Easy Tips to Boost Your List of Followers with Hashtags

Do you know adding a hashtag to your post can increase its engagement nearly up to 12.6%? Here, In this blog, we will be discussing the uses of hashtags, their types, and many more that are surely going to help you in boosting your follower’s list. Let’s begin.

Increase Followers with hashtags: Increasing followers with hashtags are what every company is aspiring to today! If you too are looking for the same, here is the ultimate guide for how impressive and effective use of Hashtags can get unexpected followers on any social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Hashtag is a kind of metadata tag used on various social media networks i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and micro blogging websites. With the use of Hashtags, anyone can find messages or posts which is related to the interest area of users by simply tapping on the specific Hashtag.

One can create Hashtag with the use of symbol “#” directly put in front of any word, unspaced phrases or digits. The search of a specific Hashtag leads integrated crawling of each message, posts or content yield that Hashtag. 

For example: If an individual uses hashtag #HappyMe, all the content containing these hashtags will crawl together.

Tips to Increase Followers with Hashtags

Increase followers with hashtags

  • Initially, the hash symbol or pound sign was used to highlight special-purpose words in information technology.
  • The ITU International Telecommunication Union approved these pound sign on the right side of the 0 on the telephones.
  • The founder of the hashtag is Chris Messina, who posted the first Hashtag on Twitter in August 2007.
  • With the beginning of July 2009 Twitter start to create a hyperlink with all hashtags in tweets.
  • Now it is widely used on every social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
  • It is measured that posts that consist of at least one hashtag have a probability of pulling 12.6% more engagement compared to other posts that don’t have a hashtag.

So when planning to use hashtags in your upcoming post, follow the below crucial tips that will help you plug in more followers, traffic, and leads.

  • Uses of Hashtags 
  • Type of Hashtag
  • Appropriate Hashtag for your posts
  • Find Best Hashtags with social media tools
  • Hashtags in your Bio and stories
  • Track the success of your Hashtag

Uses of Hashtag


The success of your post is directly related to the effective use of the hashtag. The first and foremost rule is that your hashtag must be similar or relevant to your post.

For example: If your post is related to painting, some of the common and popular hashtags that you must use are – #Art #Artlove #LovePainting. All such hashtags will help users to reach out to user posts who are looking for anything related to art or are interested in artistic things. Also, using these hashtags will clearly indicate that your post is related to painting.

Social Media channels will organize your post with other posts using similar hashtags. These will lead you to join any conversation and make the presence of yourself, where you are not a follower. Generate appropriate hashtags and use it in a specific content that leads you to get more followers.

Type of Hashtag you are using with your content means a lot to get more followers. There are two types of hashtags which are frequently used:

1. Popular Hashtags

Popular Hashtags

You can use the popular hashtags which already attract too much of crowd but keep in mind that you won’t lose yourselves there. According to the current change in Instagram, people are allowed to follow specific hashtags, which will lead to increase the reach of your post with other posts using that hashtag. 

2. Specific Hashtags

Specific Hashtags

You can also add highly relevant hashtags that are not so popular but are related to your post. So that if someone is interested in that topic automatically joins you and might become a follower of your brand.

Appropriate Hashtag for Your Posts

When you are going to post anything, the first thing that is in your mind is the use of appropriate hashtags. You can use Instagram or other social media platform’s search box and insert your post’s relevant keyword.

In this way, you will find some of the most popular hashtags trending on social media and also the list of hashtags that your competitor is using. 

You should always keep your eyes on competitor’s posts, you can use their non-branded tags or similar tags they are using.

Look at your previous successful posts and tags which are frequently used by others you can use those tags in your current post.

Find Best Hashtags with Social Media Tools

4. Find Best Hashtags with Social Media Tools:

With the growth of hashtags, there are lots of social media tools that help you to generate some of the best hashtags for your posts. All you need to do is to upload your posts on that specific tool, the tool will automatically generate hashtags and added it in your caption.

Below are some hashtag generator tools:

  • Hashtags for likes
  • ingramer
  • Kicksta
  • Sistrix
  • Display purpose
  • All Hashtag

 Hashtags in your Bio and Stories

Hashtags in your Bio and Stories

With the recent changes in Instagram, you can use hashtags in your bio, these will provide you an opportunity to create your own brand. If you use your hashtag in the bio section, and in your Instagram and Facebook stories, people who are related to that tags will get notified about your post and the possibilities are high that they will follow your brand if your post is interesting or meaningful.

Track the Success of Your Hashtag

Most of the social media platforms provide you a feature to measure your posts, stories, and engagements. It is an analytical feature that provides information about your effective hashtags, impressive posts; and will give you an idea about future scheduled posts which ultimately leads you to increase more followers. 

Reading the above section will make you think dealing with the hashtag is easy and results will be astonishing? 

Not really, there are billions of hashtags spreading on various social media channels. To know how to beat such competition and multiply followers on various social media platforms with hashtags, we bring you some of the helpful tips for popular social media channels separately:

Let us dig one by one each platform:

How to get followers on Twitter with Hashtags?

Twitter is the platform where you can openly share your thoughts directly to the people by throwing a short message called “Tweet”. Originally the word limit for tweets was restricted to140 characters. But in November 2017 the word limits were doubled with 280 characters in a tweet. 

The hashtags used in tweet limit up to 3 tags. You should avoid using too many hashtags in a single tweet. You can use the Trend feature of twitter to know about current popular hashtags on twitter.

Some popular Hashtags on Twitter:




How to get followers on Instagram with Hashtags?

How to get followers on Instagram with Hashtags

Instagram is a social networking site where users are able to post their photos, videos, and thoughts. Instagram has more than 69 million active users in India, most of them belong to the young age group. 

Hashtags are the primary method of sorting and finding diversified content on Instagram. Instagrammers can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in their every post. But just because you have 30 hashtags to use, it doesn’t mean that you will start using irrelevant hashtags. Success will come when you know how to effectively use the right hashtags on Instagram to get more followers.

Some of the Popular Hashtags on Instagram:




How to get followers on Facebook with Hashtags?

How to get followers on Facebook with Hashtags

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms, which has 2.45 monthly billion active users. To increase your followers on Facebook you need to create a valuable and impressive post with appropriate Hashtags, we prefer to use one or less than five Hashtags for a Facebook post to get better engagement.

You need to keep your eye on likes and comments on the posts and Hashtags used by others and keep yourself active on Facebook. Make a habit of scheduling your content and post. Regularly analyze your progress as it leads you to get more followers on Facebook.

Read More: How to Use Hashtags On Facebook?

Some popular Hashtags on Facebook: 




The EndNote

Because it’s easy to use feature everyone who is into technical or non-technical business or is an individual; is using Hashtags excessively. The only way to differentiate yourself is that you must be true and relevant with your social media sharing posts and content as compactness is the key to successively using hashtags.

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