebook Video

Do you have recordings that are more pertinent to past dates that never got posted? In that case, you can explore the option of backdating them. Doing so can give context to your page and have videos appear in the best order. 

At the point when you backdate, you can just pick a day, not a time. It will still, in any case, arrange things accurately on your newsfeed. You additionally have the alternative to hide the post from your newsfeed. It will in any case be there on your video tab but not as users look through your timeline. 

The last alternative for publishing itself is to “Save as Draft.” Do this to save basically everything you have worked on up until now, on the off chance that you are not prepared to settle on a choice about which publishing choice is appropriate for your post.

Where to Publish Your Video on Facebook?

This seems like a logical next query after understanding the various options. Let’s take a look at where you can potentially post videos on Facebook.

News Feed

News Feed

Selecting a video to be posted on your news feed, will simply make it visible to most of the people who follow your page.

You can also have an end date for this post. This is different from the “expire” though – an “end date” is the date from which Facebook will stop showing your post to new users on their personal timelines.

Display In Watch

Display In Watch

This is a separate section created by Facebook just to watch videos and audio-visual content. A lot of influencers and brands have been using this space to get as many eyeballs as possible. If you want limited eyeballs, you may avoid this space.

Allow Embedding


Once you allow the video to be embedded, you are definitely increasing viewership and thereby, access to your page. You can embed the video on your website or allow others to embed it on theirs. Users can then watch the video on the given site, or choose to open it at its source (your Facebook page).

Add as a Secret Video

Secret Video

If your video is only meant for a select group of people, you can add it as a secret video that only those selected users can view and engage with. This option creates a secret link that you can share with that group of individuals. The video will not be available anywhere else on Facebook.


Above all, remember that starting a video marketing strategy is like planting a tree: while it’s a gratifying process and rewards will come, it takes time to see results. Consistent, good content, with proper media spends, should do the trick.

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