17 Trending Techniques to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo

A professionally designed Facebook cover photo can help take your page to new heights. It's a great way to increase your brand awareness and spread the word about your company across the world's most used social network. Here, in this article we will provide 17 different techniques that you can use for Facebook cover photo.

Facebook Cover Photo:- When you are provided with a social media platform that has 2.8 billion monthly active users, you should grab the opportunity to show your worth. Facebook provides you the space where you can showcase your profile in different creative ways.

When a user visits your Facebook page, the first thing he/she probably sees is your Facebook cover photo. Therefore, it is evident that the cover photo must contain information that directly catches attention from your audience to your core offerings and services.

However, if you use Facebook just for extending your social reach, you can decide to choose creative images and quotes as your Facebook cover photo. On the other side, if you are providing any service or products, you must have relevant images as your cover photo.

So, what can you put as your cover photo in order to make the most use of Facebook? Here, we have come up with the 17 best tips to use a cover photo. Have a look, and decide which method will suit you for your Facebook profile.

Here’s how you can enhance the appearance of your Facebook profile

Portrait your image as a brand

brand image on facebook cover photo

When you make yourself available on Facebook, you should be prepared to face millions of people if you want to spread or sell your content, product, services, etc. 

Having a huge number of Facebook users also allows you to expand your social network through the information you share on your profile.

Something that successful people keep saying is to create a brand image, it will always lead you to achieve higher growth in your business. While Facebook offers a space, you need to find ways to use the cover photo in order to target more audiences.

The cover photo you use must display a creative side of yours. It should be eye-catching and speak straight about your business, product or image. Once you reach the level of considering yourself as a brand, you will have great benefits.

Use different styles of images, showcasing the bigger picture about your organisation. Use creative design to create an awesome cover photo that adds more value to your Facebook profile.  

Product Brief Posters

Product Brief Posters

Marketing your product digitally will be beneficial for you. Social media platforms like Facebook could be a prominent medium, building a bridge between you and your target audience.

There are many ways to promote your product or service on Facebook. You can use different styles of poster designs that reflect important information about your product.

In order to keep continuous user flow on your Facebook profile, you can display unique highlights of your product. Apply different styles of posters that leave an impression of having a unique concept. Let your product image speak about the quality you provide.

Make sure you keep your priority up front and avoid using unnecessary content in your cover photo. You need to directly target your audience with adequate product/service details.

Promote your idols

Promote your idols

This is something that keeps people interested in your social profile. Prompting someone you admire or someone who inspires you, is always a great way of connecting people.

There are many iconic individuals living at present whose work has inspired generations. There were people also who became more popular afterlife. You can share your ideas about them.

Handmade portrait images, famous quotes of a person, artwork can be shown in your Facebook cover photo. It increases the popularity of your idol and parallelly, you can connect with the people having the same area of interest.

When you promote someone’s work, you also provide a clickable cover photo. It helps users to know more about the page details.

Contest Alert

Contest Alert

This is one of the best ways to start a conversation with your audience. The idea will surely benefit if you have a large number of followers/friends on Facebook. By offering new contests, you can easily figure out what actually your audiences look for, particularly in your profile.

Once the contest gets completed, you can show off winners in the cover photo. This way, you can indirectly promote your upcoming contest. In no time, you may observe huge traffic on your Facebook page just to take part in the contest.

The basic idea is to keep people interested in your product or service. Hence, you need to regularly update your Facebook cover photo according to the contest you decide to throw.

Core benefits of your product/service

Core benefits of your product on facebook cover photo

When your Facebook cover photo speaks more about your product details, make sure that the prime features and benefits of the product are considered as your top priority.

So what’s the advantage of displaying product benefits in the cover photo? The answer is very straightforward. Even if someone has never heard of you or your brand, this will tell them about the operations and nature of your business?

Mentioning the unique benefits of your product adds more value to the brand image of the organisation. It facilitates users with the specific requirement they are looking for.

You can prepare a different layout for the cover photo that has to be more engaging, and customer-centric. Updating cover photos with creative and infographic content could be a missing thing so far, therefore, start utilizing it in the best way you can. 

Promote your friends/followers/family

Promote your friends on facebook cover photo

The bigger brands use this concept quite amazingly. They show photos of their fans and customers in order to provide the presence of a personal attachment with the audience.

You can add their images in many ways. You can choose unique themes in which you can engrave those photos in the most fashionable manner. Admiring your audience is also an essential factor which helps you sustain the quality communication medium.

Sometimes it’s not just enough to upload a portrait as your Facebook cover photo. It is better to have their work mentioned alongside. You can promote someone’s work on your cover photo to help them reach their respective audiences.

It has to be the best way of becoming a bridge for people wanting to connect with each other. It would give them a great opportunity to be in the public eye.

Show your professional skills

Show your professional skills

If you are good at something, do it with discipline and show it with creativity. Yes, Facebook is the door where you need to knock in order to let the world know about your talent and professional skills.

The best way to grab the attention of a lot of users is to provide original content. For example, if you consider yourself as an artist, make sure your cover photo always has originality more often than not.

There are many professions and operations accordingly. You can design a Facebook cover photo that truly speaks about your profession. For example, if you are a writer, then it is always good to have a nice little quote on your cover photo.

The idea looks fantastic in the first place since it introduces you to your audience in the most subtle manner. It ensures a long stay of visitors on your profile.

