How to Remove a Page from the Facebook Business Manager

If you are looking to remove a page from the Facebook Business Manager and subsequently delete it so nobody else can access it, you have come to the right place. The article provides word by word descriptions to ensure you can perform the process with ease.

Remove Page from Facebook Business Manager: Facebook’s Business Manager came as a solace to marketers and companies that regularly market or advertise on Facebook.

It has proven to be a useful tool that can securely control and share access to the page with other people involved in the marketing process. Facebook’s Business Manager is an entirely free feature!  

Remove Page from Facebook Business Manager

Removing a page from the Business manager

If you have faced these issues and want to remove the page from the Facebook Manager, then carefully follow the steps mentioned below. But before that there are certain things that you must keep in mind, they are- 

– Only the page’s admin can remove the business manager   

– Once the page has been removed, you will not be able to connect to any assets within the Business Manager  

It would be best if you also kept in mind that this process allows transferring ownership to any other business manager. BUT if the page has been removed by a business, then another can seamlessly add it! 

Some other most commonly loved features about the Facebook Business Manager are- 

manage multiple profiles and Ad accounts

  • One account will be able to manage multiple profiles and Ad accounts.
  • You can control the amount of access you wish for the team members to have.
  • The ability to build a custom audience for running ads for multiple clients. 
  • The user will not be bombarded and will be streamlined to ensure productivity. 

However, there are also some drawbacks to it. According to an article by socialnicole.comthe setting up process and getting the full understanding of Facebook Business Manager can be ‘Kind of a pain.’ Most of the business manager’s tasks aim to simplify for its user can be achieved without it. 

While many agencies benefit from its sophisticated features, these functions are best suited for much bigger organizations even though they make claims of being ‘designed for businesses of all sizes.’

Disadvantages of the Facebook Business Manager

Disadvantages of the Facebook Business Manager

Some noticeable disadvantages of the Facebook Business Manager are- 

  • You will be stuck with all the ad accounts you add forever as they cannot delete them. 
  • Its interface is not intuitive. 
  • Since it is difficult to understand how to use it, you will have to educate your teammates regarding its best usage. 
  • If you have attached your primary page to the business manager, you will not access it from the mobile apps. You can only access your page by using a pages manager app. Accessing it through the desktop will require an extra step. 
  • The Facebook Business Manager was launched in 2014, but there still isn’t enough information available regarding how to make the best of it. This can be problematic because you will have double the amount of work on your plate.  
  • Over the year’s many have made claims regarding the platform possessing a variety of bugs. It may disrupt your scheduled activities and cause Facebook to flag your account in case of unusual activity. 

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Method 1- Removing page without creating a new page

If you want to remove the page that isn’t your personal page, then you can follow this method. But if you wish to save the page for specific reasons, you may want to keep it, then skip onto ‘Method 2.‘ 

Step 1- Start by opening up the Facebook Business Manager and then logging in to your account. 

opening up the Facebook Business Manager

Step 2- You will be able to spot the main dashboard once you have logged in. The list wise performance charts of the ad accounts and pages connected with the Business Manager will be displayed here. 

remove page facebook business manager

On the main navigation bar, you should be able to see the following- business settings, add new, request access, Ads Manager, Claim Asset, and the Facebook Power Editor. Edit their settings as per your requirements before you proceed further in the process. 

If you don’t then, you may not have been given all the administrator rights. You will have to ask the Business Manager Account’s creator to alter the settings from ‘Employee’ to ‘Admin.’

Step 3- Now click on ‘Business Settings’ and then on ‘Pages.’ This will display all the pages connected to the Business Manager account. 

add pages

Step 4- Select the Facebook page you wish to remove from the Business Manager account by clicking on ‘Remove.’ 


A confirmatory test will pop up on the screen, make a confirmation by clicking on ‘Remove.’

remove page

If you have followed the steps mentioned above to the T, you won’t be able to access the removed page through the business manager. But that does not mean you won’t be able to access the page generally through the Facebook website or phone app. 

