12 Simple Steps to Start a Instagram Business Page

Are you running a business and planning to start an Instagram business page for greater visibility? If yes, you’re in the right place. This blog will take you through 12 simple tips of starting an Instagram business page right from downloading the app to using appropriate hashtags. Dive in to know more.

Instagram Business Page: Everything is getting better or convenient in the era of the fastest-growing technologies. Nowadays, businesses are expanding overseas with every minute. Instagram has come up as a savior to businesses as earlier it was a hectic process to reach such extent.

Instagram is a social media platform to create brands and promoting them in the open market of 800+ million global users.

It is one of the fastest-growing platforms because of its strategies. Proper knowledge and a clear vision of the targeted audience result in a wide exposure to any brand.

Post regarding your niche, having a filter, short videos for a single minute is already done by everyone with their traditional mindset.

Complete Guide to Start an Instagram Business Page

Let’s create a way towards creating an Instagram Business Page soon to get access to it. Remember that one has to create a Facebook Business Page to use all the aspects of the Instagram Business Page. Hereby, no worries if you already own a Facebook business page because you are set to create an Instagram business account.

Let’s take it further step by step to have a clear understanding of the Instagram Business Page.

Download the Instagram App

Firstly, to access this social media platform you need to download it on your android phone or iPhone or else you can use a web browser to have access. Instagram is a smartphone-optimized app so use it with that instead of any browser because you will not get access to many features.

Open the app after installing it.

Create an Account and Update Profile Photo

As you opened the app, you must be asked for the login method. As you want to sign up with the email or with your phone number and the other is to connect it with Facebook if you have an account there too.

Create an Account

Soon after this, you will be asked for creating a username and a password for your uniqueness and safety.

Instagram is all about posting high-end quality pictures to have great traffic on your account. So, it’s important to have a profile photo regarding your niche as it’s going to be the face of your account. Preferable: – Company’s logo, Brand Name, Company Owner’s face photo as a profile picture is a bit shorter than normal posting pictures.

Mention the Right Things on Your Bio to Complete Your Profile

Now coming to this one, you should have a good sense of writing about your business or your business morals and your services within a limit of 150 words only.

Drawing your visitors’ attention is all that required results from your bio. So an excellent and well-thought-out bio is to be needed for drawing your visitor’s attention towards your feed. You can continue with

Skipping this step will cost you to end up with almost nothing as it connects you with customers as they come to know about your company.

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Convert Your Account Into Business Account

As if you are using an Instagram social media for your business content as a personal account with your brand advertising content you might want to convert existing account to an Instagram Business account that will allow you to access many more features in your business account which you were not able to use in your account but this transition of switching personal to the business profile you may not be able to access all those new features for the existing followers of your account.

I will suggest you create your own brand-new Instagram Business Page on social media. This will be better for you to create a new Instagram Business account if you don’t have an existing account or you are satisfied with your existing account as such it may be not represented in social media up-to the level as you are expecting from it.

Benefits of Business Profile

Benefits of Business profile in so-called hashtag social media Instagram are:

  • Feature to add your contact details, email address as well as physical address also current location.
  • Creating advertisements for your business profile to reach almost to all users or to those who new to this hashtag world i.e. Instagram.
  • Analytics of Instagram – It’s one of the best valuable free tool provided by the Instagram to the business profile users to know about their followers demographics and the time at which most of the followers are inactive status i.e. they are online in this social platform and even in Instagram insights you will let to know what type you have to share with which age group of people and also at which time you have to upload their activities regarding their business profile to get it at its maximum reach and response in this hashtag world.

All these features which came to know above are completely free for the business profile users but the one and the only condition is that you are required to have a business Facebook page.

IMPORTANT: There is a need for a business Facebook page so that you can use that Facebook profile for the conversion of your account into an Instagram Business account that has admin rights of that Facebook page.

