10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps for Social Media

We all like creating beautiful images and videos that can help us in attracting more and more engagements on our posts, here in this blog we have tried to assemble 10 best Photo and video editing apps that you can use for your social media accounts. Let's begin!

Photo and Video Editing Apps: Since marketing has moved from physical to digital, marketers are trying out every new idea to reach the maximum audience. In this race, social media platforms have performed a sincere role.

From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, the feed gets flooded with exclusive photos and videos, stirring peoples’ interests and prompting them to take necessary actions.

Though there is no such thing as a winning online marketing strategy, visual content has boomed in recent years and has engulfed the market like wildfire.

It is not a surprise that audiences relate more with images and videos, so more and more marketers use visuals to delight and amuse the audience and get some engagement in return.

3 Things to Create Outstanding Photos and Videos

Create Outstanding Photos and Videos

Unfortunately, great pictures and videos do not fall into your lap. You need three things to get the job done-

1) a camera

2) an excellent video-making app

3) a video editor

There is a high chance that you already have in-built software on your phones and desktop for editing. However, those tools may not work for the content channel you are using- you may not find enough options to give good editing.

Luckily, now you have a superb editing software that can turn any images marvelous, and in a lesser time. To explore them, read on.

10 Photo and Video editing apps you need to download

Photo and Video editing apps you need to download

In the world of social media, video content is ruling, and rightly so, they become the brands’ voice. They are short, crisp, to-the-point, and easily digestible. Everyone understands the importance of images and visuals, but a few realize how this works.

Here are ten photo and video editing apps for digital platforms to help you decide on the right tools. Let us dive in!

1) Pixlr

If you plan to take your Instagram pictures to a whole new exquisite world, Pixlr is just for you! This app is top-rated amongst the masses as it can be installed on both Android and iPhone devices.

It comes with brilliant photo editing options, including filters, colour splash, focal blur, double exposure, and effects, which can undoubtedly transform any basic image to WOW.

What more can you do? Check below.


The main features:

  • Auto-fix that immediately fixes the colour of the pictures
  • Crop, resize, and add borders
  • Colour splash to enhance image colours
  • An array of effects and tones to add a lively touch to the pictures
  • Stylize and text feature for more effects
  • Double exposure to play with layers and transparency
  • Focal blur, whiten teeth, and remove red-eye

Pricing: Spend $6.99 a month and $38 annually. Save 20% on a special deal now!

Are you excited to use it? You can download any of the two options- Pixlr E and Pixlr R.

2) WordSwag

Want to make your pictures go from drab to fab? I give you WordSwag.

You get to create the trendiest posts with finesse. From developing high-quality graphics to flyers, this app is pretty much fun and addicting. Trust me, you will never be disappointed!

The main features:

  • Cool, hand-made fonts
  • 22 image filters and 1.3 million Pixabay free backgrounds
  • You can upgrade layout and font combinations
  • Add quotes, texts, and captions like this:

Add quotes, texts, and captions

  • Easy to share on social media platforms
  • You can select different frames, layouts, and text effects
  • You can create a brand’s logo and high-resolution graphics

Pricing: WordSwag is free on all smartphones. The premium version offers a 7-days free trial with a fee of $4.99 to remove watermarks.


To get your followers to like your content, you need to create something flawless. Here, presenting you VSCO–a perfect image and video editing app to add colours and magic to all your social media posts.


The tool is extremely easy to use with a simple design and menu, so enhancing images’ quality will not be difficult. When you enter the VSCO community, you will realize it is similar to Instagram. You get to check pictures and videos in the feed and connect with people.

The main features:

  • Quick ten free editing presets
  • Crop, resize, and adjust saturation, focus, exposure, the opacity of layers, double exposure, and clarity
  • Fade and grain options to add an old touch to pictures
  • Save pictures in recipes after edits
  • Strengthen filters with a photo enhancer
  • Pick interface colour and flash modes
  • The built-in camera allows you to adjust white balance, ISO, and shutter speed
  • Make GIFs, collage, and montage

Here is how filters create a lovely photo:

vsco filters

Pricing: You get a week free trial, and then comes a yearly subscription of $19.99.

4) Infltr

Meet Infltr– an app with more than seven million filters. Yes, you heard that right! If you are looking for an app that can make images appear bright and lively in the feed, trust Infltr, undoubtedly. It has some fantastic combinations of filters that you cannot find in any other editing apps.


The main features:

  • Change filters instantly with a single touch
  • Create GIFs, HD panoramic shots, and live photos
  • Adjust filter intensity, contrast, saturation, tint, brightness, and temperature
  • Combine different photo filters just by sliding your finger on the screen, like this:

Combine different photo filters

This app can be used only by iOS users. For the best results, become a monthly subscriber and unlock unlimited features!

Pricing: The free version gives you access to limited features. but monthly subscription costs $3.99 and yearly $19.99.

5) iMovie

iMovie app gives you the power to add an artistic touch to the Instagram videos and take them to the next creative level.

You get this pre-installed in iPhones with a simple and user-friendly interface. Plus, you can add music and voice-overs to your videos.


The main features:

  • It comes with fourteen templates trailers and thirteen video filters
  • It has animated drop zones and eight movie themes
  • Record directly and customise credits and cast names
  • Play with transitions, titles, sound effects, video length, and movements
  • Adjust split-screen and green-screen effects

Are you intrigued by this app? Rush to the Google store! Though it comes pre-installed on Apple devices, you can get it for free in iOS.

Pricing: It is FREE!

