The Essential Guide to Pinterest Marketing

If you’re planning to start your marketing campaign on Pinterest, you’ve landed at the right place. Here we’ll talk right from the basics of Pinterest marketing and perks of Pinterest marketing to some unique Pinterest features and trends. We’ll also talk about the top 10 tools to improve Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: The Pinterest platform has become an ultimate source for marketers to achieve their marketing goals in recent years. The main reason could be the number of users accessing Pinterest. As per the latest statistical report, more than 250 million people use Pinterest. Among those, 90% of the active Pinterest users use the platform for finding the product/services which they seek.

Here in this blog, we have elaborated on how Pinterest is used as an effective marketing tool for marketers, besides discussing the latest trends and marketing strategies that marketers should use to gain success in the Pinterest platform.

What is Pinterest marketing?

pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing acts as an effective tool to promote and to create awareness of your business presence on the social media platform Pinterest. Pinterest is a well known visual platform on which users publish attractive images and videos. By using this social media platform, every business these days increases its customer base by gaining the attention of the target audience around the globe.

Driving organic traffic is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy, well Pinterest marketing does exactly the same by creating awareness of business or brand around the globe at affordable rates and in quick time.

Pinterest marketing works on the basis of users sharing or posting images or videos on the Pinterest platform, called ‘pinning’ or ‘pin’. Unlike other social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, where users focus on sharing or posting information about their life, in Pinterest it’s about sharing inspirational or researching contents/images/videos.

Perks of a Perfect Pinterest marketing strategy

  1. Access the overview of your pins
  2. Promote the pins & Run ads
  3. It is Affordable
  4. Creates Customer Engagement
  5. Inspire the purchases

The majority of businesses strongly believe in using Pinterest for increasing their sales and revenues. It is true; the statistical values prove that Pinterest gives a great opportunity for businesses to grow further. 

Besides this, Pinterest improves brand awareness among potential consumers and enhances sales. It is one of the best social media platforms when it comes to driving a high amount of web traffic to businesses in the virtual world. 

Creating the account on Pinterest will attract a considerable amount of audience to your official business website. The following paragraphs of this blog discuss the advantages of having a perfect Pinterest Marketing strategy for your business.

Access the Analytics

pinterest Analytics


When you are using Pinterest for the business, then you can find the analytics for the pins. To generate a significant amount of traffic on the official website, then you should promote the pins on Pinterest. 

You can view the engagements, impressions, clicks, views & other important things while accessing the analytics of Pinterest. You need to choose the particular data ranges & view all the important pins. If you are searching for other Pinterest performance details, you will be able to check the report in Sprout social’s dashboard. 

Promote the pins & Run ads

Before promoting your business on Pinterest you should create an account and run the ads & promote pins. Lots of people use Pinterest just because they can access the Pinterest advertising & targeting feature at ease. It will enable you to achieve more success from a Pinterest profile. 

Promote the pins & Run ads

Make sure that you are running an effective ad campaign that can improve the conversion, traffic, and awareness of the brand. Pinterest marketing is a really powerful visual search engine that offers lots of benefits to marketers. Make sure that you are highlighting the products on such an efficient social media network that can generate more conversion.


Pinterest is an affordable platform that offers a lot of benefits to marketers. Do you have a business in the services or visual product sectors? Then you must make the use of the advertising features of Pinterest for enhancing the overall traffic of the site.

Creates Customer Engagement

Pinterest is a powerful platform that will enable you to promote the dream products effectively. Apart from building the strong traffic and visual links to your business network, Pinterest ensures your customers are always engaged with you. Make sure that you are sharing the high-end quality images of the products to keep them attracted towards your business.

Inspire the purchases

By posting your business updates, offers and other attractive videos/images, potential customers get attracted towards your business. This innovative social media marketing strategy inspires customers to purchase your products. If you want to convert the leads into sales, then you must opt for Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest marketing is much better than other top social networking platforms because promotions are done with the aid of high-quality images and videos which attracts consumers/users a lot. Owing to that, Pinterest marketing quickly delivers traffic to your website. 

