9 Steps to an Insanely Actionable Instagram Bio and Profile

Do you know that an Instagram bio and profile puts a huge impact on the brand? This is what we’ll discuss in this blog, about writing actionable Insta bio and profile. We’ll tell you how to write an effective Insta bio and profile and give you some wonderful tips for the same.

Actionable Instagram Bio Ideas: Many of us live by the expectations of garnering the maximum attention and this very need is well answered by the online space Instagram, were getting the attention is easier but hey stop and think because this very space can make you sound monotonous as well in no time.


Isn’t it scary enough when you know that not everyone would love your post only for a specific set of time and this engagement can last for a few moments only?

Attention to your Instagram profile can be a big and massive hassle that has to be addressed with the inclusion of good marketing strategies. Here the right methods involve within your Instagram account, such as; bios & profile description mean a lot!

How To Write Good Instagram Bio?

Good Instagram Bios

However most out there live with a misconception that bio & profile don’t hold the much potential and can be written with the trivial thoughts given to it.

But you would be surprised to know that this not-so-worthy detail to you, actually helps in garnering the attention of your right set of audiences who only consume less than two-tenths of a second to get impressed by your account.

And it goes without saying; the first impression always lasts forever, and sadly accepts this fact that not a single audience has time to return and see what exactly is going on in your profile next time if you fail to impress them in the first go.

Tips to Write Good Instagram Bios

Good Instagram Bio

The following post will give you a walk through to write good Instagram bios and make an impressive profile to carve out that lasting impression on your audience, so they would not get a second thought to press that FOLLOW button.

So in order to follow the Instagram mastery, let’s begin the voyage to help you find your best possible niche in no time…

Pay Attention To Your Name

The name field has the power to turn heads and at the same time can give enough confusion jerks to your audience. 

When your users search you on Instagram, generally you are being searched by your name and not your Instagram username, and the consistency followed on your name lets your audience view as a genuine person and not as a fake identity.

As per the analytical reports, Instagram only considers your name and username in search queries.

 Throw Your Skills

skills in instagram bio

Whether you are handling a personal or business Instagram account, something which really helps you grab that bigger bite of attention cookie is when you mention your set of SKILLS, which help users learn what you are and what makes you stand out from the abundance of competitors who are already flying higher in the Insta popularity game.

Although this very set of information is very dubious as well, wherein you are not so sure of what to be written and mentioned within, but here you can play a trick and must figure out that what sets you apart from your competitors, how they are showcasing their skills and how you can do better than them.

Mind my words but this little but influential information decides hugely who would follow and not follow you.

Insert Relevant And Minimum Keywords

Insert Relevant And Minimum Keywords

I know the game of SEO magic doesn’t work here, because the set of keywords are not in favor of your searchability factor on Instagram, but this set can help you get a focused approach to connect with followers who are really willing to engage with your content.

 Engaging your customers with the relevant keywords will be a daunting task for anyone, here play a trick, and identify your & your audiences’ core values.

 Unless your users are able to resonate with your offerings on Instagram, no power of online tactics can bring you attention from the right part of the audience.

Understand Some Basic Points

  • Create the “profile” of your ideal follower. 
  • Check their pain points or interests
  • Think and decide which all keywords can create that engagement 

Remember, once you include the keywords in your account then you get the power in your hand to help your targeted audience to understand that who you are and what all you have got with you to offer.

But never sleep on one keyword, keep experimenting and changing these keywords to get wider attention from the audiences.

Include the Website Link

Include the Website Link

Hmm, a very significant point here comes that whether a website link really helps in a social account like Instagram?

So here is my answer; YES IT DOES!

You should know that unlike other social networks, Instagram has many limitations and one such is about restricting the clickable links and their placements. 

However, one of the great assets you get with Instagram is to place your website link within the Bio of your profile. 

It is eventually a great choice to promote your business, services and you even as a brand, but you must know that your website link must not sound a sales pitch thoroughly, hence you need to include something additional and engaging in your bio that would justify the website link in your bio. 

Action Buttons

instagram add action button

Adding Instagram action buttons on your profile brings more attention, as they are more visible on the mobile version of Instagram. Do I need to mention that these action buttons simply trigger the engagement and sales for your brand? 

  • Email button: to open an email with your address in the “To:” field.
  • Address button: Gives directions to the location.
  • Shop button: Let users buy and sell products.

Choose The Right Profile Image

instagram profile picture

The profile image is the first action, which creates engagement for the users. Lets them get indulged with your profile, but here you need to be super selective and extremely creative to select that picture.

I wouldn’t mind stating but this step takes most of your time after bio because this is where you grab the attention ball form the niche audience.

Hence you can pick some essential tips while selecting the pic, such as:

  • The recommended size of the Instagram profile image is 180 X 180 on a computer screen. But on mobile devices, it gets reduced to only 110 X 110.
  • Upload the image that is at least 180 X 180, and still gets clarity with the smaller size 110 X 110.
  • The image gets cropped automatically, so pick an image that doesn’t lose its worth after being cropped.

Turn Super-Creative Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio Emojis

 Everyone speaks of that your Insta bio must be engaging, stupendous and must connect with the audience. But this all does not suffice to who you are and what you do. Rather this is very important to know that you must give something EXTRA to your audience.

Instagram is for quirkiness and until and unless you are crisp, creative and innovative with your approach. Believe me, you have ZERO options to get the attention of the audience.

The more creativity oozes out of your insta profile, the better options you get to grab the attention.

Some incredible ways to insert creativity into your Instagram bio are:

Checklist Which You Shouldn’t Evade

As discussed before, a good Instagram bio always includes every possible ingredient within its space. That help you convince users to click the “follow” button on your account

follow button

So once you are ready to hit the floor, let’s recapitulate the checklist for an impressive Instagram bio:

  • Explain who you are and what you do
  • Target your niche audience with specific keywords
  • Link to your website or blog, to send followers to your shoppable Instagram feed
  • Share your personality
  • Provide a way for your followers to get in touch

In Conclusion

Instagram is no more a social platform but it is eventually turned out to be a portal. There people create networking through social media and reflect their personality.

It solely works on embracing the users’ expectations and the requirements from Instagram, hence you need to be sure of that you keep evolving and grooming your profile & bio, so your audience will get enough reasons to stay hooked to your account and turn into a loyal customer base.

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