5 Steps For An Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

In this article, we bring your attention to some of the successful social media plans. We will go through the importants methods thats goess behind creating an effective social media strategy like finding right metrics, knowing your target audience, analyzing competitors, social media listening and more.

Do you want your online business or personal blog to be famous on the internet? Well, my friend, in that case, social media is going to be your best buddy.

It is true, people. Social media has in fact been witnessing growth in the best way.

We bet you didn’t know this: There are about 3.48 billion users of social media in the present year. That equates to about 42% of the entire population that we have.

Well, the growth of social media since last year has been about 288 million. And Facebook still stands to be the most popular site with Instagram being the second one.

With such a huge growth in social media, wouldn’t you want to make use of this tool? All you need to do is create the best social media marketing plan and you are all set.

What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social Media Marketing Plan

To answer your question, a social media marketing expert suggesting that the plan that you make defining your actions on social media.

For example, your marketing plan on social media will include key insights from research, actionable goals, management strategies and so much more.

So, now that you know how amazing and important a social media marketing plan is, how about we get to the juicy details? We are going to help you create the best social media marketing plan right here.

Tips To Help You Out

In order to create the best social media marketing plan, you need to follow some steps. Lucky for you, we are here to tell you all about them.

1. Set Some Attainable Goals


The first thing that you need to do is set some goals for the business. Any business without a goal is basically just aimless.

What are the purposes of your company? What is it that you want to achieve from the business? Do you want people to know more about you? Or do you just want to make some profit from the company?

These are some of the important questions that you need to ask yourself. These questions will help in the creation of the best goals for the business.

Also, another point to remember here is that your goals need to be attainable. What we mean to say is that you need to set goals that you can actually achieve.

You wouldn’t want to set goals like getting 100 million followers on Instagram. Because let us face it, that is next to impossible.

Here are some good examples of goals that are attainable:

  • Getting your brand more awareness amongst people
  • Achieving some higher sales
  • Creating a loyal and faithful fan base
  • Targeting a larger audience
  • Getting more ROI

These are some goals that you can focus on achieving in the best way. Plus, they will require an additional amount of hard work and strategizing as well. These goals, while tough, are actually worth going for. So, why don’t you go ahead and do that?

2. Find Out About Your Audience


Researching all about the audience that you are going to serve on social media is essential. But how are you supposed to do that in the first place?

Well, with the help of the analytics tools of course, what else? There are so many options available on the internet these days. You can use any one of them to find out more about the audience.

Here is a fact: Most users on social media are between the age groups of 18-34.

So, you need to create content and post stuff that will be applicable to the audience that you have.

Facebook still is the platform where most of the interactions happen between a business and the audience. With the whole commenting, sharing and liking, everything is a big plan.

Keeping that mind, we think that it is important to know all about the audience. How many percentages of the users are male or female? Which age group would be benefited more from your products and services? These are some of the important questions to consider for sure.

3. Determine The Key Metrics

As Lord Kevin stated, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”


How are you supposed to determine whether the efforts of yours are going well or not? It is for sure that you have some social media marketing strategy in hand.

But then are those plans bringing in any results for you? This is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Find out the proper metrics which would determine the success rate that you have on social media.

We are not just talking about followers, likes, and shares. We are talking about money here; something that would actually profit you in the long-term. This could be anything that would help in finding out the results for your social media marketing efforts.

It is not really that hard to rationalize the time that is spent on social media is improving or not.

Here we are going to mention some important metrics that you need to follow.

The time that is spent on the website or social media posts

  • Conversion Rate
  • Brand Mentions
  • Reach
  • Total Shares
  • Sentiment

These are some of the important metrics which would really be helpful. These metrics are the ones that would actually tell you whether your social media plan is proper or not.

If you don’t see satisfactory results from these metrics, then it means you need to improve your strategy. Doesn’t that sound like something helpful, people?

4. Create Content They Can’t Overlook

The basic idea behind having the perfect social marketing plan is to create content. I mean, that is the most important thing of all the points that you remember.

Did you know: About 83% of the B2B marketers are currently using content marketing tactics?

When we say content is king, we actually mean it. You really need to put the main focus on the creation of amazing content. And how are you supposed to do that in the first place?

Well, it is by analyzing the needs and requirements of the customers of course. You don’t just go around posting some random things on social media. You actually need to find out the topics which would be most interesting for the audience that you have.

This is one of the best ways to grab their attention for sure.

Apart from that, another thing that you can do is make your content more and more appealing. We are talking about beautiful images, interesting captions, and so much more. Oh…don’t forget about the title as well.


When we are talking about images and visuals, it doesn’t really surprise us. Images and videos have more shares and reposts on the sites of social media.

About 3.2 billion images are being shared every single day.

This is because these are more interesting to look at. Also, there are some other benefits. Information provided on images and videos are better understood and retained by people.

For example, the video of you creating a recipe would be much more memorable, say, writing about it.

Most people retain about 65% of the information when provided in the form of visuals. Now, that is quite a lot, to be honest.

So, why wouldn’t you want to use it as well? We say you should.

5. Research Your Competitors


In this world of competition, you are not the only business on the internet, right? There might be someone else who is going for the same audience but doing it a bit better than you.

So, don’t you think you should be making some additional efforts as well? That is why researching all that you can about competitors is also very important. But then again, how can you do that?

Well, there are so many different competitor analysis tools provided on the internet these days. Why not just make use of one of these tools to have the best results?

These social media management tools will help you in understanding the strategies that they are using, the keywords and pretty much everything. Not to mention, you can learn from their strategies and create even better ones. Doesn’t that sound appealing, people?

In The End

To conclude the post, we would like to say that having a social media marketing plan is really important. But for that, you need to make some additional efforts too.

Planning things the right way, doing all the research, and strategizing are essential tasks for you. Follow all these important steps and add some of your own to create the perfect strategy for your social media marketing.

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