15 Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2022

Monitoring social media performance is quite essential when you plan to track the current trends. In this guide, we discuss various social media monitoring tools and benefits of using social media monitoring tools. Dive in the guide to know more about the tools.

Social Media is accessible to a large chunk of the population, so keeping track of what they think and say about your brand can be an overwhelming task for the social media platform.

It can be challenging to cut through all the unnecessary noise to get to the relevant information and conversations that matter to you. Here is the list of top social media monitoring tools for you.

Guide to Social Media Monitoring Tools

Complete Guide to Social Media Monitoring Tools


Social Media Monitoring is a tool that lets you listen and analyze the information and feedback that have been given for your brand across the internet. There are various social media sites available that act as a research tool for companies who want to analyze what people think of them.

They will let you know about multiple information such as:

  • Brand Mentions and Tags
  • Hashtags specifically for your brand
  • Trends followed in the industry
  • Competitors position

15 Most Popular Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best Social Media Monitoring tool that can gather information from around various social media networks and platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress, etc. Further, it is well known for its excellent team that manages around 15 million sites. 



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Free tools like ‘Auto-scheduling’ for automatically posting across multiple networks, reporting tools, analytics, et al, along with several other paid tools. 
  • Monitors your performance in comparison with your competitors.

2. Keyhole

If you want to track your keywords, hashtags, and usernames over Twitter and Instagram accounts, and your overall brand performance on Social Media Platforms, then Keyhole is the perfect one for you. 



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Tracks the mentions of a different brand, across various forums.
  • Access to maps to track activity across different parts of the world. 
  • Information of brand mentions on a dashboard for convenience

3. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a Twitter-specific tool, apt for all the twitter-oriented businesses & brands. 

Twitter Counter


Features that it’s well-known for

  • Monitors your Twitter stats.
  • Displays tabs/widgets about your recent followers, visitors, retweets, mentions and other such activities.
  • Tracks historical data, which can be used in creating reports & graphs from it. 
  • Reports can be downloaded in .pdf format.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most effective Social Monitoring Tool for small businesses to launch & elevate your brand on social media platforms.

Sprout Social


Features that it’s well-known for

  • A ‘Social Customer Service’ feature for you to quickly respond & resolve to the queries raised by your customers. 
  • Manage client’s portfolios & execute marketing strategies dedicated explicitly to the collection created. 
  • Accessible on mobile phone for convenience & optimum results.

5. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the most effective Social Media Monitoring Tool for analyzing the effectiveness of your overall work.


Features that it’s well-known for

  • Sharing the feedback on your mistakes along with providing you with potential solutions in order to increase consumer engagement and brand awareness. 
  • Analysis market sentiments on the basis of your TG’s emotions & demographics, and then designing a marketing strategy accordingly. 
  • Creates customized dashboards as per your requirements.

6. If  This Then That (IFTTT)

If This Then That’ is a unique tool, which connects apps, devices and services from different developers, triggering one or more automation for the respective apps, devices, and services.

If  This Then That (IFTTT)

Features that it’s well-known for

  • Customize the updates that you receive, like setting up an email notification every time your brand is mentioned. 
  • Receive an update for new posts from Twitter, with specific terms that you wish to follow. 
  • Keep a watch on each of those social media activities that you seem to find beneficial for your brand. 

7. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an easy to use tool, which lets you manage your online presence by tracking competitors, hashtags, and events.

Zoho Social


Features that it’s well-known for

  • Stores all your conversations from various platforms at one place called ‘Brand Inbox’.
  • Schedules posts across multiple platforms from a single window.
  • A ‘Smart Engine’ feature for you to monitor the ideal time for posting in a particular geographical location.

8. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a Social Media Monitoring Tool that also offers an inbound marketing solution for your brand.

HubSpot Marketing


Features that it’s well-known for

9. Google Alerts

Google alerts one of the easiest and free social media monitoring tools ideal for bloggers to keep track of their content and keep their page up to date and trendy.

Google Alerts


Features that it’s well-known for

  • Closely monitors the new sites, blogs, and Youtube videos that are relevant to your content creation.
  • Schedule alerts as per your convenience instead of the real-time notifications.

10. Qwaya

Qwaya is a Monitoring Tool that lets you find the right audience for content and ads.



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Creates campaigns, tests your marketing strategies for you to be able to determine your top-performing posts.
  • Provides a distinctive feature of auto-rotating the ads among various social media platforms
  • Can be used in integration with Google Analytics for tracking your ad URLs and monitor their performance on various.

11. Brand24

Brand24 is one of the most effective monitoring tools available to increase your brand awareness and customer engagement.



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Monitors the online comments & conversations happening around about your brand. 
  • Set-up alerts for your brand’s mentions and the related keywords, which helps you in resolving me queries on a real-time basis & built a connection with the audience.

12. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a tool that features the excellent lead collection and tracks a set of potential customers that you might have missed out onto. It also helps in capturing the leads and finding out that the expectation of potential customers.



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Replaces blast emails with personalized on-point messages.
  • In addition, it distributes dynamic and well-organized content, which is capable of gaining the target audience’s attention.
  • Fetches and analyses the information of target audiences like their location & their preferences, which leads to accelerating the process of marketing automation.

13. Synthesio

Synthesio is one of the most important unique tools that use social Key Performance Index (KPI) to measure your online reputation. The prime focus of this tool is reading and analyzing the conversations and people around your brand. 

Features that it’s well-known for

  • Firstly it measures ROI for all your social media activities.
  • ‘Share of Voice’ measures how much conversation your brand is driving around various platforms. 
  • However, it helps in understanding the customer experience and after that predict future growth. 
  • Measures the social reputation score of each of your brand’s products.

14. Cyfe

Cyfe is popular is the most important tool for providing detailed and comprehensive reports by collecting information from multiple websites and providing accurate information for your social media profiles.



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Firstly it is used to share necessary information and reports. 
  • Virtually monitors almost everything viz. Performance of individual agents/department, blogs, websites, and social media profiles. 
  • However, it allows you to pull the data from the dashboard and save it in any format on your device.

15. Unamo

Unamo is the most important Social Media Monitoring Tool used for discovering all the brand mentions and conversations around your product, using the search operators.



Features that it’s well-known for

  • Firstly it helps in exploring trending hashtags and content.
  • Platform-wise breaking down of the results. 
  • However, it provides an insight into the popular words and direction of conversations, referring to your brand.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Tools

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. Easy to spot trends in your target market. Also, you can track sentiments about your product in the target market.

2. Identification of current and potential competitors and their strategies. 

3. Easy to foster customer loyalty and developing consumer engagement. 

4. Build up strategies to improve the product or develop a new product.

5. You can have a check on what type of content is performing well.

There are various tools with a variety of features to serve your needs. Here is a list of 15 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools.

A Quick Closure

However, monitoring your audience on social media and in addition to attentively analyzing their opinion about your brand works the most in your favor. Similarly, these data give you the first-hand impression of your brand in the minds of the target audience, which leads to attaining a stronger consumer engagement.

In addition, Social media also opens the door for reading & analyzing your competitor’s marketing strategy. And after that social media tools drastically accelerates the process of each of these things by taking it digitally from the manual.

In conclusion, I hope that the above all list of such amazing social media tools come to your help and yield even more amazing results for your business!

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