Sell Product

Sell Product

Facebook for business is the best addition for users who want to expand your business across the world. It could be your next online store if used thoughtfully.

Total product sale depends on how you market your product and how you promote your product to your viewers. This will decide how your customer understands your product and its features.

Many users put stunning photos in the cover photo, whereas others occupy the space and create a stunning display of their products. It eventually helps them generate lots of queries about the product which leads to higher product sales.

You can use product design in your cover photo, so people can click on it and be redirected to a product selling website directly from Facebook.

Show the supportive side of yours

show support

It is one of the nicest ways to show your emotions and views on a specific matter. Make sure that your users witness you as a person who leads from the front.

Show your support towards the awareness program related to health, environment, and nature. Bring your voice out through your cover photos, and show the world a brighter and supportive sight of yours.

Next time when you see events happening for a good cause, ensure putting a cover photo on your Facebook profile. This would let people know about the helping side of you, and one may get an inspiration to spread words about the awareness. 

You can choose any occasion. For example, October is Breast cancer awareness month, so many brands change their cover photos by updating images in pink to show their support.

Provide details on an upcoming event

Provide details on an upcoming event

The best thing about having a huge fan following on Facebook is that you can help others indirectly. You can mention upcoming events in the cover photo. Share images and schedule of the event of your favorite sports club, music band, dancers, tech-fest, etc.

If you are running an organisation, you can display upcoming events in your cover photo by creating eye-catching posters. You may include additional information along with it. However, make sure that every detail in your cover photo remains clearly visible.

Every time users visit your profile, they happen to see a cover photo. The image will be stored in their memory, and because of that, one can never miss the opportunity to take part in such events.

Tell me what your profile is about

This is one of the most common aspects of using Facebook for business or socialization. No matter what activities you do, you must have a well-documented profile on Facebook, so that people can know what exactly you want to offer.

display the milestones

Through your Facebook cover photo, you can display some of the best examples of your profession. You can display the milestones that you got over the years. The prime idea is to showcase your personal profile in a way that visitors can easily get engaged with you.

When people see your Facebook cover photo, they should be able to automatically understand the area of your work and personal hobbies. Make cover photos that speak about your overall personality and how you communicate with the world.

Follow the latest trends

latest trends

It is not advisable to keep outdated content in your Facebook cover photo. In order to match the current flow of information and technology, you must follow the latest trends.  Know what is trending in your respective field and try to prepare a cover photo around it.

When you use the most recent concept in your cover photo, it will automatically generate a lot of inquiries from your Facebook connection since most users follow the same rule.

You can design your Facebook cover photo in a way that it reflects current affairs. A cover photo should contain clean and logical data. This would help other Facebook users get useful information.

Show funny side of yours

funny side of yours

One should never miss the chance to make someone happy! If you can do for a large community like Facebook, you must keep your content ready for the same. As you are provided with the space,  you should create a Facebook cover photo that showcases a funny side of you.

You can use funny memes in your cover photo which also reflect that you are not just a boring person, you also like to be in a happy state of mind. 

You can use original content, anime photos, cartoon characters to convey your message to your fans. It would be a unique way to share information by using funny content in your cover photo.

If you own a company, then you can use funny and relevant content in your cover photo. It will speak about the work culture and environment of your company.

Provide testimonials


Using the Facebook cover photo for displaying what your customers think of your product or service is the best way to show the credibility of your brand. You can share a review and highlight a person’s image in a cover photo.

When you provide testimonials of your customers, it makes a huge difference. It helps people get more information about your company’s profile. Apart from this, it shows that you care about your customers’ opinion and if needed, you are willing to work accordingly.  

Use CTA (Call to action) buttons

Call to action buttons on facebook cover photo

Call to Action has a great importance when it comes to lead generation on social media. From your college days to marketing seminars or meetings at work, you have surely come across using CTA buttons.

Web-based media is an amazing asset with regards to generating user engagement, and remembering a CTA for your cover photograph urges guests to act.

Whether you need to acquire likes, visits to your site, or candidates in a challenge you’re facilitating, a cover photograph CTA will help.

Start a conversation

This is one of the most influential techniques to interact with your followers/friends on Facebook. There are unique ways of providing something people like to talk about through your Facebook cover photo.

using hashtags in a cover photo

For example, using hashtags in a cover photo is a very popular idea. We know how effective hashtags are when it comes to social media apps.

We’ve even seen how hashtags play a very important role in political revolution. At the point when you toss a hashtag onto your cover photograph, you have the ability to get individuals talking.

Show people you stand for the betterment of the world

We have come down to the last point of the article, however, it is as important as the rest. The idea is very generic, and more often than not, we follow it too.

Facebook is one of the most advanced social media platforms. Besides, it’s dynamic. It allows users to connect with the rest of the world. It’s up to you for what purpose you are using it. 

Apart from this, you should often show people how you add value to this world. Raise your voice against injustice, initiate virtual movements for saving the environment, show support for a good cause, appreciate talent, etc.

Everything mentioned above can be illustrated in your Facebook cover photo. Make sure to create a trustworthy and noble image of yours.


We hope this article will help you discover ways of using your Facebook cover photo. If you have such an amazing concept that could emphasize the Facebook cover photo in a creative way, let us know in the comment section below. For more such content, keep visiting our website.

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