Tried & Tested Ways to Merge Two Facebook Pages

Do you know that merging two separate pages can help you attract more followers and increase engagements on the page? Here in this detailed blog, you are going to read about the basics of merging two Facebook pages, points to be taken care of before merging two pages along with some tips that you can use while doing so. Let's begin!

How to Merge Two Facebook Pages: As a millennial, we have grown up using social media platforms such as Orkut and Facebook. Over the years, we maintained relationships with distant friends and relatives over these platforms. Now that it has been so many years, Orkut became obsolete, and we moved on. The ongoing era of Facebook, as a giant social media, began.

Earlier, people used to have a single profile on Facebook. Today, people own multiple profiles and pages on Facebook, which is technically against the Facebook Terms of Services.

Initially, people did not intend to go against the Terms of Services, but the growing requirements of businesses and emerging brands forced digital marketers to have multiple pages and profiles.

Why Merging Two Facebook Pages is a Requirement Now?

Merging Two Facebook Pages

Many wanted to turn their old pages and profiles into a new business page. Some either lost their login details or could not access their old pages as an admin, so they had to shift base to a new page to continue their activities. Owing to all these conditions, people started having multiple Facebook pages, and that led to confusion.

If the audience is trying to find your page and come across two similar results, it will confuse them.

It became difficult for the audience to recognize the original page, and they had to do some guesswork regarding it. To avoid all these confusions, many Facebook page admins have resorted to merging all the similar pages.

Need For Merging Facebook Pages

Need For Merging Facebook Pages

Merging two Facebook pages comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The benefits weigh more than the disadvantages as a single page would end all the user’s doubts about which page is the original one. The question here is, if merging the two pages becomes difficult, to what length would you go to get it done.

There are a set of criteria that you require to meet in order to merge two pages. If you fail to implement those criteria, the results might not be as favorable as you plan. There are ways to effectively attain all those criteria and go the extra mile to merge two pages.

However, if you still do not meet all the required conditions, you can always contact Facebook to help you with the merger.

Basics of How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

The help center at Facebook provides sufficient information about how to merge two pages. The steps at the help centre give you comprehensive knowledge about it. But if you are in a situation more complicated than just merging two pages, you might need to research more.

But fret not; your research comes to a stop. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to help you overcome complicated situations.

First up, you need to have a concrete answer to ‘why do you want to combine two pages?’. It can vary according to the person’s needs, and some of the most important reasons why a person would want to merge his/her Facebook pages are given as follows:

  • You created a Facebook profile instead of creating a Facebook Page for your business ventures. You may have made the profile a long time back, and you did not know any better. But you can fix this issue now by merging your business profile and page.
  • You created two Facebook pages for your business and set the name a little differently. Two Facebook pages of different names for the same company can be very confusing for the audience or customers. Also, it might not be easy for you to merge two pages of different names. Having the same name will help you merge them quickly and effectively.

Two Facebook pages of different names

  • Recover all the admin rights to your old Facebook page if it got lost with time.
  • If people create many fake pages with the same name as yours, you can claim them.
  • List your page as ‘Local’ after merging all the fake or duplicate pages.

List your page as 'Local

  • If somebody is trying to steal your branding by copying your name for another page, you can claim their pages.
  • You somehow ended up with two personal accounts and one business page, which is against the Facebook Terms and Conditions. You must merge all of the accounts and pages into a single one to avoid extra hassle and confusion.

Things to Take Care of Before Merging Two Facebook Pages

Before combining two Facebook pages, there are certain things that you need to take care of, and those are not easy. It would be beneficial if you go through a preparatory stage before starting to merge the pages. The time is taken to merge pages also depends on your expertise.

Claim all your pages

Claim all your pages

Find all the “places” pages created for your business across Facebook with both your desktop and mobile devices. Sometimes, different devices show different numbers of pages that are similar to yours.

Start by finding all the duplicate pages and making a list of them. Followed by that, claim them one by one until no duplicate page is left. Now, duplicate pages are created by fans, which can lead to inconvenience if you are not aware of it, or if the other page does not specify that it is a fan page. But what if you made a similar page for your brand unknowingly and want to merge them now to avoid confusion?

If you want to merge two of your pages, you must make sure that there are no actively running campaigns on any of your pages. Stop all the active campaigns, and then start with the procedure of merging them.

Modify the Info in About Section

About Section

The name of both the pages must be the same or similar for it to be merged successfully. Similarly, the ‘About’ section of both pages also must be the same, including all the other information on the two. If this is not taken care of, you would not be able to merge the two pages.

If there is any data on any of your pages that you would like to collect, you can download it before getting started with the merging procedure to avoid any loss of data.

Merge Your Pages

Now, all that is left is to merge all your pages. An excellent way to keep an account of the original profile is to have different profile pictures. It will ensure that you do not get confused between the original and duplicate accounts.

Things to Remember While Merging Two Facebook Pages

Things to Remember While Merging Two Facebook Pages

  • Facebook does not allow users to access their pages from different devices. To avoid any further issues, you can start merging pages from the device you initially started operating your page.
  • Accessing your page from the device you used in the past will increase your pages’ chances of getting merged.
  • If you cannot change all other duplicate accounts’ data and name, you can contact the Facebook support team for further assistance.

