5 Best Ways to Turn Email Subscribers Into Social Fans With Bonus Tips

Do you know you can turn your email subscribers into social media fans now? Yes, that’s what this blog is going to discuss. Starting with some benefits of turning email subscribers into social fans, this blog will tell how you can transform your subscribers into social fans. There are top 4 ways to do that, which we discuss here. Learn more about them.

Email Subscribers Into Social Fans: Followers, traffic, leads, and conversions make every marketer happy! For achieving this, marketers leverage all possible channels to maximize the count. If you have a loyal email subscriber following and actively building your presence on social media sites then keeping these two audiences apart means missing a great opportunity to achieve greater social media interactions.

Hence, one good way is to turn your email subscribers into social fans is by integrating both of these. 

Your email subscribers are audiences that are already well-versed with your brand, some might even be loyal customers, and some might be waiting for your regular promotional offers. Almost all the eyeballs are hooked on social media these days, it’s best to leverage every channel to turn your subscribers into your loyal social fans.

Moreover, it is way easier to convert your email subscribers into social fans compared to building a whole new list of prospects.

10 Benefits of Turning Email Subscribers Into Social Fans

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1. This requires fewer efforts to grow social media followers.

2. It is a cost-effective way of boosting customer engagement.

3. It helps in brand recall.

4. Social media is a faster mode of connecting with the audience.

5. Well-Maintained social platforms help in SEO.

6. Better possibilities to run social campaigns compared to email marketing.

7. Mass-targeting is possible with social media platforms.


8. Increased subscriber list also attracts new prospects to like your page.

9. People spend more time on social media sites when compared to emails so it will have a better reach

10. You won’t lose any existing subscribers when the brand is not targeting much via email marketing campaigns. 

Looking at the lucrative benefits of converting email subscribers into social fans, now let me introduce how to actually do it without taking any hassles. 

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Email-image final

Below are the most popular steps that will help you as a road-map for transforming email subscribers into your social media followers:

Top 4 Ways to Transform your Email Subscribers into Social Fans

1. Tap the audience during the Subscription Process

One of the easiest ways is to turn your email subscribers into social fans are during the subscription process itself. It’s highly likely that the subscriber will follow your social media simultaneously once they are presented the links through ‘Subscriber Confirmation’ or ‘Thank you’ mail of subscription. 

Subscriber Confirmation’ or ‘Thank you’ mail

During this stage, the subscribers are still exploring your brand and if you offer them the right message the chances are high that they will turn to your social platform. Attractive and readable messages will help your audience to engage with your content.

2. Add Prominent Social Media Links in your Email

While you send newsletters to your audience, you must offer all your social media links consistently along with the email. This furnishes an opportunity for the subscribers to opt-in following your social media. 

Configure your social media icons

Configure your social media icons so that all a subscriber needs to do is click on the icon to be connected on your media handles. Prefer to keep a dedicated placeholder for social media icons on your website as this helps the subscriber to connect with your social handles whenever they connect with your brand.

3. Keep Experimenting

Try experimenting with email communication. Use messages such as “Explore more on our Facebook Page”, “Check out the catalog on Instagram” or “Don’t miss out on our live conversations” etc. 

email communication

Such messages promote that you are active on social media channels and the subscriber might miss out on what’s new from you. These messages need not be plain sales-type, you can try out variations with a creative twist or subtlety create a sense of belonging for your subscribers such as “Join our vibrant community” or “Stay Connected” etc. 

4.  Make Use of Deals, Promotions, and Contest

To extend extra engagements on social media, encourage the email subscribers by adding special deals, discounts, and updates upon following social media pages. 

All you need to do is come up with an exciting deal and promote it via emails to your subscribers and insert a message which will act as a call to action button redirecting your audience on to social media. This tactic enhances your chances of gaining more social fans.

Bonus Tip

Just as the email subscribers list can be used to build social media fans. The vice-versa is also true. You can always use your social media to boost your email subscriptions as there is always a chance you may have a lot of social fans who have never visited your website. 

email subscriptions

There are various approaches to increase your email readership through social networks. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Similar to the social media CTAs on your mailers, you should provide a subscription button or a link on your email list attracting the audience to your social media handles.
  2. Share snippets of your email messages on social media handle as teasers for your social fans.
  3. Post about discounts, deals & offers being offered to email subscribers exclusively.

 The Last Note

Email marketing and social media marketing is all about experiments and there are thousands of ways to encourage your website visitors and email subscribers so that they like your social pages. This also increases engagement rates and generates trust within your audience.

Also, it helps in increasing frequent conversations on a regular basis. By using all possible tactics, there can be a better chance to multiply the count of social subscribers. 

Experiments don’t guarantee you success, but yes, some of the above tactics will perform outstandingly for increasing your social media count. But, some tactics won’t fit your business strategies so you need to come up with new ideas.

Final Thoughts

Also, whenever you try something new, you must keep a track of tactics. That has done wonders and also has a not of those which did not perform at par. A brand differentiates itself by trying different things and running campaigns to boost its social media platforms. Let us know which tactics worked best for you in the comment section below.

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