Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages in 2022 and beyond

Retrieving a deleted facebook message has always been a difficult task, but it isn't any more a challenging task, through this article we have share some very effective techniques of recovering a deleted Facebook messages, Read on to learn more!

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages:-Are you concerned about your Facebook messages? Then, here is a solution to all your problems.Recovery of your deleted Facebook messages is possible and that too real quick with these steps. 

You can archive your Facebook messages to secure them from any further instances of losing them accidentally. It is not that a big deal to archive and secure your messages as it requires just minimal effort if the process is known to you. 

The best part is that you can use this procedure on both Facebook applications as well as the website because Facebook Messenger exercises very minimal control over your messages.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Steps to Create Backup

Follow the steps given below to create your backup:

open messenger

Step 1:  Open the messenger application and go directly to your most recent conversation. Now scroll down to the contact whose messages you want to archive and then long press to discover the archive option.

Step 2: Now archive the whole conversation.

archive the whole conversation

Step 3P: Without any further delay, just click on the archive option that pops up in the window, and it’s done! Yes, it’s that simple, and your entire conversation will be archived. You can also unarchive the chat later according to your wish. 

But, you should be aware of the archived contact name as the entire chat history will remain the same. In case you want to delete the entire chat, do the same discover the delete option in the pop-up window. 

It is the only solution, so make sure you think it through twice before you delete the entire conversation. 

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

If you have archived your messages once, they are safe and secure for the entire lifetime, so don’t burden yourself with it. 

By any chance in future, if you wish to unarchive them, then that procedure is also very simple. Check it out. 

Step 1: In case you want to recover the deleted Facebook texts, you need to first log in to your Facebook account.

log in to your Facebook account

Step 2: Go straight to your “Account Settings.” 

Step 3: Tap on the “download a copy of your Facebook data” which will pop-up at the end of your page. 

download a copy of your Facebook data

Step 4: Here you will notice a page that will allow you to download your copy from your Facebook account. Then just tap on the “Start My Archive”. 

Start My Archive

Step 5: As soon as you click on that button, another window will pop-up on your screen that will be named as “Request My Download” which will inform you that it shall take a while to retrieve all your Facebook data. 

facebook data

Now tap on the green button “Start My Archive” again to start collecting all your Facebook data. 

Step 6: Right after this procedure, a small dialogue box will appear that will lead you to a small URL at the end of the dialogue box that will download your file. It might take two to three hours in case you want to recover all your Facebook Texts. 

Step 7: Now enter your Facebook account password to start the archive download. 

Step 8: As soon as you tap on the download archive button, it will download all the archives to your PC. You just need to unzip the file and open the index file to discover the file named “Messages,” and all your past messages will get downloaded automatically. unzip facebook downloaded data

You see, it’s that simple and hassle-free to retrieve all your Facebook texts at once by following the above procedure. Now that you know this procedure, you don’t need to worry about your data loss on Facebook, even if it’s done mistakenly. 

But then, you will be solely responsible for all the actions that you took to recovery your texts. So, make sure you archive and unarchive very carefully. 

You should be aware of the messages you archive as they will no longer appear on the list of your chats or conversations. 

To unarchive those messages, you need to take some extra steps to get back all your messages. 

Even if those messages get deleted, you need not worry as the retrieval process is very easy. Just make sure that you don’t mistakenly delete your main cache files from your mobile phones, as you will end up losing your data permanently. 

As soon as you delete your cache files, the only way to get back those messages is by going to the main website to download your archives. The process can be a bit hectic for you. 

How Do You Recover Archived Messenger Messages?

The messages that are not even visible to us are not deleted by us. The solution to this problem is very easy if you check out this method that will help you get back your messages. 

If you can’t see the messages on your messenger application even though you didn’t delete them, they are already archived. 

It’s very easy to overcome this problem because that conversation has been archived and not lost. 

You just need to check your archive section and then re-archive those to get them back. Follow the procedure given below to get back your messages:

Step 1:  Open your Messenger application and log in to your account if you haven’t. For android users, the messenger option is located in the top right-hand corner of the app. 

open messenger login

Log in to your account and you will see the conversations that you have done with people. Now, tap on ‘See All’ in the messenger option. 

Step 2: Now tap on the Settings icon located on the top of your screen and then find your contact in the search option. Then, you need to click on the wheel symbol on the top of the screen that will guide you to the Settings page of your Messenger. As soon as you click on it, you will see various options displayed on your screen. 

Settings page of your Messenger

Step 3: From among the various options displayed, you need to tap on the hidden chats options and there you will find all your archived chats. Now, you can tap on the chat you need from among those hidden chats. 

hidden chats options

Step 4: Now open the required conversation, there you will find your texts that you sent to that person, and are currently not visible in your messenger conversations. 