How to Merge Two FB Pages?

Step 1. Go to the link:

Step 2. Choose the pages you want to merge

choose pages to merge

Step 3. Click on ‘Merge Pages’

merge pages

Step 4. You will have a singular page for all your activities starting from now!

Although this might seem like the final step towards merging two pages, it is only half the job done. After you have merged the two pages, your audience will need to know about your original and only FB page.

Things to do After Successfully Merging Two Facebook Pages

  • Get your Facebook page verified after successfully merging the previous ones. Getting your page verified will help boost it among search results. Potential customers will also be more inclined to visit your page due to the verified tag.

Get your Facebook page verified

  • Set your page to ‘Local’, especially if you have many ‘place’ pages, you must select your page to ‘Local’ to allow as many check-ins as possible.
  • Make your page unique with branding, change the cover photo of your Facebook and profile photos, and reinvent your business page. Changing the outlook of your business page will attract more customers, and also engage them for the long term.

What Happens After You Merge Facebook Pages?

  • Facebook will merge all the initial page likes, comments, and check-ins into your official and original page.
  • It will merge all the previous followers of the duplicate and fake pages to your official business page.
  • The reviews listed on the multiple pages will be merged to your official page.

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Steps to Report Fake or Duplicate FB Pages

Report Fake or Duplicate FB Pages

  • Open your official business page on Facebook.
  • Click on the top right corner indicated with three dots-button.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the suggested edits.
  • After clicking, a pop-up box is going to appear with the option of ‘Report Duplicates’.
  • You can enter the URL of the duplicated Facebook page in the given space.
  • Read all the details carefully before finally reporting.

Reporting fake or duplicate FB pages reduces the chances of your audience getting stolen. Also, it is necessary to get rid of all the duplicate pages to avoid misinforming the audience.

Why Should You Invest Your Time in Merging Your Facebook Pages?

Why Should You Invest Your Time in Merging Your Facebook Pages

As a business owner, handling a Facebook page might not be your only priority, but you must take care of your business’s social media engagement aspect. Social media plays a significant role in developing brands and organizations these days.

Several new brands and companies are cropping up with their own unique identity. At times, people try to steal your business ideas to implement in their own set up. With this age of social media, stealing an idea or the name of another brand in its growing stages is very easy.

It is unethical to steal one’s business ideas and brand names, but you cannot stop some people. So, if a person tries to make a duplicate page of your official business account, you must report it immediately.

Apart from that, if your colleagues and juniors are creating pages for your business with the intention of helping you, you can merge their pages into a single profile.

Having a definite official page helps with audience/customer interaction. The customers know which social media page to approach for help and support or any other causes. Having just one page helps customers, as well as allows the businesses and brands to restrict all their activities to one place.

Things to Check After Successfully Merging Two Facebook Pages

The URL of your official page should be the same as your original account. After merging the pages, you must check if the URL is the same as it was previously. In order to be extra cautious, you can check and update links in your email signature to make sure you get the desired URL for your page.

URL of your official page

Check the number of followers after merging the pages. If the pages have a different set of followers, the number of followers will merge into one account. But in another case, if the same amount of people follow you on both pages, your followers will remain the same.

Some Tips to Follow While Combining Pages

Check the number of followers and likes before merging two Facebook pages. The page which has more followers and likes should be kept as original.

number of followers and likes

Change all the data in the about section of the two Facebook pages. Starting from the description, address to the phone number, all of these should be the same on both pages. If you have difficulty making all the information the same on both pages, make it as similar as possible. Pages with the same or similar data are easier to merge.

Find all the ‘Places’ pages of your official page that you previously created. These pages should be similar in order for you to merge two pages effectively.

Create a post and pin it on your official page to let the followers know of all the latest developments. It will ensure that the audience stays updated with the fact that you are the sole owner of the page.

For safety reasons, you can download a backup of the Facebook pages you are about to merge. Having a backup will help you in the future if any important data is lost during the process.

Fan Pages and Duplicate Accounts are Not the Same

As a celebrity or an influencer, you must have seen a lot of fan pages being made on Facebook and Instagram. The difference between fan pages and duplicate accounts is that the former is made by the followers who love you and want to show some respect towards you. As the name says, it is clearly specified that the followers make a fan page of an individual personality to appreciate them.

On the other hand, duplicate pages are created to divert the audience’s attention from the real page. So, such pages must be reported and removed to avoid customers from getting misinformed.

Fan pages cannot be reported as duplicate pages; they are not! Unless such accounts are spreading false rumors or doing anything against the Terms of Service, they are harmless to anyone.


Deleting or merging the unnecessary pages will help you save time on your mobile devices as you would be logged into a single page only. Apart from that, merging has its benefits; combining the followers of both pages lets you have double the number of followers. The likes and comments on your official page remain unchanged, so you do not need to worry about it.

You might have branched out into having two separate pages for various reasons in the past. Right now, organizing your social media pages into a single page helps you attract the most amount of followers. It is because the audience is directed towards one place and not multiple pages.

Combining your Facebook pages is a wise choice for more convenience as a business owner. It will help you focus on the customer or audience interaction for your business’s overall growth. Merging and removing all the unnecessary pages will help you create your own identity through branding with a single page. 

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