8 Social Media Content Ideas for Marketers

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Social Media Content Ideas: Have you ever seen a post on social media and wondered, ‘Man, I wish I could make a post like that’? Well, this is not the case with just you.

There are so many others who struggle to come up with amazing content every single day on social media. Why wouldn’t you have trouble in the first place?

Content Marketing Ideas for Social Media Posts 

Content Marketing Ideas for Social Media Posts 

After all, social media is a place where you have to make posts almost daily. Given that the platform has such a huge audience, don’t you want to impress them with your content?

Did you know?  Out of 4.4 billion internet users in the world, about 3.499 billion people are the ones that use social media.

Now that is almost all of them, right? So, in order to impress so many people, you need to create social media posts that are engaging and amazing to see as well.

Social media content is very important for your brands as well as your customers these days. Don’t you think so?

Well, here is a fact that would make you believe us. Social media content is considered to be the top content marketing strategy at 83% usage in the whole world.

Not just that but about 89% of the marketers are currently using the power of content marketing and that too on the platform of social media.

Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this huge group of social media content creators and readers? We bet that you would. But how on earth are you supposed to do that in the first place?

Rule Social Media with These 8 Tips For Content Creation

Content Creation

Coming up with a new and original idea, every single day for your social media post isn’t always an easy task right?

For example: If you post a picture of a flower on social media and get comments and likes, you might not be able to get the same number of likes and shares from another picture of a flower that you post some other day.

So, if you want to rule the world of social media, then you need to get some help. And in your case it is us. We will let you know all about some amazing stuff that you need to know about.

Do you have a lot of things to handle on social media? Do you constantly feel uninspired and unmotivated while making some fresh and amazing content ideas?

If the answer to all of these questions is a Yes, then we are here for you. In this post, you will find some amazing social media content ideas. Take the help of these ideas and make your social media posts more frequent and interesting.

Content Creation Tips For Your Social Media Posts Calendar

Content Creation Tips For Your Social Media Posts Calendar

If you are having some trouble in brewing the content of your choice every single day on social media, this is the place to be. We have some amazing ideas in store for you. We guarantee that you are going to love each and every single one of them.

1. Follow Some Daily Themes

This is something that you can do right here. Choosing some of the themes for some specific weekdays are going to be a great help indeed. You can come up with some new ideas for the content with these themes. And not just that, you can have some recurring themes as well.

This will make sure that you are all consistent with the brand of yours. The audience will anxiously wait for the posts that you make every single day and that is for sure.

Let us provide you with an example here. Say you are going to make a post on Monday. So, the theme for the Monday posts could be Motivation Monday or Music Monday. Don’t you think that is a fantastic idea, people?

2. Celebrate Some Unusual Holidays

Yes, you heard it absolutely right people. Celebrating some unusual holidays will provide you with more content ideas than you can actually imagine. Did you know that the 9th of April is known to be the ‘Name Yourself Day’?

Name Yourself Day

There is something to celebrate almost every single day of the year. So, why not just find out about some amazing holidays which are unusual and funny? You can incorporate them in your posts and people will have fun reading them as well.

Have some fun while you are posting these on the social media account of yours. However, make sure that you are using the Hashtags for the holidays. These help you in gaining more and more followers.

Did you know: About 66.6% of posts on Instagram have hashtags.

So, using them in your social media posts is going to be the best help for sure.

3. Ask Engaging Questions

Who here doesn’t love to give advice and opinions? Well, this is something that you can use for sure. Most people that are on social media would love to share their experience and give some advice to those who ask for it.

So, the best way to make sure that you engage people is this. Ask them questions and seek their advice. It is as simple as that, people.

For example: Say you have a travel agency. You can ask them some questions like, ‘where would they travel for their next holiday’? Or you could just ask them their favorite season to travel. The questions don’t have an end to them and so you can use them anytime.

4. Share A Personal Story

Storytelling is one of the best ways by which you can get some followers for your accounts. Not just that but you can also get some amazing customers for your brand as well.


Here is a fact for you: About 71% of the customers want to buy a product when they find a personal value attached to it.

Sharing a personal story of yours about the product on social media might just do the trick people. You need to make it a good one though.

It is really hard to impress people these days.

5. Hosting A Poll Works Wonders

online polls

If you don’t know what an internet poll is yet, then what even are you doing in here? Polls are some of the newest and yet trendiest things that people tend to use these days.

For example, You might have seen some YouTubers do that ‘Fans Control Our Lives’ challenge on Instagram. Well, how are they doing that do you think? They are doing it with Instagram polls.

So, you need to use these amazing things as well. You can ask a question and provide them with 2 choices. At the end of the day, the choice with the most votes wins. That’s how it works.

6. Giveaways And Contests

social media Giveaways And Contests

Now here is a master trick that always works. We all want to have some free stuff, right? in fact, we love free stuff. So, contents and giveaways are the best things to do on social media. You can ask people to participate using Hashtags and so much more.

Also, you can host occasional giveaways on Instagram or YouTube after you cross the desired subscriber and follower count. Doesn’t that seem to be an amazing thing, people? We are pretty sure that you would like it.

7. Post Live Videos

Post Live Videos

Do you want to make your posts even more interesting? Why not make a video out of it? Don’t you think that is going to work?

Fun Fact: 43% of B2C marketers consider pre-produced videos to be the best for content marketing.

Also, 62% of B2B marketers consider video to be their top content marketing method.

So, there is simply no doubt when we say that videos are going to work for sure. And do you know what else is going to make your video a success? If you post a live video, it is going to be a huge success for sure.

8. Help In Event Promotion

Well, Events are some of the things that we love about social media. However, you can actually use it to your advantage, people. This is one of the best things about being on social media.

Help in the promotion of local events and you can get more ideas for content every single day. We mean, you won’t run out of events to promote, right? After all, people keep on hosting so many different things every single day of the year.

So, pick out an event of your choice and start with the promotion. We are pretty sure that it is going to work.

Ways To Create Social Media Content

Create Social Media Content


There you have it, people. These are some of the killer content ideas to post on your social media profiles. So, if you want to rule the world of social media, make sure that you always follow these tips that we have in store for you. Why are you waiting? Go ahead and get started right now.

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