11 Social Media Job Titles (and what they actually mean) 

With the expansion of the digital world, more firms are gaining interest in integrating their brand names with different social media platforms. This has resulted in an increase in the social media job titles, ranging from manager to creative curator and many more.

These job titles are exceptionally diverse and unfamiliar, in the sense that they did not even exist a decade ago. When Facebook started gaining popularity in 2004, social media started becoming a central marketing discipline.

The youth have artfully contributed to different social media job roles owing to the regular use of these networks. They make their independent influence and decide how they want to be perceived in this industry. As a result, many funky job titles have cropped up in the social media industry in recent times.

If you are looking for job opportunities in this industry, here are 11 social media job titles you can explore – 

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager: Social Media Job Titles

A social media manager develops and executes his brand’s marketing strategies on different social media channels. The marketing goals need to be in tune with the business goals of the company. Different KPIs or key performance indicators are used to determine the ROI.

Job Description – In general, a manager acts as a company’s voice. They carry out extensive analysis on the outcome of campaigns using tracking engagement measures like Likes, Shares & Clicks. 

The key responsibility of a social media manager includes creating engaging content, analyzing the performance of the campaign, and bridging the gap between people & the brand through social media channels.

The manager delegates the task of producing content for his social media pages. This responsibility is shared by graphic designers and copywriters, who work within the guidelines of the brand. 

The social media manager has a social media expert team, and with their help, marketing strategies are created, executed, measured, and reported for better learning. 

Average annual salary – $50,000 – $55,000

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Another unique social media job title is a social media specialist. The goal of social media specialists is to create and publish engaging content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Job Description – Social media specialist supervises the site metrics and maximizes his/her interaction with the readers. However, the key responsibility of a specialist is to analyze and understand the nature of the target audience

They help attract the audience, spreading brand awareness, and most importantly, in boosting sales of the company.

To be a successful social media specialist, fluency is a must, along with adequate knowledge of the social media channels, awareness of the present trends, and efficient hands-on skills. 

The specialist communicates with the users and hence, their communication skills should be excellent including presentation, narration, writing, editing, and search engine optimization skills. 

Moreover, along with the social media managers, specialists too, track key performance indicators and analyze the return on investment. 

Average annual salary – $35,000 – $45000

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategist

Social media strategist helps in building ad campaigns for the company with the primary aim of capturing the potential attention of the client and holding onto the loyalty of existing customers. Nevertheless, the goals of a social media strategist varies from one company to another. 

Job Description – Three key tasks of a social media strategist are – to figure out the target audience, determine the correct time for running the campaign, and which social media platform to use. 

They are required to carry out analytical research through the data collected from webpage visits, surveys, ratings from television or social media platforms, and various other sources to complete the above three tasks. 

Social media strategists are different from specialists in the sense that the former assists in social auditing while the latter is more engaged in day-to-day operations. Strategists have more flexibility in selecting the appropriate medium used to spread valuable, informative, and engaging content. 

Average annual salary – $50,000 – $65,000 (depending on the experience or seniority)

Brand Manager

Brand Manager

A brand manager’s duty revolves around the product or brand’s overall image. They build the brand depending on the target audience, certifying that the content developed by the marketing team is aligned with the objectives, theme, and value of the brand. 

Job Description – The key role of a brand manager is to conduct studies on the marketplace, analyzing the brand’s competitiveness, developing both advertising and marketing strategies, and lastly, handling the finances. 

Brand managers may also assist in creating layouts and designs for the advertisements, be it in print or digital and oversee promotional events. They analyze the sales, estimate the costs involved, re-evaluate the strategies to widen the brand’s capacity to cater to a wider customer base. 

It is the managers’ job to look after the integrity of the brand across all media platforms, starting from paid media, emails, social media marketing, and traditional marketing.  

Average annual salary – $75,000 – $85,000

Creative Director

Creative Director

Another noteworthy social media job title includes the role of a creative director. A creative director with his creative vision and the entire creative team provides a solid and consistent look to the company’s project or product. 

Job Description  Creative directors delegate the work to their team of graphic designers and copywriters. The creative vision is manifested digitally through advertisements, video games, fashion lines, or magazines.

The creative directors are generally the team’s head and what they say is final. They share the vision, create concepts, and direct the design philosophy. They typically focus on the bigger picture of how to get the work done by the creative team. 

Additionally, creative directors also prepare budgets, fix timelines, and handle relationships with the clients. They interact with the clients to gain more knowledge about what they are looking for and ensure that the creative team prepares the deliverables within their parameters. 

