10 Successful Tips to Sell Your Social Media Services

Social media platforms provide a great opportunity for businesses to reach their audiences. Here, this blog will exclusively provide you a guide for selling your social media services, which includes analyzing the competitors’ status, planning a social media strategy, and many more. Read on to learn more.

Sell Your Social Media Services: Today, with around 2.82 billion active users, social media is strongly penetrating in the marketing cycle of every small, mid, and large size businesses. By using social media marketing, these businesses are expanding their audience and building their brand names. 

Guide to Sell Your Social Media Services

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The market is full of exciting social media facts like:

Aren’t these facts exciting to start using Facebook and other social media sites for every business? Indeed it is!

So if you too are looking to sell your social media services to potential clients, this guide will definitely help you to convince your clients to avail of your services.

Generally, there are two types of clients to whom you can approach:

  • The client who is already actively using Social media
  • The client who is not engaging on Social media

Let us dig in detail about how to convince both sets of clients:

The Client is Engaging in Social Media

The Client is Engaging on Social Media

According to the current scenario, there are almost 8 out of 10 clients who are actively using or are aware of different social media platforms. Approaching and convincing such clients is easy because they already are well-versed with the pros & cons of social media.

All you need to do is just analyze their social media accounts and let them know about the below-mentioned things:

  • Social media status of competitors
  • Your strategic plan
  • Your previous successful projects 
  • How cost-effective your services will be
  • Your presence on Social media.

Social Media Status of Competitors

In this cut-throat world of competition, every business keeps a sharp eye on their competitor’s every move. An anonymous person says :

Competition Makes us Faster Collaboration Makes Us Better!

If you want to win a positive point in the eyes of your potential client, the first thing you need to do is to inform them about their competitor’s social media status, activities, campaigns, and events.

To present such information in a sellable way, you can make a pie chart or a graph chart about the lead generation and revenue growth of competitors through their social media marketing. 

When you compare such clients with their competitors, the possibilities are high as they will easily get influenced and then they will automatically want to focus more on their Social media marketing

Your Strategic Plan

Your Strategic Plan

After showing them about their competitive status, you should let them know about your own strategic plan.

In your strategic plan, you must include factors and stats like:

  • How many social media accounts you can access.
  • Can you make impressive and qualitative posts?
  • How many people you can reach out in a day.
  • How will you uplift and boosts their Social media accounts?
  • Your knowledge about Social media.

First, you have to make your plan and then convince them that you are the one who can optimize their Social Media Accounts and they don’t need to look back on it.

Your Previous Successful Projects

Previous Successful Projects

Talking without numbers and successful projects will be vague. Thus, you must show your prospects a glimpse of your previous successful projects. It should also include reviews and feedback from your previous clients. This will build an image of your credibility and productivity which will ease the journey of trust.

By doing this you will also stand out from the crowd and prove yourself as there are thousands of people who are offering Social media marketing services but at the same time, most of them could be frauds and misleading. Hence you prove yourself different and worthwhile. 

Define them About your Cost-effectiveness Services

Cost i.e. the money that someone has to pay for something, is always considered as a crucial point to invest. You must show your cost-effectiveness or we can say that you have to keep your charges as low as possible because everyone wants to get quality with the quantity. When in the initial phase, you must believe in “Take less and Give more”.  

As you are new in this field or you want to do more projects so you have to lower your cost as much as possible. You can also give them a comparative format of your project cost with the project cost of others. 

Your Presence on Social Media

Presence on Social Media

As far as you want to do Social media management your brand should also prove an active presence on Social media. This is the basic thing to discuss with your clients that you know each and everything about Social media and their various channels

The client isn’t Engaging on Social Media

The people who have mistrust about Social media that it needs so much time and money to just post something.

This type of prospect finds Social media as a Waste of Time, Money and other resources.  You must show them the power of Social media. 

An anonymous person says that “All necessary changes come with the power of Social media”.

If you are not going with the flow you will be thrown out.

There are a few things that you can point out with such clients:

  • Target audience presence on Social media.
  • Potential of viral Social media content 
  • Cost-effectiveness of Social media.
  • Easy measurement of Social media success.
  • Competitive status.

Target Audience Presence on Social Media

1. Target Audience Presence on Social Media:

We can see that almost 8 out of 10 people are on Social media. If we discuss statistics, Facebook has 2.5 Billion monthly active users, Instagram has 800 million or above monthly active users.

You can convince such clients by showcasing such appealing statistics about Social media. After that, you can also give information about the activeness of their targeted audience on Social media. 

For example: If your client has a business of anti-aging cream so their audience is 40-60 years of age group. 

Targeting an audience on social media via traditional media will be difficult but an easy task when the platform is social media. 

Potential of Viral Social Media Content

Potential of Viral Social Media Content

Show your client the potential of the viral posts and the power of creative content on Social media. It takes a few minutes to go viral of an optimized post on Social media.

Just create a post, post it on Social media channels, and follow the right metrics. Get likes, get shares and increase the traffic; that is enough for a client to get impressed. 

The more impressive posts and quality content you offer, the more will be likes, shares, and target audience reach. 

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Cost-effectiveness of Social Media

Give an image to your client about the cost-effectiveness of Social media management as compared to the cost of other marketing campaigns. This will make them easily understand the cost of Social media management and they will definitely get convinced to outsource social media services to you!

Easy Measurement of Social Media Success

Measurement of Social Media Success

It is the very natural stereotype of any business people that they want results, they need success, they need an increase in productivity. You too want the same!

Thus, all you need to do is to give an easy presentation of their Social media examples of your successful projects including previous success reports or reviews from the clients. 

Competitive Status

Show them a comparative view of the growth of other business tycoons who are using social media campaigns. As we discussed above, about the competitive status of competitors who are actively engaging in Social media. The same thing you need to do here with your client doesn’t have a presence on Social media. 

Final Note

These are some simple tricks, tips, and ways to sell your social media management services and the logic is simple the more you offer effective services, the number of projects you get will be more. 

It’s all up to you and your skills to connect with the clients and to convince them to avail of your services and create a win-win situation for all.

For different businesses, different things work. It is essential for you to know what works for your brand! Do let us know which strategy to sell your social media services has accomplished for you.

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