Why Instagram will overtake Facebook: Top 7 Reasons

Facebook is the most liked social medial platform. But in future Instagram will overtake Facebook. Top reasons behind this are shared in this article. Instagram's sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience. Take a look for something new!

Instagram will Overtake Facebook:- When Facebook was launched, it had been a revolution with most of the people having an account on it. But with the changing times, there has been a decline in its number of users. The reason is obviously the privacy concerns and the controversies that Facebook had fallen into.

And the launch of Instagram made it even difficult for Facebook. Instagram has much better options for creating and sharing content and that is why it’s not wrong to say that in the coming times, Instagram will overtake Facebook.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the given reasons and you will understand why we are saying so.

7 Reasons why Instagram will Overtake Facebook

Instagram will Overtake Facebook

We did our part of research to understand what could be the possible reasons for Instagram to overtake Facebook. Have a look, here:

1. Instagram has a better response to mobiles

Instagram has a better response to mobiles

The first point on our list is that Instagram is more mobile-friendly i.e., it is designed in a way to be compatible with mobile. That does not mean, it can’t run on a desktop. It can but it is more dominant on mobiles to date.

This reason makes the users more attracted to Instagram making their online experience more pleasant. The main idea of Instagram is to share the photos instantly that you take with your mobile and that’s why Instagram keeps on updating itself with the change in mobile technologies.

However, Facebook being a site was just limited to desktop earlier. The scenario has changed now but the content creating options that one gets with Instagram cannot be beaten. 

All the more reason for Instagram to have larger active members.

2. Instagram is more commerce friendly than Facebook

Instagram is more commerce friendly than Facebook

Instagram has turned out to be a great marketplace. Be it for small businesses just starting out or a well-settled business, Instagram has benefitted everyone in terms of marketing. The app is suitable to sell and promote products of different kinds, such as:

  • Clothes
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Bakery
  • Flowers
  • Shoes, etc.

Since Instagram provides equal chances to businesses of all types, you just need to have some products and a well-written strategy to utilize Instagram for your business.

Additionally, Instagram’s developers have added one more feature recently that is of in-app purchase. Now users don’t have to leave the platform for making the purchase. It can be done then and there.

3. Instagram has a better stories option

Instagram has better stories option

When it comes to stories, Instagram had it first. Instagram’s stories are inspired by Snapchat but have better options again. Facebook, on the other hand, introduced story options much later, and that too with limited options.

Insta stories depict the beauty of Augmented reality in a much better way keeping the users interested to create stories. FB’s story is old and traditional, much suited for the generation preferring “long reads”.

4. Brands have a special interest in Instagram

Brands have a special interest in Instagram

Facebook’s algorithm keeps on changing every now and then. Therefore, brands find it hard to target and reach their audience here. While talking about Instagram, the visual design makes the users want more of it.

Instagram feed is designed in a way that it appears to be the lookbook and campaign of your business both at the same time, thereby making the audience spend more time scrolling your feed.

5. The discovery option is better

All thanks to the hashtag that lets Instagram offer a piece of more precise and vaster search information.

This feature however is not available on Facebook. You can add at a max of 30 hashtags with your post on Insta for the users to find you with the particular hashtag.

But recently due to the rise in the number of spam and to avoid overloading, Instagram now groups similar hashtags. This in turn has led to the improved search option. You can now choose from a bunch of hashtags that interest you.

6. In-app messaging feature

In-app messaging feature

It’s no secret that Facebook has a different app for texting, which is Messenger. This option however does not excite many people since they have to keep both messenger and Facebook apps. 

But Instagram with its “Direct” option has a win-win situation here. Though in the beginning, private messaging was not allowed on Instagram. But now, the in-built messaging option has made it easier for both businesses and people to communicate with each other.

As per a young individual, switching between apps was time-consuming and it somehow had to be eliminated. That is what Instagram did with its direct messaging feature. 

7. Instagram has a more vibrant community

Instagram has a more vibrant community

The majority of users on Instagram are young adults making it a vibrant community with content of all types. Right from the catchy colors to new trends and activities, Instagram’s community is eye-appealing.

The story option alone has a whole lot of wonder stored in for you. Since people of all ages can connect with Instagram, this makes it a positive place where people can easily share their emotions.

Besides, Insta being a visual network is perfect for artists and illustrators to share and promote their content with a large community to back them for support. Additionally, the presence of tags makes it easier for people to find people of similar types.

All of these cannot be found on Facebook due to the constant modifications in the algorithm.

Pro-tip: How to make the most out of Instagram?

How to make the most out of Instagram?

In this section, we will tell you how you can utilize Instagram to get maximum benefits out of it.

Be consistent with your content

First thing first, no matter what you need to be consistent in sharing your content. Do not go out days without posting as people may forget you. Plan a strategy, keep your posts ready beforehand so that you don’t have to face issues on the eleventh hour.

Strike a communication

Building communication is important on Instagram as this is a way to attract the audience. When you reply to your audience’s queries or interact with them, it makes them feel special and they will keep on returning to your brand.

Edit your content outside Instagram

Edit your content outside Instagram

It’s not always a good idea to edit your content on Instagram due to the scarcity of options. Instead, you can take the help of different apps like Canva, Inshot, and more to edit your content and make it more presentable for your audience.

Show the insides and outsides of your business

Apart from your regular content, you can also share posts about your city, your likes, and insights about your business with your audience. This way they will feel more connected with you and wait for your updates. 

Be careful with the hashtags

Be careful with the hashtags

Hashtags are important more than you can think. So, use relevant hashtags in your Insagram posts. Take a hint from your fellow business and brands, search for what’s trending and which hashtag has maximum followers and you are good to go.

Get noticed by your audience

At times, you can surprise your audience by randomly replying to them or sending them some special offers or details about your brand. This factor is important in expanding your audience.

Keep your bio creative

 Your bio is the first thing that audience notices in your account. So, try to keep it creative as much as possible. Show your fun and witty side with your bio enabling the users to go through your posts.

Take help of the stories

Insta stories have a variety of options. Questions, polls, quizzes, music, and whatnot that you can utilize to keep your feed interesting. Build a strategy with your stories so that your audience is always eager to view your stories and interact with them.

Add call-to-action to your id

Add call-to-action to your id

 CTAs are a must if you are running a business page on Instagram. You can add the link to your online shop, website, new products, and more in your bio. Besides, you can also add links to your products in the caption of your posts.

This will save people’s time and they will spend more time scrolling through your feed.

Track your progress

 Last but not the least, keep a record of your posts. Look for how your posts are performing. The ones that are getting the maximum interactions, look for what different things you have used there. Learn from your mistakes, the posts that are not performing well, try to avoid repeating its strategy.

Wrapping up

Now that you have read the above-mentioned 7 points, do we need to tell any further why you should prioritize Instagram over Facebook? Of course, Facebook Marketing is a thing but it can never overtake Instagram.

So, if you haven’t already started to build a great presence on Instagram, let us tell you- you are missing a lot.

Instagram has become the latest and most popular choice of businesses and creators for promotion and personal branding. It’s high time that you should join this community too and with the pro-tip that we shared as a bonus, we hope you will hop on to utilize Instagram to benefit your business majorly.

Do you have any doubts and queries, drop them in the comments sections? We will reach out to you soon. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it across various social media platforms.  

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