22 Snapchat Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

If you are Snappoholic, then you will get to know some tricks from this article. After getting these tricks you will be able to make your snap engaging and remarkable. Even you can promote your product by creating your own product filter in snapchat with following tips.

Snapchat – one of the best social networking sites! Which is increasing day by day. Sending pics and communicating is easy via Snapchat. Where Snapchat Tricks and tips help you to maintain your Snapchat profile.

Unknown Snapchat Tricks and Hacks

There are certain features, we did not even know existed in the social media tool. Snapchat users thus can use these ideas and make their snaps, content interesting and attractive.


1 – Snaps can be framed with Characters

Borders and Frames can be improved with the help of characters in Snapchat. This can be done by selecting the largest text size while forming the caption. Enlarge the image until it makes a certain border according to the position you are expecting.

The result – Finally, you will get an amazing border that will highlight your snap.

2 – It Can Be More Detailed Via Zoom

Show your talent to the world with the help of your phone’s zoom, which is perfect for creating good stuff. This feature can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

For Android

1 – Use the ‘Setting’ option.

2 – Choose Vision and Magnification feature

3 – Enable the Zoom option.

For iOS

1 – Use the ‘Setting’ option.

2 – Choose the Vision section.

3 – Enable the Zoom option.

4 – Select the window/ fullscreen under zoom region

5 – Enter 15x according to the maximum zoom level.

3 – Add Music

Add Music

Music adds charm to your snaps. The main point is the timing for using music for the snaps. Choose your favorite music or song and then record it along with the snap.

4 – Videos are Great if they are Quiet

Background noise can turn a good video into an unwanted disaster. This can be eliminated with the help of your finger. It can be done – while recording your video, click the microphone to remove the noise from the video.

5 – Add your Captions and Drawings

Captions and Drawings


Snapchat has its sharing feature while browsing the contents. Then you can open it as a draft, add your drawings and captions. Send it to your friends. An important point out here is that Snapchat Discovery cannot be shared in your story.

6 – Colourful Letters

Different colors can be used for each letter in Snapchat. Colors can also be adjusted accordingly and so you can have a multi-colored word.

7 – Snaps With More Wordings

Use Notes on your phone for filling your snap with the text. In this way, copy/paste can be done in the empty lines and so you can fill the snap.

8 – Emoji Icon

Emoji Icon

Another icon is the Emoji Icon for Snapchat users. Resize it accordingly and drag it to the target in the video. Then hold it till Snapchat starts the video back up. The emoji will play following the moving target.

9 – Colour Palette

Android devices and iOS devices have different color palette options. For Android, all the colors are available in the color palette itself. No such settings have to be done. But for iOS, a certain bit of work has to be done. Black and White options have their way of doing up in the screen itself.

10 – Selfie to Point-of-View

For snap-in Snapchat, double-tap the screen to make the switch to get your needed mode.

11 – Use Emoji Filter

Emoji Filter


Turn your favorite emoji into a filter by filling it with the color. Following the procedure, it will act as semi-transparent and thus as the filter.

12 – Make your Important Engagements Easy

Snapchat makes representing a brand or any engagements easy, by asking the audience to send you messages. Then you can send a revert message with coupon code/ or some other call-to-action for the user.

13 – Travel Mode- Save Your Data

travel mode


If you are in the traveling mode, then you can save your important data by enabling the travel mode. This will not burn up any of your needed data. By clicking on ‘Additional Services’ and ‘Manage’ click to enable Travel Mode.

14 – Creativity with Volume Buttons

While using Snapchat, you can use the Volume buttons to record videos and also take photos.

15 – Removing unwanted snap from your story

This can be done by following the easy step of deleting. Find your story, then go to snap which needs to be deleted. Swipe it and the trash icon will appear. Tap on it!

16 – Know Your Followers

snapchat followers


After following the person, visualize the Snapchat score. This will show if any person is following you or not. If there is no score then you are not following.

17 – Zooming is easier

Start recording a video, then slide your finger up to zoom in. For zoom out, slide it down.

18 – Old Community Geofilters

Old Community Geofilters


Geofilters in Snapchat can be accessed by editing them in Memories.

19 – Broadcast your Snapchat Profile

Memorize your sharable browser link and then share it. The whole world will know about your Snapchat profile.

20 – Get crazy with filters

This Snapchat trick is another way to show off your Snapchat skills. You can get more out of them by applying three or more filters per snap.

21 – Easy recording Trick

This is one of the Snapchat tricks, which can make your work easy and avoid Snapchat videos to become a wobbly mess!

22 – Swap between Text Filters

Text Filters on snapchat


Text filters have different options. It’s easy to switch between them. It is quick and easy to access all the related variations.


These Snapchat tricks indeed make Snapping and other related functions very easy and interesting. It can be performed in all types of phones, whether Android or iOS, making stories and videos accessible and easy to share.

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