Ingredients to Perfect Pinterest Marketing Recipe

1: Create a branding profile

branding profile

First, create a Pinterest profile for your business. If you have an existing Pinterest account not owing to your business, then switch over from personal to the business account. A business Pinterest account can benefit you with facilities such as website claiming, Pinterest analytics of your website/account traffic, advertisements and promotions and Rich Pin for Pinterest content, and Pin scheduling. 

Follow other Pinterest accounts to make sure you have some followers as well. Make some Pin Boards for your profile in there and create some pins for your Pinterest Profile. Start pinning more than 5 pins a day and be actively engaged on Pinterest. 

2: Connect other social media

You can easily connect your other social media accounts to Pinterest. It improves social signals and helps generate additional backlinks. You can build strong online connections so that your posts will always have followers. Here is the simple procedure to connect your Pinterest account to other social media platforms.

Connect other social media

  • Access your profile and tap the top right corner to open the menu. 
  • Press Edit Settings and navigate to the Social Networks section.
  • In the next step, you will have to toggle the switch next to Facebook, Google, or Apple, depending on your preference.
  • When the system sends a prompt, allow Pinterest to access your selected social media accounts.

3: Claim your website

Claiming your website refers to getting access to analytics for the Pins you publish from your website. In order to know the analytics on Pins that other people may create from your site, inform them where they can find more of your content. It is possible to claim more than one website per Pinterest account, but they can work as sub-domains or secondary-level domains. 

add an HTML tag to your website

Before you claim your website(s), add an HTML tag to your website and upload an HTML file to your website. In addition, add a DNS TXT record to your domain host, which may vary according to your hosting service providers. 

4: Decide the content strategy

First, set your content strategy by prioritizing high-quality content and ensuring consistency in what you publish. Choose your topics in an effective manner by keeping your audience in mind and thinking like them. Let your content be on seasonal trends to get more attention from your followers. Most importantly, optimize your landing pages as well.

pinterest content strategy

Give complete details of what you intend to publish. Make writing a full description as a habit and follow certain content guidelines that the platform you choose to publish expects from you.

5: Use boards to connect with pinners

To begin with Pinboards, you must add your geographic information to your Pinterest profile. In case you are close enough, this information can help people know your whereabouts. The next step would be optimizing your boards and pins for local searches. Once you enter your demography, Google takes the responsibility of indexing your pins accordingly. 

add location on pinterest

Add on your town name or state name in one or two boards, along with as many applicable pins as well. If you have branched out in several areas, then it is ideal that you have a separate board for the exact/nearby location that people might search for. 

6: Join community boards

With joining Pinterest community boards, you can gain a lot of followers and increase the frequency of re-pins per post according to Pinterest rules. Moreover, community boards help you boost engagement extremely high since your pins are shared across the group.

community boards

Before joining a Pinterest group, make sure of maintaining consistency in posting high-quality posts on regular intervals. Also, check whether the pins are linking to the correct websites, by doing so you avoid falling into a spam group. Moreover, make the pins relevant, and do not fall under the pit hole of random groups, as they provide no benefit to you. 

7: Schedule out fresh pins

schedule fresh pins

Find a trusted and simple source to schedule your pins so that you can quickly upload your pins to your publisher’s draft section and cut–paste them superfast. This will allow you not only to schedule your first pin but also to schedule the rest of the required pins as well. Hide your pins from the bottom of your post, as it can slow down your site.

Try to behave like a good pinner and always keep a track of your good pins. Focus on dedicated niches or niches that you are strong at for better responses to your pins. 

8: Focus on Pinterest SEO

The basic functionality of SEO is to bring your website on top through organic searches in many browsing platforms. Create a username that is SEO-friendly and includes your username in your profile’s URL. Add the Pinterest tag to your website so that you do not go out of Pinterest reach. Do intensive keyword research and ensure those keywords blend and are highlighted in your website and the Pinterest post.

pinterest profile’s URL

Additionally, organizing and optimizing boards give you a greater reach by adding the top keywords and consumer research on Pinterest.

