How To Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate?

Most of the time realtors have to struggle in generating leads from their marketing strategies. Thanks to social media platforms, now they can reach the right audience at the right time. Here, this blog will exclusively discuss the importance of social media in real estate and its effect on these businesses. Let’s start.

Social Media for Real Estate: One can’t ignore the fact that social media acts as a perfect medium for people to find what they are looking for and to engage with their loved buddies. As we are in the digital era, people prefer digitalization more than the old traditions in several things.

On knowing that, marketers are opting for digital marketing techniques to gain the attraction of potential customers. The real estate industry isn’t an exception to it. People these days prefer social media to buy, rent, and to sell properties without any intervention of brokers.  

Here, in this blog, we have elaborated on how social media influences the real estate business in this modern world.  

Social Media Demand in Real Estate

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate?

There is no doubt about the statement that social media platforms have revolutionized the real estate business in recent years. Social media turns out as a platform where realtors and buyers/sellers get engaged effectively.

Here are the stats released by the national association of Realtors that proves social media has become an integral part of the real estate industry.

  • About 77% of the realtors around the globe opt for social media for boosting their real estate business.
  • About 47% of firms in the real estate industry point out that they manage to get high-quality leads through social media platforms when compared to the old traditional sources.
  • Nearly 99% of the people who were born after 1997 prefer online platforms rather than in-person referrals for identifying properties.

The above-listed points show that social media platforms are the gold mines for the realtors to pick target audiences easily.

Benefits of having Social Media for Real Estate

Benefits of having Social Media for Real Estate
for doing business promotional activities. It has changed the way of promoting business in today’s modernized tech world. The majority of the savvy real estate agents are in search of ways to boost business activities on social media networks, especially for increasing sales, lead generation, and brand building.

Being active on social networking sites can lead you to attract a considerable amount of the target audience. When you are sharing the content on social media, you will be able to improve engagement and reach. 

In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are discussing the few vital benefits offered by social media networks to real estate businesses.

Opportunity for Brand Building

Brand Building

The popularity of social media marketing is on its hype. If you are a real estate agent and want to build a brand, then you should create an account on social networking sites. With the help of social media, you will be able to interact with potential consumers and clients directly. It is one of the great ways that will enable you to save money and time while doing business promotion. 

Enhanced Networking

Enhanced Networking

If you want to create a strong real estate network, then you should opt for social media marketing. It is a great thing that will help you create a network with potential clients & realtors. 

Join the biggest social media platforms just like LinkedIn and Facebook groups that are completely relevant to the real estate niche, by doing so you can stay abreast in the latest market news. This will enable you to learn how real estate experts around the globe do the marketing of their businesses. Sharing the quality and relevant content regularly will ensure catching the attention of potential consumers around the globe.

Increased Outreach

Increased Outreach

There is no alternative to social media that will enable you to diversify the marketing efforts. Make sure that you are mixing social media marketing with online advertising for taking your real estate business to the next level. 

Updating the Twitter and Facebook business accounts regularly will keep clientele up-to-date on your business information. Make sure that you are sharing high-end quality pictures and videos to gain more attractive and to engage with more audiences.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Generating leads on social networking sites can be a difficult task for a person. It requires dedication and a lot of effort which may be hard for many business owners to offer. In such cases, hiring an expert will be helpful. Hiring professionals for managing social media networks will ensure engagement with the clients and to take your real estate business to the next level. 

Social media networks allow you to run an effective marketing campaign that can quickly attract lots of customers who are looking for trusted and professional real estate agents. 

Helps To Build a Strong Reputation

Strong Reputation

Promoting the real estate business on the social networking site will build a strong reputation among potential customers. Make sure that you are sharing the high-end quality content that can catch the attention of the experts. Just in case you have a week’s presence on the social networking site, then you should share the insightful and quality content that will surely create a strong base of followers. 

Once the followers start finding the information useful and interesting, they surely will help to boost your real estate business. Meanwhile, you can hire assistants who can be a professional real estate agent or social media expert for managing your social media accounts, if you have no time to manage it.

Reach your Target Audience

Target Audience

If you want to improve the engagement rate and reach, then it is your responsibility to share the content on social networking sites regularly. Creating a strong presence on social networking sites will surely assist you in achieving the marketing goals for your real estate businesses. 

Meanwhile, social media is considered as one of the great methods to build a reputation for businesses in recent times. Make sure that you are running the social networking account on these popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to gain attraction from a significant audience. 