Following Steps are Required To Perform

  1. Open the Instagram App and log into your existing account.
  2. Go to your profile section
  3. Tap on the three-dot icon on the topmost right side of the screen.
  4. Tap on Settings.
  5. On scrolling down, you will get an option “Switch to Business Profile” so tap on that.
  6. After that select the Facebook page which is associate with the Instagram account.
  7. Then follow the prompts (prompt-up boxes) to do so.
  8. Then add the following details of your brand for an Instagram business account such as contact number, email address as well as a physical address in the provided sections.
  9. After completing the filling of the required details, simply tap on “Done” and your account is now converted to a business profile.

Take Advantage of Instagram Business profile Features

When you are about to use Instagram for business profile don’t forget to take advantage of Instagram Business account only options in which you can access many different features which you able to use in your account.

  • Contact information in your profile: This feature includes your phone number, email id and also it contains your address so that it makes it easier for the ones those who contact you they can directly approach through your Instagram profile itself no need of any kind of delays as the Instagram creates corresponding buttons for contact information.
  • Call-to-actions buttons: This feature helps to easily book an appointment through calls, buy tickets of concerts and shows, or to make reservations in café for dinner and lunch and many more just a click away. This feature helps you to maintain your appointments and up-to-date your business profile.

Post Photos and Videos

instagram Photos and Videos

After the things get sorted out with the completion of your profile. The Creation of appealing feed for your audience is the next step. You have to create content relative to what your business offers. While browsing the app, you must have come across the ‘+’ sign on the bottom section of the app which is for posting photos or videos.

Here are some steps to follow to post your content

  • Tapping `+’ will lead you to show your most recent photos or videos for selecting one of them.
  • You can even opt to click a photo or to record videos by tapping photos or video respectively.

To make your photo or video a desirable content Instagram provides some features to edit it.

Let’s Have a Look at Them

  • Having a picture with some unwanted background? Instagram allows you to zoom in or zoom out, that’s quite amazing.
  • Having confusion while selecting the best of four? Instagram has something for you – upload all of them with multiple upload options.
  • The photo can be switch to portrait from landscape and vice versa whichever fits best.

Once you are done with selecting the photo you get varieties of filters to revamp your post. You even get the Edit button just tap it to get your photo’s angle, brightness, contrast, structure adjusted. After completing this just tap next.

As soon as you tap next you will come to the last step that is you are required to write an equivalent caption to your post as it defines the post in a much better way.

To tag the right people with your post is also very needed if the available location should also be entered to get a decent reach for your post. After so much work on your post, you might be thinking of uploading it on your other social media platforms, so here you also get the feature of posting it right to your other social media platforms without any work but only if you have connected them with Instagram.

Immediately after you are done with all the changes you made, just click share and your post gets posted.

Look at other Brands’ feed and Engage with Other Accounts

After uploading your post, you have to observe your post’s reach and response you get from it. Be always ready to figure out the feedback in the form of comments that usually the audience does. Always have an eye on competitor’s movement that how they usually post. In what manner they have a conversation with their audience regarding their brand.

The thing to create a bond with your audience with minimal conversation will always lead you ahead from your competitors. Commenting or replying to the comments can be a very friendly way of being in touch with customers. Always have gratitude towards feedback whether it’s a good one or bad one.

In this competitive market, many of the brands try to catch the eye of the customer by giving them giveaways of their products. Some of the corrective measures like this can take to promote the brand.

Add a Story and Post Consistently

Once you start building a following on your Instagram account. You will be responsible for being constant with your posting as your followers will always seek for the regular updates from your side. You even have a story option for contacting with your followers for some short-term like for sale updates or any brand meet up’s. The story stays on your profile exactly for 24 hours.

Another Thing to Keep in Mind is Posting Time

Yes, you read it right. Let me explain to you,

As you own an Instagram Business Page, Instagram gives you an option to have insights about your activity, audience, and post. In audience insight, you will be shown in what time zone of the day your most of the followers get active and even on which days of the week your most of the followers get active.