6) Splice

Created by GoPro, Splice is yet another fantastic video editing app. What is so special? Edit videos and give them a neat finish with some grand, fabulous features, which are stated below.


The main features:

  • Add backgrounds, filters, soundtracks, narration, music, and effects
  • Cut, crop, and trim videos
  • Adjust speed, motion, transition, and styles to create an impactful video
  • Create soundtracks add songs from iTunes

The download is free for Android devices. You can subscribe for better clip editing and movie creation.

Pricing: The download is free. It charges $1.99 for the trial version and $2.99 for the clip editing and movie creator.

7) LumaFusion

Transforming a plain video to something astonishing requires great art and editing prowess. But, with LumaFusion on your phone, you get access to an array of free features and advanced options that can make your videos stand out on social media channels.


The main features:

  • You get the options to edit video recordings (iPad and iPhone only)
  • Customised aspect ratios
  • Six audio and visual tracks for adding music, titles, photos, videos, graphics, narration, and sound effects
  • Free backgrounds, loops, and music
  • Play with colour correction tools, layer effects, styles, blurs, distort, and keyframes
  • Insert or link a clip and even overwrite or unlink it
  • Add fast/slow motions, reverse, texts, images, fonts, shadows, borders, and shapes

Pricing: For iOS users, it is available for $29.99.

8) Adobe Premiere Rush

Why not put a high-quality editing touch to the pictures before posting them on social media? To get more shares and likes, you need to create something spectacular out of the ordinary. And, this is where the Adobe Premiere Rush can help you.

This is a simpler alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro but works exceptionally well! Do you know that you can schedule your post before publishing? Check below to discover some of its cool features.

Adobe Premiere Rush

The main features:

  • The built-in camera allows you to shoot and edit instantly
  • The built-in templates come with an array of motion graphics
  • Include thumbnails, audio tracks, split-views, motion graphics, customised fonts, and colour enhancement
  • Free 30 loyalty options
  • Resize videos and give them the landscape, square, or portrait mode
  • You can balance sound and auto-ducking

Premiere Rush is meant for both Android and iOS devices, and you will find plenty of subscription choices. Hence, you are open to choose the best option for you!

Pricing: It charges $9.99 for a subscription. Whilst the monthly premium membership fee is $4.99, the annual premium membership fee is $34.99.

9) PicCollage

As the name suggests, you can determine that PicCollage is a perfect app for creating collages. Uploading a single picture may not bring the engagement that you are looking for. What is the trick? Try collage!

PicCollage has heaps of options for colorful backgrounds, fun stickers, and creative grids.


Its attributes will give you an insight into how to edit images.

The main features: 

  • Choose a grid and upload photos instantly
  • Use holiday cards, templates, freestyle mode to build a customised collage
  • Use the doodle feature to write text and draw on the visuals
  • Easily share and print

This app is free for Android and iOS users. If you subscribe to the premium version, you gain access to enhanced options. 

Pricing: You need to pay $4.99 for monthly subscription and $35.99 for yearly subscription.

10) FilmoraGo

Are you looking for an intuitive way to edit videos before making them online?

FilmoraGo is one such platform where you can, of course, edit, enhance and develop the picture to such an extent that it stands out amongst the crowd.

Surprisingly, it has more than 50 million installs (you can imagine the popularity!).


The main features:

  • Adjust volume or mute it in case of videos
  • Adjust video speed and split it into two halves
  • Rotate, copy, paste, and be amused by other adjustment options
  • Add sound effects, filters, notes, texts, stickers, and music tracks to the videos
  • Adjust contrast, clarity, saturation, and brightness

The app is free for both Apple and Android devices. 

Pricing: The premium version charges $4.99 per month and $29.99 per year.

Which are the standard features you need in editing videos?

Every editing app is different and may not fulfill your purpose of editing a video. There are always certain features you will look for and some you want to ignore.

You will find both the free and the premium versions in the maximum cases, but that does not necessarily mean that you need the upgrade. Here is a checklist of the essential standard features.

  • Import images and videos from the phone gallery or shoot them via the app
  • Adjustable ratio to fit the platforms like, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Vimeo, and more
  • Export video with 480p quality (at least)
  • Add music, text, and shapes to the visuals
  • Scrubbing through videos whilst you edit it
  • Being able to increase the speed or slow down by 1-2X
  • Save the edited images to phone gallery or cloud

The premium features that might attract you are:

  • Add gifs, fonts, filters, and stickers
  • Export high-definition pictures of 720p, 1080p or 4k quality
  • Add a transition between two shots and premium choice of music
  • Extreme speed up or slow down by 4X
  • Remove watermark
  • Multi-track timelines

Whether you are making a video for Instagram or YouTube, these features can deliver a surprise to your audience. The more mastery you gain at editing, the better conversion you can expect.

The takeaway

All social media platforms have become highly competitive. You need to constantly try out bizarre ideas, think-out-of-the-box strategies, and upgrade your picture editing skills to attract onlookers.

The brands cannot become famous until and unless they create a wave on the digital platforms. The best way to do this is- create one-of-a-kind visuals that will make the audience go gaga. It is said that a video fetches almost 300% more traffic and nurtures leads than any other marketing option.

With time, video content will be more popular and acceptable. It is considered an invaluable tool for SEO and makes it an integral part of a digital marketing strategy .

Online video content is watched more, which improves conversion rates. Now when you know how these above mentioned apps work, start installing them soon. Utilise them property and give a jumpstart to your video marketing across digital channels.

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