Social media will enable businesses to reach potential markets even in the remotest part of the world. 

Scalability of Business

Scalability is considered as one of the most important goals for any business, and the real estate industry isn’t an exception to it. Opting for Facebook ads can quickly attract lots of traffic to your real estate business/site. To create Facebook ads, you need to go for the Facebook ads manager and to create the campaign objective. 

Trending Social Media Channels in Real Estate

Facebook for Realtors

Facebook for Realtors


If you are a realtor and looking to develop your customer engagement through social media, then Facebook will be a wiser choice. Want to know why? With Facebook, it is easily possible to reach your prospective customers and get qualified leads through effective Facebook ads. 

It helps in enhancing your brand image, thereby helping you effortlessly achieving your business goals. With minimal investment, you can reach a wide range of your target customers through Facebook.

Here is the list of the best real estate Facebook groups that have been successful so far:

  • Lab Coat Agents
  • Real Closers
  • Beat Zillow- Easy Agent Pro

LinkedIn for Realtors

LinkedIn for Realtors


Using LinkedIn, a B2B network for pitching in real estate sales is crucial, but at the same time, it is highly beneficial as well. With LinkedIn, realtors can create a powerful database to develop a localized network of potential clients through the channel and from other referral resources. 

You can always have your own strategies/ideas implemented in LinkedIn, knowing who to connect with and who not as well.  

Get connected with HR professionals so that you get potential leads through their reference, and start a professional group by sharing your posts/feed/content to your target audience and connections as well.

Here is the list of best real estate LinkedIn groups that have been successful so far:

  • Real Estate Professionals Referral Group
  • Real Estate Professionals Group
  • Real Estate Open Networkers

Instagram for Realtors

Instagram for Realtors


Instagram is a powerful social media tool for realtors that can grab more followers by using effective images, videos, and digital posters. You need not invest in advertising with Instagram. You need not take extra efforts to beat your competitor realtor, since it is highly visualised and can effectively highlight your listings.

Here is the list of best real estate Instagram groups that have been successful so far:

  • Fredrik Eklund
  • Ryan Serhant
  • Josh Altman

How to Get More Clients with Social Media?

Promote the Town Information

Share both the savory and unsavory history of your area, and whenever you find the time, share vintage or current pictures of the area where some unique thing happens. Showcase some historic characters that were so-called heroes of the town. Research and find out who your former residents are so that when someone close to them sees your posts, remembers them.

unsavory history

Talk about some statistics and the economic future of the area. You can even write about sunsets along with some images of rainbows, something a poem. Share images of a unique place in your town that not many of them know a place like this exists in their town. 

Be yourself and Create Shine

Express your thoughts on social media with engaging content that can attract your target audience in an explicit manner. Here are some tips to shine on social media with your own posts. 

  • Make sure whom you target with your posts, this will get you the right audience.
  • Whatever you would like to convey to the public, do it through creating a video or attractive images.
  • Use self-explanatory images wherever you can.
  • Provide some stats using charts or graphs.
  • Conduct a social contest in your content to keep your clientele engaging with you.
  • Add emojis or symbols to attract a crowd.
  • Ask a question and attach a GIF to drive the attention.

Educate your Clients for Real Estate

Tag with right real estate hashtags to optimize your content and add some generic real estate hashtags, real estate agent hashtags, customized real estate hashtags and more. Try to add some realtor quotes in your content strategy so that your clients can gain some knowledge on reality. Make use of the best social media tools for your real estate business. 

realtor quotes

Create some valuable real estate blog ideas and optimize real estate posts and ads of Facebook, for Realtors. Share your real estate success stories through which your clients’ instinct towards real estate is boosted. Create videos of your Realtor strategy and collaborate with local businesses and experts.

Communicate with followers

Here are some tips that you can follow to converse with your followers on social media. 

  • Be a storyteller by adding some interesting facts to your content when you talk about your products and services.
  • Be personable while being professional as well. Adding fun to your personality in communication can make the conversation interesting.
  • Conduct polls and surveys in a way of gathering information and do not make it too serious.
  • Videos play an important role in engaging your followers in your content. Recently, live videos are gaining popularity to see what happens next. Therefore, create/post some videos that gain high popularity among your followers and get them into communication with you.
  • Request for user-generated content which in other words, we call it as testimonials to show how popular your brand is.

