10+ Sites to Get Free Stock Videos for Social Media

If you have no time to cast videos for your social media, don’t worry! We have listed some websites where you can get free videos and can share on social media. Let’s check it out.

Free stock videos: Don’t you think there are more and more stock videos that are being used currently on the Platforms of the social media front? If you think like that then you are definitely not the only one with these thoughts.

Most people these days tend to have thoughts like this and they are pretty sure that video is ruling social media. They will not be wrong to think that way for sure. We are here to tell you that video tends to occupy most of the social media feeds of people these days.

Best Sites To Get Your Stock Videos

Best Sites To Get Your Stock Videos

Here is a fact that you are going to love: About 25% of the companies tend to publish videos every single week.

So, it can be said without a single speck of doubt that videos are trying to form a very important part of our lives and we are supposed to allow that to happen and that too in the best way. We are pretty sure that you are going to get the results if you do that.

With the increase of video content, it can be said that the social media feeds of the people are going to have a lot more of it. Most people these days want to use the videos for sure.

Are you familiar with this fact? In 2017, the spending which is done on video advertising grew by a total of about 130 percent.

Doesn’t that sound like something which would be exciting to know in the first place? If the videos are that attractive and popular, why wouldn’t you want to have a part of it, people? There is no doubt that you are going to have to get the best of the videos in order to make that.

This is where the stock videos would come to help you out and that too in the best way without any trouble or hassle.

Why People Use Stock Videos In The First Place

If you want to take advantage of the video trends which are growing like anything, you need to make sure that you are able to gain some great video for sure. However, creating and producing videos can be costly and complicated as well.


So, why don’t you borrow some of these videos from the special sites which are provided in order to make sure that people get to have what they are looking for? We are talking about the sites that provide you with stock images.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right, people. You can now take the stock videos from these websites in order to ensure that you are able to get some great content for your social media feeds and others as well. Make sure to choose the best sites that you like.

Some Examples Of Sites That You Can Use

Video is a very important part of the social media world for sure.



Did you know this? About 87% of marketers tend to use video as their primary tool for marketing.

All of these states just one thing and it is that videos are really popular and they are supposed to be as well. So, why not take some videos from the stock video websites which are present on the internet these days?

We are pretty sure that you are going to like it. We have some fantastic options which you are going to love. Make sure that you choose what you want to in the best way.

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1. Pixabay


Pixabay is one of the most important websites that you can use in order to make sure that you are able to get the best of the amazing stock videos that you want to have. There are more than 1 million images as well as the stock videos which you might want to select for sure.

Apart from that, another great thing that we love about this website is that you don’t really have to get permission or provide any form of a credit to the person who created the video when you are using it.

2. Pexels


This is one of the first sites that we would recommend you to use if you want to have some great results when it comes to getting the stock photos that you wanted to have. This is a site which was free before but isn’t now and there is a pretty large library which is provided with this site.

You will be able to find some HD videos that you are looking for and hence we would definitely want you to try out this site to have great results.

3. Videvo


Here is another great website that you can use in order to get the stock photos and videos for free. There are also some motion graphics that are created by a plethora of other users and these clips would definitely be one of the best things that you have for sure.

All you need to do is get some license and you are all set. So, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try to see if it works or not? We are absolutely sure that it is going to work.

4. Life of Vids

Life of Vids


This collection features some of the best stock videos which come free of cost. There are clips, videos, loops that you can use in the best way and that too without any trouble or hassle for sure. Apart from that, there is no restriction for the copyright and you can use anything that you want.

However, when it comes to the redistribution, it can be done only with 10 sites. This is one problem that you might have to deal with.

5. Splitshire


Have you ever heard of Splitshire? If you haven’t then you are clearly missing out for sure and hence you need to learn all about it.

This website was created by a person who wanted to make sure that people are able to access the video and photos that he made. So, this is one of the most important locations for sure and you need to definitely go and check this one out.

6. Distill


When you want to make sure that your supply the best and the most amazing HD videos are not interrupted, you need to check this amazing website out for sure. This is a great example for those who want to have free stock videos and that too without spending any money.

You need to give this website a try before you actually understand what we are talking about. Now if you try then we are sure that you will definitely be impressed with what we have to offer you right here.

7. Stock Footage 4 Free

Stock Footage 4 Free

The name itself is the verdict that you want to have. Are you looking for some free stock videos and footage? What better site do you think you are going to get than this? There is a plethora of footage that you can choose from and upload on the social networks that you have.

All you need to do is sign up with the email that you have and you are definitely all set. Do try it out and see what we are talking about right here.

8. Videezy


Who doesn’t want to have a video that they will be able to use for commercial and personal purposes without actually having to pay any royalty money? In case you are looking for a website like that then you need to check this Videezy website which we have here for you.

This site provides some of the best footages. That you might have seen and you will be able to have outstanding quality too. So, why wouldn’t you want to try something like that?

9. Videoblocks


Now here is another thing that you are going to like for sure. This amazing website is also known for providing some really great content. In the form of stock photos and videos that you want. There are some standard B-roll footages and clips which you can use for different purposes.

All you have to do is become a member of the website and you can easily access each and every single thing that is mentioned here.

10. Vidsplay


When you are on Vidsplay, we don’t have a doubt that you wouldn’t want to go somewhere else in the best way. What we love about this site is that you will be able to see some new videos every single week.

There are certain additions that are being made. So, this resource is something that you definitely need to check out. In case you want to have some great results with your stock videos.

11. CuteStockFootage


Notwithstanding free stock recordings, CuteStockFootage additionally offers an assortment of different treats – like photographs, sound clasps, text styles, and surfaces – under the “Free Resources” tab in their menu. On the off chance that you utilize any of the recordings here.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some websites from which you can choose the stock videos that you want. Make sure to choose the one that you like the most.

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