To unarchive that conversation, just send that person a new text and you can see your chat. So, these are some of the basic ways to retrieve your messages from both Facebook websites as well as messenger applications. 

How To Recover Your Chat Data On iOS?

You can recover deleted Facebook data from iPhone or other iOS devices. How to get your chat details: 

  • Use your account details to log in to Facebook on your iOS device. 

log in to Facebook on your iOS device

  • Now move to settings and search for the account settings in the menu. 

account setting

  • Once you find the account settings, tap on it and select the general section. 
  • In your general account settings, you will see a button that says “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” 

Download a copy of your Facebook data

  • Tap on the button and Facebook will ask you to enter your login credentials. 
  • After entering the password, you need to tap on the download archived file option and then the file will be downloaded in the form of a compressed folder. 

Now you will notice that the chat data can be downloaded easily. To use the contents of the compressed file, unzip the file and open the index file in the ZIP archive. 

You will find all your deleted messages in the same file. Copy and paste messages anytime, anywhere. You can delete important messages, emails, etc., 

But you will never lose any of your data. So, don’t worry about losing your data in any form. Facebook has already made it very convenient for its users to download their backups. 

In this virtual world, you will never lose any of your data because there is a solution to almost any problem in this technologically advanced generation. 


Deleting important information you need later is a very humane thing. As humans, we may make such mistakes, but such mistakes are usually irreversible. 

But Facebook and its colleagues must have heard of this problem because committing such mistakes is usually irreversible.There are solutions to these problems because technology has advanced a lot over time. 

You can download the deleted data to your device. They all require simple steps. The best part is that you don’t have to fill out any forms or any content, because these are provided by the platform itself.

When these two methods do not work effectively, there is another guaranteed method: contact the person whose mail you accidentally deleted. 

You just accidentally deleted the messages, but your friends may have copies of these messages. Send a copy of the previously sent message. 

Here are the methods and steps to recover deleted messages from Messenger. Similarly, it is recommended that you use IDM (Internet Download Manager), which can help you download any sort of file from the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I recover my deleted Facebook chats from Google Chrome?

Ans. Fortunately, you can easily restore your deleted Facebook chat history by downloading its information under "Settings".  Here you will find some third-party software like Stellar Data Recovery that will scan your entire device and recover deleted conversations, contacts, pictures, video and sound clips, and some other data.

Q2. Is it possible to recover all the secret conversations on Messenger?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to retrieve your deleted secret conversations on the Messenger application from the original device that was used in the conversation but only if the Facebook cache is not deleted from your device. 

Q3. Can I backup all my messages if I am an android user?

Ans. Yes, you can backup all your messages on your phone but that will depend on your Android version and the backups you have taken so far.  You can restore those messages if you have an up-to-date backup set up on your android mobile. 

Q4. Can the file explorer application store all my messages on messenger?

Ans. It is possible to store all your messages in the fb_temp folder. In order to view those, you need to tap on the Android folder and then move forth to the data folder and finally on the fb_temp folder. 

Q5. The Facebook data that I download needs to be downloaded online or offline?

Ans. You need to connect to your WiFi or mobile data to download the file of information, but once you download it on your device, you don't need to stay connected to the network. You can now view your files offline depending on your backup or download. 

Q6. How long does Facebook keep the deleted conversations?

Ans. According to the community guidelines of Facebook, they will keep a backup of the copy of your deleted messages for a stipulated time.  No such specific date has been mentioned in those guidelines. The copies can be stored for up to three months and then they might not be there after that. 

Q7. Do Facebook messages get deleted forever?

Ans. In case you don't recover or backup your messages on time from the backup folder, then there are chances that you won't be able to get them back later. Make sure that you always backup your data from time to time to avoid any kind of data loss in future. 

Q8. How far can I back up my conversations on Facebook?  

Ans. The backup completely depends on the amount of data and caches you have. If you don't have the backup done, you can't get your conversations back from Facebook for some reason or the other.

Q9. Are there any third-party applications to retrieve my deleted Facebook messages?

Ans. Well, there are various kinds of third-party applications that allow you to retrieve your deleted messages, but then most of them require your account details, so it is not safe to trust those applications.  You should rather switch to safe procedures instead of using those third-party applications to recover your messages.

Q10. How can I view the images of the messages that I deleted by mistake?

Ans. This is a bit complicated because if you didn't back up your messages, it won't be possible at all to view all of them.  But, if you have a backup done in the form of archives, then you might get those images in your media file of the backup folder.  So, be careful with your archives and what you archive to avoid any sort of data loss. 

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