Method 2- When you want to remove the Primary page from the Business Manager

Upgrading any existing page to a business manager converts it to an admin account. This turns your page into the primary page for the business manager account.

Now, sadly you cannot remove the primary page from the business manager account. So, are you stuck with it? No! Read to the steps mentioned below to solve this issue. 

Step 1- Open up the business manager and then click on ‘Settings.’ 

Step 2- Click on ‘Pages’ and then click on ‘Add a new page.’ Keep following all the prompts to complete the process.

Add a new page

Step 3- It is time to set this new page as the new primary page. Start by opening the ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Information.’ Now click on the pencil icon placed next to your new page to turn this new page into the primary page. 

new page into the primary page

Step 4- This is the last step! Click on ‘Settings’ and then you the page name you’ll be removing. Click on ‘Remove.’ You will be asked to confirm the choice, and once you have clicked on ‘Remove,’ your process will be complete. 

After following these steps, your personal page will be swapped with the fake one and take its place as the new primary page. This process will leave you with two pages, and one is the recently separated personal page and the Business Manager page. Now you can decide to keep the Business manager page or deleting it. 

If you want to keep this business manager page, then you un-publish it. On un-publishing the page, only you and others that manage it will be able to view it while keeping it out of view from the public. You can get it running when there is a new update that you want to make use of. 

Follow the steps mentioned to un-publish below

Step 1- Open up your Facebook business page and then quickly click on ‘Pages.’

Step 2- Click on the ‘Page Settings’ and then ‘General.’ 

Step 3- Now click on ‘Page Visibility’ and then search for ‘Page unpublished.’ Once you have spotted it, click on it. 

page visibility

Step 4- Finish this process by clicking on ‘Save Changes.’ You may be asked to share why you have unpublished the page. After sharing them, click on ‘Next.’

Deleting the Business Manager Account

Deleting the Business Manager Account

Things to keep in mind before you delete the Facebook Business Manager account- 

  • Deleting the business manager will be permanent, which means you cannot reactivate it once the deleting process is complete.
  • All your data on the page will get deleted. You will not be able to access the asset libraries, projects, and event source groups. 
  • If you change your mind about your Facebook business page, then know that you have up to 14 days to do a restoration. 

For this process, you may want to use your desktop. Once you have done that, follow the steps mentioned below- 

Step 1- Open up business settings, and on the bottom left corner of your page, you will spot ‘Info.’ Click on it! 

Step 2- You will spot the ‘Permanent Delete Business’ button on your screen. Click on it. 

Step 3- Once you have clicked on it, a text box pops up that shows you three different statements. Read them and then click on the tick box in front of ‘I understand that I can’t reactive my business once I delete it’ text. 

Step 4- Now click on ‘Confirm’ to finish the process.

Facing trouble while deleting the Facebook business page?

Facing trouble while deleting the Facebook business page?

If you face trouble while deleting the Facebook business account, you may not be the admin of the page. It is the most common reason for this problem to occur. 

However, if you are the admin and cannot delete the business page, then there are chances of there being another admin. This other admin could have canceled the deletion. 

Another reason you face issues with the deletion process could be that the page could also be a part of a Facebook business manager account connected to a parent business. 

How to delete Facebook business page using the Facebook business manager

Step 1- Open up your Facebook business manager account and then click on ‘Business Settings.’ 

Business Settings

Step 2- Now, you will be required to remove the page. For this, click on ‘Pages’ and then click on the page you want to remove from this Facebook Manager account. 

Step 3- Once you have selected the page, you will find the page’s details in front of you on the screen’s right corner. Here you will be able to see ‘Remove the page from FBM.’ Click on it, and you will have successfully removed the page from FBM. 

Remove the page from FBM

You will delete your Business page hassle-free once you have followed these steps to remove your page.


The Facebook Business Manager develops at a pace and brings in new updates that many marketers may not be comfortable with, which is often why they want to stop its usage. 

All the steps and processes mentioned in this article will ensure you have successfully separated your Facebook page from the Business manager. You will also have successfully managed to delete the business manager account. 

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