Average annual salary – $110,000 – $120,000

Content Curator

Content Curator

The notion behind hiring a content curator is that there are too many contents pouring into the internet every minute and companies require sorting out the content in a meaningful way. 

The job of a content curator is to sift through the content of a particular topic, extracting only the valuable information that would engage the audience and get rid of the excess or less valuable elements. 

Job Description – A content curator browses and collects important and relevant data from the internet that can be shared on different websites and blogs, through social media. 

To put in simple language, a content curator acts like a librarian whose job is to organize books and arrange them in a particular order. Like a librarian, a content curator also assembles relevant data relating to the product. 

A content curator, therefore, should be extremely knowledgeable and aware of the current social media trends. Their job is to figure out persuasive and powerful content that can be shared on the brand’s feed. 

The work is usually carried out using curation software and tools to extract engaging images, videos, and articles. 

Average annual salary – $40,000 – $50,000

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Analyst

The popularity of this job title – Social Media Analysts – is increasing day by day. They create an online presence for the company and help to create brand awareness through social media platforms. 

The job of an analyst involves extensive data mining on social media to obtain insights on the return on investments.

Job Description – A social media analyst helps in improving and boosting the online presence by studying the trends on the social media landscape. They use advanced analytical tools that enhance the overall performance of the company. 

All in all, analysts should possess a strong background in both management and marketing studies. The role of a social media analyst requires managing huge data sets and are, therefore, required to have strong statistical and analytical skills. 

Along with numbers and data, they are also expected to understand the behavior of consumers on social media platforms. 

Average annual salary – $55,000 – $70,000

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

A person hired as a chief marketing officer is expected to manage the advertising activities of the company, lead market research, marketing communications, product management and development, brand management and handle customers on different social media platforms.

Job Description – The key function of chief marketing officers is to assist the company in increasing its sales and revenue by establishing a marketing strategy or plan that offers a competitive advantage to the company. So, a CMO should have marketing as well as business skills.

An efficient marketing officer should be able to apply marketing techniques over social media platforms by observing the market trends and developing a feasible marketing plan for the company. 

They ensure that the company’s message or idea is spread across all platforms to the target audience and that the sales objectives are met. 

With the help of various teams, they plan and execute advertising and marketing campaigns. They coordinate with the teams and conduct advanced research to make essential decisions on distribution, pricing, and budgeting. 

Average annual salary – $170,000 – $180,000



The primary role of a blogger is to create compelling content that can be shared on social media. 

Job Description – Bloggers write articles that help in improving the brand’s search engine optimization by getting more engagement on their blogs. Hence, bloggers are responsible for writing on topics, conducting research, and posting them on the company’s site or across social platforms. 

The blogs should be in tune with the style guide of the brand. Bloggers add value to the content which in turn, adds value to the company’s product and the target audience. A successful blogger will inspire, educate, inform, entertain or motivate the target audience and will drive them to the company’s product.

All in all, blogging is about altering the mindset of the readers and allowing them to improve their lives. It is about enabling people to try out new products and driving more sales and revenue into the company. 

Average annual salary – $30,000 – $50,000 (depending on the experience)

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager has the same job roles and responsibilities as any other manager, the only difference being the entire marketing process is executed on social platforms.

Job Description – A digital marketing manager develops, implements, and manages marketing campaigns, promoting the brand and its products. Their job is to enhance brand awareness across the digital space along with driving traffic to the company website and converting them into potential leads.

The manager is also responsible for identifying and evaluating the new digitalized technologies using analytical tools. By measuring the site traffic, the project marketing manager can optimize marketing outcomes, social media advertising, and email marketing

Average annual salary – $55,000 – $60,000

Content Strategist

Content Strategist

A content strategist develops content strategies based on the business goals of the company and the needs of the consumers. They are required to possess analytical skills which they apply in their strategies to develop a lasting image of the content. 

Job Description – The role of a content strategist includes delivering content audits and gap analysis. Content audits are qualitative analyses done on content from different sites across social media

Content strategists are in charge of developing and managing editorial calendars, taxonomies, style guides, metadata frameworks, maintaining the budget, and managing teams and freelancers. 

Content strategists are aware of the current marketing trends which guides them in planning the kind of content to be produced. 

Moreover, these strategists also decide how the design of a product will be organized in formats apart from the usual text-based formats, like multimedia or infographics. These are compelling ways of sharing content on social media

Average Annual Salary : $48000 – $62000


With the growth of social media platforms, careers are also becoming diverse. There are tons of social media job titles that can be baffling to many of us. Sometimes, the titles are so confusing, you cannot distinguish one title from another. Yet the jobs and the responsibilities are quite different!

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