Reasons To Consider Old School Sticker Marketing

Since 65 years, stickers have remained useful for all kinds of marketing. Whether it's building campaigns, electings, generating exposures, building brands and more, this old school marketing has always been useful. In this blog we will be giving you valuable reasons to incorporate sticker marketing.

Old School Sticker Marketing: Most of businesses are working continuously on the promotion and marketing of their business. Whether there is a business person, an entrepreneur, or an artist promotion is important and necessary for the business to run smoothly.

When it comes to promotion, it can be done in various ways. There are many ways to do promotion and get the business promoted. One of the ways of promoting business is “sticker marketing”.

Old School Sticker Marketing

old school sticker marketing

This is one of the rarely used marketing tools available as options. Generally, when we think of it for the promotion of the business can be a little different from others thinking because they never think of such ways from promotion.

That can be beneficial for promoting and marketing of business because nowadays sticker marketing are the new craze of people in the world. Therefore, we can use Sticker marketing for the promotion of the business. We can simply place the stickers around the locality, city, or town for promotion.

Sticker Marketing Used in the Following Ways

  1. Advertisements of the businesses.
  2. Advertisements of the brands.
  3. Building politicians their reputation in front of the general public.
  4. Creating exposure for the long term in a cost-effective manner.
  5. It is used as a sticky marketing tool for many businesses.

For over 60 – 70 years Stickers used by businesses for promotion and marketing thing in one form or other. This is the reason it is considered as an old school marketing tool. This is the most effective kind of marketing.

Sticker marketing is the most powerful tool of marketing for many of the businesses in the world and It has proved that. It is helping a lot the business in their promotion and it is considered as an effective tool for promotion.

old school sticker marketing

Old School Sticker Marketing Tools

  1. Sticker marketing is the way of doing cost-effective marketing for promotion. If we buy a good amount of sticker after that, we will also be in a cost-effective budget.
  2. It works for comparatively more time. Sticker marketing has the efficiency of long-lasting effect on the customers.
  3. It works as a grapevine. People will automatically help you promote the business just because they will see your sticker around the locality, towns, and cities as well.
  4. It will be your personalized kind of marketing tool that you will be building for your business and its promotion.

It helps the business and its brand to stand out in the crowd of the brands and promotions tactics. Nowadays everybody is competing for getting attention online on social media and different website and online marketing is on its peak.

I agree that online marketing is the best way to promote business these days because today social media plays an important role in individual’s life but where everybody wants to promote their business on online mode go grab the opportunity in the untouched market offline and promote your business.

Generally, people like colorful things, which attract their eyes and mind. People stick to your sticker if they found your sticker attractive, creative, and promotional. Sticker marketing is a kind of personal marketing, which people use for word of mouth or grapevine kind of talks, and promotes your business automatically.

It will make your promotion much easier and effective in a comparatively less cost for the long term.

Reasons for Using Sticker Marketing as a Marketing Tool

  1. Sticker marketing is much more than just a roadside sticker or a big hoarding placed on the roads.
  2. This marketing method is very conventional.
  3. Sticker marketing is a kind of grapevine.
  4. People help you promoting Sticker marketing by “word of mouth”.
  5. Sticker marketing is a long term and cost-effective method of promoting a business as well.
  6. Sticker marketing is not the kind of advertisement. It can be counted as the personalized promotions of the business.
  7. Sticker marketing works on the “funds” to choose the place and promote your business”.
  8. Sticker marketing also proves that it believes in “spend less and earn more.”
  9. It helps the business in building the identity of the business.

What is Sticker Marketing?

Sticker marketing has changed a lot during earlier times. It is changed in its shape, creativity, and many more terms. Sticker marketing can be done on walls, bridges, windows, floors, roofs, buses, vehicles, autos, phones, etc. etc.

While doing Sticker marketing you just have to keep one thing in your mind very clearly that you have to be very choosy and clear with your sticker designs, creativity, and innovation. burger-king-sticker

For example, you can pick the “Burger King” example, which nowadays becomes very famous. Burger King has its posters almost everywhere in malls, on the roadside, and on some walls too. Burger King says in their stickers that buy one get one burger of different types.

In my opinion, the burger king has its sticker very creative and attractive. Normal people attracted to that and visit at their place at least once after listening that burger king is giving such a lovely and delicious burgers on an offer of “buy one get one free”.

Burger king not only creates awareness about its brand but it also builds an image in the general public in a cost-effective and long-term way.

It increases the market value of the brand and marketing effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and the promotion of the business.

What we Can Do to Make it More Attractive

  1. Make your sticker more enhancing.
  2. Add some twists to your stickers.
  3. Add a personalized message for your readers.
  4. Ask some interesting questions and tell the readers to answer that.
  5. Add your contact details like an email address so that they can answer your question on that.
  6. Tell the readers to subscribe to you online.
  7. Add OR code in your sticker.
  8. Add some high level of creativity and readers engagement.

This is an original tool for it and the promotion of business. It has become an economically powerful tool to promote business, brands, services, and products of the business. Only some of us know the reality behind online marketing.

The reality is most of the advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites are not working. Let me tell you these online ads are creating less than 1% pay per click thing.


We have just created our focus on online media marketing and have left behind the conventional method of promoting the business and marketing of the business. They are always working. They help us more perfectly in promoting our business and the marketing of our business.

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