Tricks to Add One Instagram Story With Multiple Photos and Videos

Instagram stories are one of the popular types of social media communication on social media channels. This blog will take you through the step-by-step guide of adding one Instagram story with multiple photos and videos. We’ll also be learning about the Instagram story insights here.

Instagram Story Tricks: Around 500 billion people post and view Instagram stories daily. With the increase in popularity of Instagram stories, recently a new feature was updated on Instagram through which one can add multiple photos along with videos to Instagram stories.

This guide will help you with detailed steps on how to add photos and videos to one Instagram story.

Instagram Story Tricks to Add Photos and Videos

Tips To Follow for Instagram Stories

But before jumping onto the Instagram story steps let’s have a look at astonishing Instagram stories stats and few tips that every brand should follow when uploading a new story:

1. Instagram Stories Statics

Over 500 billion users on Instagram are reported to watch Insta stories daily. Multiple brands also engage the audience by posting pictures and videos on Instagram stories to promote their stores’ offerings. It creates a big picture in between Instagram and snaps chat.

2. Market strategies on Instagram stories

Brands use social media platforms to improve their brand awareness and multiply their audience engagement. This is the best way to promote your products by creating more relatable posts with the audience. Other than that Creating a standout logo for your page is another great way to market your brand. It helps you create proper branding and 

Most of the time people are exploring social media posts and stories and they spend approximately 7 minutes checking multiple Instagram stories. This makes a perfect idea to showcase your brand with the most relatable content to the people.

Another astonishing fact is that there are approximately 1 million brands that are posting ads on Insta story once in a month. Which is a huge number!

3. Popular stickers on Insta stories

Some of the popular Insta story stickers in 2021 are:

Popular stickers on Insta stories

4. Adding Privacy to your Insta Story

People take due care of privacy settings to their Insta accounts

It’s just a thing that you want to make it public or private, just go to the setting and select the button ”hide story from” and select the number of your followers you do not want to see your Instagram stories and make it private from them.

This feature of hiding story is really a breadth calming feature for people who do not want to share their stories with some random followers of them.

5. Be creative using Pen Colors

Be creative using Pen Colors

This is an add on a feature on Instagram to the Creative people so that they can draw random lines and figures using multiple colored pens. It is really fun to add colors to your pictures.

One can write a message in a cool way or can draw any random figure which will really look amazing to the viewers.

6. The Swipe Up function

There is a feature called “swipe up” which is a good way to connect with your followers on other famous social media platforms. Also, when people add swipe up on their Instagram stories it takes them to their youtube channel or Facebook page.

This will create a link to different browsers and convenient functions to jump onto another platform leading to better engagements on other channels as well. 

There are various eye-catching and attractive stickers available on the sticker library of the Insta story section. You can choose any of the stickers according to your picture and likes, this will definitely attract your viewer.

Steps to Add Multiple Photos and Videos to Insta Stories

Steps to add multiple photos and videos to Insta Stories

In the below section, we have got you some tips and tricks that will help you to add your multiple favorite pictures all at once to your Instagram story.

  1. First, you have to tap the camera icon in the top left corner of your newsfeed.
  2. After that, the front camera will open on the screen and your face will appear on it. Just tap the bottom left icon on the screen.
  3. It will open with the picture library of the most recent pictures.
  4. You can select the “select multiple” icon from the top right corner.
  5. Now you can select multiple pictures and videos at a time to post on Instagram stories.
  6. After choosing several pictures or more, you can edit them with amazing filters(just swipe right until you get satisfied with the filter).
  7. You can also add location and hashtags to make it more attractive.
  8. Finally, you are ready to share all your stunning pictures of your story section.
  9. Get surprising reactions to your followers and friends.

Adding Multiple pictures to your Instagram story is not that difficult task. It’s just you have to be active and relevant to this platform to gain more attention and follow-ups.

Now that you are clear with how to add multiple images and videos on one Instagram post, it is essential to track the right metrics to measure ROI

Everything About Instagram Stories Statistics and Analytics

Instagram Stories Statistics and analytics

Instagram has acquired a large space in between the marketer in the world. There are stats on increasing heavy traffic on this platform. You will find the real statistics about the performance of Instagram ads.

A set of data published by the Instagram team about the vast usage of Instagram stories not only by common users but also by marketers all over the world.

Let’s see how these statistics are Booming on the Internet

This strong number can really impact on your usage of Instagram stories. You can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook business page to get the option to see insights option on your Instagram profile.

How to see Instagram Story Insights?

How to see the Instagram story insights


The below steps will help:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the top-right menu icon
  • Tap the insight menu item

And with these simple steps, you can easily find the inside insights of your story.

To know how to access historical data of your Instagram story, follow these steps:

  • Tap the content menu on the insight screen
  • Scroll down to the stories section
  • Tap the see All> link

This will give you insight into every single story. In the layout, stories are displayed as slides and metric is displayed on the bottom. You can change any metric by clicking on the top metric blue word.

Instagram Stories Specific Insights

Instagram Stories Specific Insights

There is some data item in the insights that are very unique to the story format.

Let’s get some important understanding of these most common metrics:

  • Impressions – Number of views on the story you have received
  • Reach – Number of followers who reached your story
  • Taps forward – Number of time a person can tap to skip the particular section of your story
  • Taps back – Number of times a person goes back to the previous story of yours
  • Replies – Number of time people send messages through the send message section on the story
  • Swipe away – Number of times someone skips to see the story of another account
  • Exits – Number of time someone leaves the stories viewer to return to the feed
  • Next story – Number of taps to the stories of the next account

The Last Note

Adding stories has become one of the most effective ways to capture new audiences and keep them engaged. If you are still not using any of the above Instagram story tricks, it’s time for you to bug up and take maximum advantage of these attractive Instagram updates.

Let us know how your Instagram story with multiple images or videos performed for your brand! 

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