Give feedback/do regular comment reply either good or bad


Not only in social media but whenever you go through a blog or article that interests you, provide feedback or comment on a regular basis to get noticed among the crowd. However, ensure to provide simple and genuine feedback/comment otherwise, your followers may not be impressed with your further posts. 

Similarly, whenever any of your followers give feedback or write a comment to your posts, do reply first with politeness. This further develops a conversation between you and your followers regularly.

Use best social media tools where your target audiences scroll

Several social media tools are available in the market to benefit you as an individual brand promoter or a marketer by profession. You can make use of social media tools such as Hootsuite, Talkwalker, Socialbakers, Followerwonk, Unmetric, etc. to attract your target audiences at the right place.

These tools can offer you some great features such as strong online visibility, high-end profile security, organized content, integrating data in the cloud, scheduling automated reports and alerts for your analytics, engaging with the right audience for your business, competitor analysis, etc. collectively.

Collaborate with local experts and businesses

To identify your local experts and businesses through social media, here is all you have to ensure. 

  • First, understand your competitors and map social networks to the demography of your target audience in order to choose your preferred social network(s).
  • Initiate some contests and offer some special discounts to your social media followers.
  • Ensure you show high-quality content to your followers; therefore, it educates and entertains them, thereby showing your brand personality as well.
  • Improve in-store traffic and ask your followers to connect through social media.

Engage with contests

Engage with contests

Think of some best social media contest ideas to enhance followers’ engagement. You may follow these simple ideas and promote your brand easily with high customer engagement.

  • Offer some virtual rewards or online discount coupons to the best commenter of the contest whenever he/she Like and/or comment.
  • Ask your followers to share or write their story in any of the social media platforms where your business is also present, and reward the best story with a discount or deal.
  • Keep ‘Tag a Friend’ as a contest if they want to enter the actual contest or grab the deal you give. This helps you in gaining more contacts because a friend will tag a friend and that friend will tag another friend of a friend and it goes on. 
  • Conduct a photo caption contest either by picking some pictures just for customer engagement or if you look for any serious captions for your business. This type of contest can interest your followers and respond back to you immediately.

Discover new topics/blogs for clients to communicate

You get several blog topics creating tools online like Bottlenose where you get the hottest topics to talk about. If you see several customers asking many questions, you can choose the interesting one as a blog topic and answer their questions in that manner. You can look for TweetChats where millions of people have had a conversation about a particular topic on Twitter.


You can take such topics and write a blog using the information shared in other tweets. Read some blogs related to your industry for more ideas so you do not deviate and mess up in choosing topics. Take questions asked in Quora and answer either there or post it in your own blog, so your clients can see it.

Create landing pages to get leads

Create landing pages to get leads


Make use of these tips to create a landing page and enable lead generation for your business.

  • Focus on your landing page design
  • Make sure your call to action works perfectly
  • Look after your forms and digital pamphlets 
  • Get testimonials from real customers and display it 
  • Show prominently the benefits of your offers
  • Provide limited offers to your products/services so that it creates an urge in your customers to buy them

Run advertisement

Run advertisement

You can make use of different social media platforms for running effective advertisements such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. depending on your target audience. You can go for paid ads in case you completely depend on social media for your business.

Optimize real estate posts for realtors

Start your optimization with an SEO audit and optimize your content for the viewers search. Ensure your website is accessible to your visitors and optimize your posts for mobile devices. Add your website to Google My Business and other directories and create a social trust among your target audience. 

Add real estate website to Google My Business

Real estate content to be shared on social media

Government rules and regulations/ Property taxes

Government rules and regulations/ Property taxes

Property tax is one of the most important amounts which is paid by the owner of the land to the local government or municipal corporation. The owner has to pay the tax every year. Office buildings, property & residential homes which are already rented out to third parties are known as real estate assets.

Taxes are considered as the foremost income of the government. Every owner of the property will have to pay the tax. Peasants & farmers have been paying the taxes since the middle ages. Property tax-totally depends on the location of the property. Make sure that you are sharing important information about government rules & regulations on the social networking site.

Industrial news and updates

Industrial news

Make sure that you are showcasing the knowledge of the industry by sharing the industrial news & updates on the social networking site. You will have to regularly update the newsfeed with the latest industrial news. You need to share the important topics you know your audience cares about. If you are updating the social networking site with industry news and updates, then you can easily catch the attention of the buyers.

Market trend

Make sure that you are taking the time to answer the important questions and talk regarding marketing trends. It will allow you to get to know the audience. You will have to create the charts and share the marketing trends of real estate on social networking sites.