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Always try to match the time with your followers as it helps to get a great reach for the post. It even leaves you with the percentage of men’s and a woman’s following with even an age group of both respectively. You can decide who to target for an individual post and can decide the best suited day and time with all this information.

As the organic reach is not that appealing your post is only seen by some percentage of your followers. That’s why proper use of tagging, hashtags are much needed while posting a photo and video. This will multiply the reach of the content to the new users or almost all your followers.

Choose a Layout

Instagram is a virtual platform for brands to connect with their customers. You can’t have physical contact with your customers. All you have to create a familiar content for your audience. Every single content or post should showcase what your business offers: restaurants will post its special recipe food and those who offer services should put their customer honest review about their services.

Try to have a constant theme for all your posts as they should co-ordinate with each other to have an eye-catchy spot for every visitor.

Shoot and Post High-Quality Photos

Instagram is all about posting high-quality pictures and videos. You have simply got to take care of your post. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional photographer with some heavy equipment or to hire one.

All you have to follow some instructions while capturing photos and nothing else. These instructions can help you with some very decent photos even by your smartphones. Let’s check them out:-

  • A well natural lighted photo will always do its magic and leave an unforgettable impression on viewers. Flashlights are not recommended as it usually makes the photo very realistic which mostly turns out to be a disaster one.
  • You can go with some experiments of clicking angles of the photo as nowadays; people love to see photos with some creativity. Changing angles will result in some loveable shots for your brand products.

A good quality photo with good filtration and a unique sense of photography can do wonders for your business. We all have heard this throughout our life’s:-

Your one best shot of your product can make your product desirable for your audience. So always focus on what you present your audience.

Use the Right Dimensions for Instagram Post

In need of good portrait shots, many people opt for a high-quality DSLR camera shoot which is no doubt a perfect selection. But here comes a point to draw your attention that you have to be very sure about the policy of Instagram regarding the dimensions of the photo.

When you try to upload a picture with high dimensions then Instagram automatically adjust its dimension according to their policy. This all happens and makes the photo look blur and of very low quality. You must be thinking of how to figure out the right dimensions for uploading your photo. Don’t worry here I’m with solutions to all your worries.

You can adjust or resize your post to accepted dimensions

  • Profile picture: 110px x 110px
  • Square image: 1080px x 1080px
  • Landscape image: 1080px x 566px
  • Portrait image: 1080px x 1350px
  • Timeline video: 640px x 640px
  • Instagram stories: 1080px x 1920px

Always use the dimensions up to this level to get the best quality post after uploading it.

Be Smart About Using Hashtags

A caption is something that conveys the story or the motive behind the brand’s particular post of their products or any other stuff. It makes customers feel a connection with the brand. While reading captions reader experiences the emotions behind the caption whether it’s funny or sad.

You have a weapon to stand aside from all your competitors, none other than Hashtags. Yes, hashtag provides a unique identity to your post. While searching hashtags it comes up with an associated post with it. This always makes your post to see by a non-followers account.

Think if you have your community of customers? Sounds good? All can get possible only with the usage of your own brand’s hashtag. Get your community along with you and create an endless bond.

Use Every New Feature of Instagram

For instance, Instagram allows us to take surveys freeform questions that nowadays most common in today’s youth for motivating themselves and it’s a quite better way to understand the logical reasoning of your followers. Engage with other users and also broadcast their talents as well as their brand by using maximum as well as appropriate hashtags to reach this technological world.


Now we can conclude this “Hashtag world” as #conclusion as things are becoming quite easy, efficient and mobile, an app like Instagram is the perfect social media app by which people can save their time and energy by managing their Instagram profile. You are only ignoring millions of customers if you are not joining this powerful Hashtag World.

So, why to lack behind, and to ignore the beneficial features of this social media of getting your brand on Instagram. So, wake up guys start following these simple steps and start getting benefits from it wisely and make it worth and surely, you’re going to get long-term benefits.

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