9 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Facebook is all about sharing your posts and views. But there are certain things that, should not be shared on the platform. This article will help you in understanding those information and why it should not be shared.

Never Share on Facebook:- Today, almost everyone uses Facebook for some work or the other, be it sharing some information, status, posting an ad, etc. We do know about the privacy settings that are being applied on Facebook.

But, is applying the privacy settings enough to save your post, image, or anything you share? 

Honestly speaking, you have control of your post’s privacy but what about those who will be watching your posts on Facebook, i.e., your friends.

9 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Your friends can see the posts you are sharing on Facebook. But, if you have not applied any Facebook privacy settings, then anyone on Facebook can see your posts.

There are many questions in mind when it comes to the privacy of Facebook. There are certain things that you should avoid posting on Facebook just to be on the safer side.

Whether you are using a personal or business account on Facebook, you should be very careful about the content you are posting.

Things you Should Never Share on Facebook

1.Personal and Financial Details

personal details


This is the most important thing you should avoid sharing on Facebook. Whether you are sharing with your friends or anyone on Facebook, personal and financial details should be kept with you only.

Do not share them on Facebook. Personal details include your home address, mobile number, your financial details, or any other detail that might put you in trouble if used by anyone.

2.Your Travel Plans

travelling plan


Avoid sharing your travel plans on Facebook. Attackers or criminals may find you using your location. If you want to share the status, then set the post only to your friends.

But, if you are in a mood to share your travel plans with everyone, then it’s better to share them after you get back These small things make a big difference to your privacy and if not used properly, then you may find yourself in big trouble.

3.Hints/ Clues to Your Passwords

Clues to Your Passwords


This is another important thing you should avoid sharing on Facebook. Posting something that hints at your passwords or the security questions you answered may be dangerous for you and your account.

Your account may get hacked and all your information might get misused or shared publicly on Facebook.

Stay away from unnecessary posts about your childhood pets, the town where you grew up in, or the name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend — all snippets of data that a programmer could use against you and that your Facebook network doesn’t need to know.

4.Information or Stuff About Your Kids

Information or Stuff About Your Kids


Posting images, videos or information about your kids may excite you as a parent and it’s totally understandable.

But, you should avoid sharing these information as you never know who’s watching or keeping an eye on your kid.

Do not post their name or the school they are going to. Do not share images, videos or information about your kid.

5. Complaints About Your Job and Boss

Complaints About Your Job and Boss


If you have a bad or frustrating day at your office, or your boss scolds you for no reason, then it’s better to keep your anger or frustration with you only.

Never let your anger be publicly shared on Facebook or any other social media platforms. Never complain about your boss, workplace, or your job on Facebook.

This might both affect you as an employee and your company as well. One small mistake could degrade your image in the company and you might even get fired from your company.

6. Information About Your Work or Job

Information About Your Work or Job

Sharing information about the work you are doing in your company is pretty much a bad idea. Your boss might get angry and unhappy with you as the piece of information you shared, might reach your competitors and they can use that information for their benefit.

7.Your Friend’s or Other People’s News

Your Friend’s or Other People’s News


If it’s your friend’s marriage, cousin’s pregnancy or any other personal news, try not to share on Facebook or any other social media platform. In the best case scenario, you’ll cause an awkward circumstance and assume responsibility for another person’s timetable. 

Furthermore, you’ll be sharing news that your companion or relative had a real justification for keeping disconnected. 

Be kind and check whether the individual being referred to has presented anything, before you share it on your social media network.

8. Political or Religious BeliefsPolitical or Religious Beliefs

Discussing or sharing governmental issues on any social media platform may lead to differences between you and your friends. You might oppose someone who your friends must be supporting, so that would make your friends or any other person angry. The same goes for religion. 

Except, if you are set up to estrange half of your potential clients, you’re in an ideal situation remaining quiet about that stuff – or on your profile. 

In any case, even on your profile, you can get exhausted by these points. Keep in mind: nowadays you, when all is said and done, are the brand.

9. Medical Misinformation

Medical Misinformation

Only if you are a certified medical officer or a medical degree holder, you can discuss the risks of traditional medication or telling individuals that they ought to shun clinically demonstrated medications for enhancements or marvel food sources.

Sharing medical misinformation on Facebook or any other platform can make you look like you have a lack of experience or knowledge.


So, these were among the things that you should avoid posting on Facebook as well as on other social media platforms.  Keep in mind that your and your loved one’s information is precious and should not be publicly shared with anyone.

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