If you want to attract the audience, then buyers will surely check your account to supervise the real estate trends. You should analyse why this year is a good or bad year to invest money in real estate. You will have to share the latest insights on the real investment trends.  

Share real estate success stories/ Client testimonials/reviews

real estate success stories

If you want to make a strong connection with potential clients, then you should highlight the success stories. To find out any company or agent, you should provide a particular list of satisfied client. In order to achieve the milestones, you should share real success stories and reviews.

Make sure that you are talking regarding the accomplishments of the business. If you are sharing the genuine success stories and client testimonials, then you can easily catch the attention of the clients. It has become a great way to build a presence on the social networking site.

Photos/ Create attractive videos

real estate video

To create engagement and build a strong fan following, you should create attractive videos and pictures. Visuals are the only way that can attract a considerable amount of traffic on social networking sites. You can make use of market listings too.

A lot of real estate agents are running photo contests on the page. You should make use of a photo contest that will allow you to get a considerable number of images. Pictures and videos are really a great way to build a strong fan following on social networking sites.

Promote funny or inspirational real estate quotes

real estate quotes

To engage your followers, you should promote a variety of quotes like inspiration, real estate inspirational quotes, and other things. Social media is really a fantastic way to generate great leads.

When you are promoting the quotes, you are encouraging the followers to connect with you through virtual events. You can do this thing through a simple image-based post on the social networking site. It is a little bit complicated, but it will attract a lot of traffic on social networking sites.

Use the right hash-tag to promote

Use the right hash-tag to promote

If you want to attract a considerable amount of traffic on the social networking site, you should make the use of a hashtag. Make sure that you are using the hashtag on Twitter, where your followers will surely see your tweet.

You will have to use the specific and relevant hash-tag that will enable you to promote the social media account effectively. If you are using Twitter, then you need to invest a considerable amount of time in the research and make the use of a perfect hashtag to promote the account effectively.

Always Post Reliable Content

To improve overall followers on social networking sites, you need to post quality and reliable posts.  Make sure that you are sharing the content that can attract a considerable amount of traffic towards your site.

Unlike posting content just for the sake, sharing reliable and verified content quickly builds a strong fan base and helps to achieve your business goals. Sharing Unverified/Unauthorized content will lead to losing the trust over you/your network among your followers or fan base. 

Content that claims clients’ property/Legal documentation

Social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook are considered as one of the great ways to grow the overall community across your brand. However, you should share the content that claims clients’ property.

You must create the best content that can improve the popularity of the account. If you are sharing the legal documentation on the social networking site, then you can constantly engage with your audience. If possible, try to reply to every comment that you are receiving on the social networking pages. It is really a great thing that will help you in building the much-needed exposure for the brand.

Leaked rules and norms of government

To gain the name and fame, try to share the norms of government & leaked rules. It is really a great way to improve the overall exposure of the brand. You will have to stay up-to-date with every news. You will have to give fresh content regularly to the users.

You will have to post the norms of the government. Make sure that you are already keeping the users informed and engaged regarding what you are offering. You need to share something great that can quickly catch the attention of the followers on social networking sites.

Irrelevant content doesn’t make any sense to your business.

Avoid sharing irrelevant content to increase the reach and engagement of any real estate account. Make sure that you aren’t sharing content that doesn’t make any kind of sense to your business.

You should post informative and knowledgeable content that can catch the attention of the traffic. When you are sharing genuine content, you can quickly build a great fan following. It will improve the reach and engagement of the business.

Overlook all small details about real estate/Go for big news

The majority of the folks are sharing the small details regarding the real estate that isn’t creating a positive impact on the traffic and other things. If you really want to gain exposure, then you should go for the big news.

It is the only way to attract lots of traffic on the social networking site. Make sure that you are investing a considerable amount of time in the research and creating big news that will improve the overall presence of the social networking account.


In today’s digital world, social media has become a predominant place for youngsters. Many love to stay there always. Knowing this fact, social media platforms are now offering what their users want in the form of displaying ads. Investing a lot of effort on social media platforms will improve the engagement rate and reach your business profile to the desired audience significantly. Thus it will scale up your business to the next level.

If you don’t have much information about social media marketing, then hiring a social media expert will be helpful. They are professionals who can do the needful and assist you in boosting your business profile on social media platforms for increasing your revenues on real estate business.  

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