9: Target pinners with ads

Ads have become an essential and supporting aid in every social media platform. You have different types of Pinterest ads to set up your business to the stage of success. If you are looking to bring your brand to the limelight, then go for Promoted Pins. Promoted Carousels allow multi-image ads that a user can swipe through in a pin. 

Promoted Carousels on pinterest

Promoted Video Pins and Promoted Pins cater to similar features like the static image. However, the static images will be replaced by a video in Promoted Video Pins. 

Unique Pinterest Features

Pinterest has some peculiar features which can’t be found in other social media platforms. Marketers can utilize those features effectively to gain maximum marketing goals. Here are the few vital features which are found only on Pinterest.

  • Boards: Boards are often referred to as containers that contain similar kinds of content/images/videos/themes.  


  • Secret Boards: A secret board does the same job as Boards. However, the contents of secret boards are visible only to account holders or among the users who are invited to pin on that particular board.

private board

  • Group Boards: Group Boards are similar to the regular boards, but in group boards, multiple users/pinners are able to post or share their contents.

Group Boards

    • Pin: A Pin usually refers to a graphical post or images, which have an external link.


  • Repin: A Repin or repining is about sharing other user’s posts on your Pinterest board.



Pinterest Marketing Trends

Pinterest marketing uses Pinterest and its features as a tool to improve a business online. Why businesses prefer Pinterest marketing, and what are its benefits? You build a website and want it to get more traffic through organic searches. But the fact is unless you have a strong online presence and quality in any content you post, generating traffic through organic searches can be a nightmare for you. 

The second point is enhancing your brand awareness to your audience. Both of these can happen with Pinterest marketing. Pinterest marketing is similar to other social media marketing platforms but it creates more backlinks to your website or other content. Therefore, Pinterest users typically make use of the platform to save ideas and products that they wish to remember or revisit later. In this blog, we will see the latest Pinterest marketing trends.

1: Plan something like a 90s rerun

90s rerun 

We think we are ahead of the 90s, but we don’t realize that we still live in the 90s trend only. Millennials get older but always want to relive the old memories they are fond of and bonding they have over shared experiences. Irrespective of any obsession with all things, 90s trends just keep growing. 

Some of the 90s reruns that are trending and popular on Pinterest are 90s cartoons, Hip hop parties, Y2K outfits, 90s music, Scrunchies, Braided hairstyles, Grunge Fashion, 90s Streetwear, Lip gloss and liner and hair clips. Depending on your target audience, you can plan something like 90s rerun.

2: Space and galaxy-inspired themes

Space and galaxy-inspired themes

A new kind of space race can be a new trend among the people in 2020. People lose themselves in the daydreams of outer space and expect more traditional kinds of space and galaxy-inspired themes since it makes your audience go to that age of the galaxy. Therefore, companies highly focus on kids that have a curiosity towards science, technology, engineering and math.

You can prefer these space and galaxy-inspired themes: astrology-themed parties, planet makeup, constellation piercings, NASA logos, and galaxy paintings. Wearing space tattoos, you can combine geometric shapes with the planet.

3: Nature Theme to increase energy

nature themes on Pinterest

Many people would like to go for outdoor trekking or travel to burst out their stress and increase energy. Therefore, integrating nature with digitalization increases your chances of coming out of a bottle-neck tight environment. Your audience can be anyone who wishes to reconnect with the great outdoors.

Some of the trending nature themes on Pinterest are Lake fishing, Rockhounding, Nature travel, Rabbit hutches, Northern lights, Outdoor bars, Outdoor indoors, Hiking fashion, Bushcraft camping and outdoor play areas for kids, etc.

