When Is The Best And Worst Time To Post On LinkedIn In 2022

Timing for posting a content is important for maximum engagement. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best and worst time to post on LinkedIn and how to find best time to post on LinkedIn. Let's go through the article to know more!

The Best And Worst Time To Post On LinkedIn – The reach of social media sites is exceptional. LinkedIn is one such site – that is growing at a rapid scale due to its algorithm updates to build a strong presence on the platform. But, do you know why your LinkedIn posts are not getting the correct engagement?

Once you figure out what you’re going to post – the next thing is to decide the time of posting. Moreover, knowing the best time to post can help you reach your audience when they are most active. However, consistency is the key while posting on LinkedIn.

Also, it is a good place for B2B and B2C marketers to promote their content and build strong connections. While the best time to post on LinkedIn depends on several factors, let us take a dig into the topic.

The Best And Worst Time To Post On LinkedIn in 2022

The Best And Worst Time To Post On LinkedIn in 2022

Since LinkedIn is a platform that connects professional people – it is best to stick to weekdays rather than weekends. LinkedIn users typically scroll the content during working days. That said, it does not mean that you need to consider Monday or Tuesday.

One audience approach on the platform won’t give you results. Rather you need to consider a unique audience with unique browsing patterns. It is essential to consider that LinkedIn content has a stronger shelf life compared to other social media platforms. It’s because the feed isn’t only about company posts, as it also considers user activity updates.

  • The best time to post: Tuesday to Thursday (9 a.m to noon)
  • Best days you can post: Tuesday and Wednesday

Based on the data collected by companies, it is safe to post on LinkedIn during:

  • Office commute hours: 7 to 9 a.m and 6 to 8 p.m

Most people check their LinkedIn feed early in the morning or while coming back home.

  • Work hours: 10 to 6 p.m

Most people cruise through the network in the first half of office hours – it’s time to look for new research, inspiration, and opinions before indulging in work.

The Worst Day To Post: Sunday

The Worst Day To Post-Sunday

Weekends are the worst days to post on the platform. Most people will be socializing with friends or spending time with families. That’s why it is essential to stay off LinkedIn during weekends.

Also, Monday shows less engagement compared to Tuesday or Thursday. Moreover, outside business hours are not recommended for posting on the platform.

How To Find Your Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

Identify the time zone laps

Learning about the audience and their location plays a significant role in posting. It is easy to find out about laps through LinkedIn analytics. The follower analytics feature shows you the data of users following you.

In addition, visitor analytics show you information about people visiting your page. Both these dashboards will help you find your best posting time.

If you don’t have LinkedIn analytics, you can choose the best time zone based on the location of users. Posting during the right zones may be tricky at first, but once you know the process – things might become simple for you.

Experiment with posting & measuring success

Experiment with posting & measuring success

It is essential to experiment with posting time to know about engagement. For this, create a separate spreadsheet to follow the engagement received when you post at unusual times and days. It is a good idea to pick five different times throughout the week. When you pick the time – consider the peak times of scrolling – morning commute, lunchtime, and evening commute.

Besides, track the reactions, likes, and comments based on the days and time you post. Switch your time every week.

If you post at 9 a.m in the first week, choose noon in the following week. Though it may take some time – the findings will help you choose the best days for posting on LinkedIn.

Use the scheduling tools to post on time frames

The Social Pilot is a social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule your posts automatically. It can help you experiment with different time slots without errors.

Besides, you can select multiple slots depending on the month in the content planner for the platform. After a month, check your data to see which time and day generated maximum engagement.

Access your performance with LinkedIn analytics


Use the analytics section to get a complete insight into your page. The section displays trends across metrics and periods. It provides insight into demographics with job function filter and company size.

Moreover, it gives information on updates, followers, and visitors. Click on the update section, which will lead to a dashboard showing an overview of update analytics.

The Page Is Divided Into Three Parts

  • Update highlight will show you the third-party data of likes reactions, and comments
  • Update metrics will show you aggregated engagement metrics over a specific period
  • Update engagement will show you engagement metrics that will help you choose the best day to post on LinkedIn.

The time range will let you know the post-activity according to the date.

By selecting the metric type – the engagement data will be displayed, and you can select the best posting time.

Schedule Your Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

Schedule Your Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

Once you have an idea about when your followers are more active, it’s time you schedule your posts at those times. Later is a tool that allows you to auto-publish your LinkedIn posts.

  • Start by connecting your LinkedIn profile to a later account
  • Drag and drop the content from the Later media library to the calendar
  • Select the best day and time to post
  • Now write a caption and add hashtags to your post
  • There is an option of editing the image to add text to the image – you can crop it for the perfect LinkedIn frame
  • After the save option – your select LinkedIn post will auto-publish to your profile page

Different Sectors And Different Times

You can determine the best posting time based on the sector or industry you are in. Here’s a quick breakdown of the best posting time according to sectors:

  • Media and IT sector – The best time is weekday mornings or outside the traditional working hours
  • Healthcare and Education: Mid-morning during weekdays or early afternoon
  • B2C Business – Lunchtime during weekdays
  • B2B Business: Lunchtime or early morning on a weekday (its vital to check LinkedIn analytics for B2B business)

How Often Should You Post?

The ideal time to post on LinkedIn is two to five times a week. It also depends on the engagement you get on the platform. However, it’s advisable not to post more than 20 posts a month.

The algorithm of LinkedIn gets populated with content, so posting daily would not generate the engagement you need. If you do so, you’ll waste your good content. Stick to weekdays and morning time to get maximum engagement from LinkedIn.

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