4: Responsible Travel is so eco-conscious

Responsible Travel

As the tourism sector is so eco-conscious and natural, it got so much popularity on Pinterest. Few of your audience may seek only adventure from your posts and few may consider it as a cultural impact as well. Most of them do not want to stay in crowded hotspots, and at the same time, need some larger tourist spots as well.

Some of the recent trends on Pinterest are train travel, zero-waste travel essentials, travel stories, staycations, reduced carbon footprint, eco-friendly travel, Agritourism, learning vacations and more. If your target audience fits into this category, you can plan something more of it relatedly. 

5: Pampering Pets is the Hottest Trend

Pampered Pets

Pet growing and pampering is one of the hottest trends that many people might be looking for since it requires proper and accurate information; and of course, your followers believe what you say is right. There are a plethora of topics you can cover on pets such as pet pampering, pet foods, pet sitting and dog walking and more.

If you observe millennials those who have not shown interest in marriage are trying to adopt babies for companionship. Some may adopt a child but most of them love to have a pet at home. Statistics say that in the UK, over 50% of pet parents between ages 19 and 38 cut down the money spent on their food and are ready to cut back it to their pets’ food.

6: International Inspiration

Most people of your target demographic may show high interest in international/imported products. It could be food, ornaments, apparels, accessories, paintings, furniture or anything. Know what they want to read about and make that as the latest trend in your Pinterest. 

Kerala breakfast ideas

Here are some tips for creating topics to gain the desired attraction of your target audience. Start posting content under the topic of Indian living rooms, Spanish bathrooms, Japanese tubs, Filipino desserts, West African recipes, Arabic treats, Kerala breakfast ideas, French antiques, Australian landscaping, and more. The title of your Pinterest post should be self-explanatory so that it grabs your audience’s interest to get into the topic.

7: Remote work

In today’s COVID-19 scenario, more than 50% of employees, especially in IT and ITES industries have been allotted to work from home. As companies try to keep their employees more productive, even employees who work remotely can save their time and utilize it for relaxation. Therefore, you can focus on your target audience by posting related posts/videos, beauty conscious, diet and nutrition, healthy life, gardening, etc.

beauty conscious

With Pinterest Analytics, find out what topics do the majority of your target audience pin on their board, so you can give them something unique yet trendiest.

Do intensive research on the latest Pinterest trends that you can effectively make use of to reach your target audience. Make sure that at the end of every post, there is a link to your website, but ensure you nicely relate it to your blog. Bounce rates are common not only for websites but also for any social media platform page since Google records every action you implement. 

Your marketing channels should be more of highlighting benefits to your audience rather than just a pastime. If you think you are on the same page in connection to Pinterest trends, go through what methods/type of content your competitors have tried applying to their posts. Therefore, you should always be one-step ahead of them in any marketing strategy you apply on Pinterest and other social media platforms as well.

Top 10 Tools to Improve Pinterest Marketing

We all know that Pinterest is one of the highly used social media platforms that offer brands the chance to reach customers and influence their purchasing behavior. People who search for inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies, find Pinterest very interesting. Businesses prefer Pinterest because it offers exclusive tools for marketing products/services, especially, for backlink purposes.

Today, we will see the top 10 tools that help improve Pinterest marketing with versatility.

1: Buffer


Buffer offers you great images to Pin from any website and instantly include to your Pinterest schedule using its own browser extension. Similarly, while you are browsing Pinterest, if you find something interesting to your Pin, you can again pin it with a single click on the button that appears.

You can also retrieve your dashboard to see all the statistics received through your pins such as comments, re-pins, likes and more. Buffer offers a 7-day free trial and the Unlimited Plan starts with $10 a month.

2: Tailwind


If you are looking for a clean and neat tool with a great analytics option, then Tailwind can be your best choice. It is a complete Pinterest management tool that provides scheduling and the standard statistics which make it easy for you to analyze your competitors, see trending points, most influential followers and top re-pinners.

Tailwind offers a free trial, to begin with, and later charges $10 a month.

3: Viraltag


Viraltag enables you to browse from a predefined set of images or upload your own and schedule to Pinterest and other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Viraltag offers free service for three social profiles, and the paid plans begin at $24 per month.

4: Viralwoot


Viralwoot, formerly called Pinwoot, has no connection to Viraltag. It offers splendid Pinterest features such as scheduling through the bookmarklet, pin alerts, follower growth tools and some sort of advertising.

Viralwoot offers a free starter plan and then follows at $12 per month and more.

5: Pinvolve


This tool is useful for growing your Pinterest community. Pinvolve acts as a time saver for those who spend most of their time on Pinterest and Facebook with enough sharing. It easily converts your Facebook photos into Pins and sticks your Pins straight to your Facebook page. Pinvolve has a free version and a paid version as well.

The free version makes you do most of the things manually, whereas the paid version does every activity automatically, keeping you just watching what’s happening.

Like we mentioned, it offers a free plan, and the paid plan starts at $9 a month.

6: PinGroupie


PinGroupie specializes in finding group boards on Pinterest and enables users to join and contribute as well. It ensures that group boards are sorted based on popularity, thereby allowing you to see the ones with the biggest following or maximum pins or likes.

PinGroupie comes for free of cost in usage, and therefore, pinners find it very interesting and beneficial as well. It gives a privilege that any member of the group can contribute to their group board. But sometimes, PinGroupie has considered an underrated tactic with joining the group board, to generate traffic from Pinterest.

7: LoveList


LoveList is an iOS-based app that allows you to scan the barcode of any products and create a Pin, sharing to Pinterest. You can pin all the products from your product line or generate a wish list for your friends or kids.

No pricing seems to be related to using LoveList, but it appears to have closed shop.

8: Loop88


This interesting Pinterest tool links Pinterest influencers with huge followers and highly engaged audiences and with advertisers and brands who wish to spread their word on the Pinterest platform. As a result, you get enhanced exposure, re-pins and definite followers when an influencer distributes your Pin with their target audience.

Loop88 pricing differs according to your preferences and needs. Therefore, you can get in touch with the respective team for the best quote.



The expansion of IFTTT is If this, then that. IFTTT is an automation tool that can be used in several places of marketing. It is incredibly useful and moreover, absolutely free to use as well. In this context, This means you specify an action; you define whether a post is published or it is being shared. Therefore, this refers to some sort of action you initiate.

That is the secondary action you specify. When an event related to This occurs, automatically, the event related to That also occurs. In other words, the collaboration of these two words/activities is called a recipe. Moreover, IFTTT can be used with just any website that allows the addition of most social networks.

10: Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the top tools that have been in existence for social media marketers for ages now. Though many raised some criticism about the quickness of using this tool, still pinners can never deny its core features. Hootsuite can be easily integrated with other tools, especially when it comes to Pinterest. 

For example, you can integrate Hootsuite with Tailwind and access all the features of Tailwind through Hootsuite itself. Moreover, Hootsuite is an exceptional use for creating dashboards. With Hootsuite, you can control the panels that are shown on your account with using the option AddStream at top of the dashboard.

There are more than hundreds of tools to access pinners and make the most out of the benefits. But all these Pinterest tools support businesses extremely well to reach their target audience in multiple ways, attached to several social media platforms. You can use many Pinterest tools as marketing platforms to boost your business and get huge followers for your brand.

Since every activity you do on Pinterest is a chain, you can easily relate and swift between one tool and another tool. If you have found any other Pinterest tool interesting and worked for you, please feel free to share the successful experience with us.

Concluding With

There is no doubt about Pinterest being referred to as an effective marketing tool. Moreover, the Pinterest platform is utilized for creating brand/business awareness among potential consumers and strong relationships with existing customers. 

However, achieving all those can be done by following the above-mentioned Pinterest marketing strategies with perfection. So, create your business account on Pinterest and start posting attractive contents/images to gain enough attraction.

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