Types of Instagram Grid Layouts (planner + tips)

Everyone wants to make their Instagram feed attractive and eye-catching. If you also want to make your Instagram Feed look truly creative and distinct. Here, we are going to introduce 15 types of Instagram grid layouts make for less planning and look great to potential customers seeing your Instagram for the first time.

Instagram Grid Layout Ideas-It is the most famous person-to-person communication application nowadays. It is mainly a photo-sharing platform. To attract new followers and retain your existing followers, you need to have a fantastic feed on your IG.

This post will discuss the most popular IG feed layouts that will make your account stand out and instantly impress the viewers. If they are impressed by your feed, they will surely follow you.

How To Impress Followers And Viewers?


By planning an attractive layout for your IG feed, you can create beautiful IG layouts and attract new followers. Every square is an essential part of your IG feed, by planning each square carefully. A grid layout allows you to choose a template or a theme for your feed.

This article will tell you about the most popular layouts on IG and which ones you can use to create an attractive IG grid for your account. What are you waiting for? Let’s get into it.


This is the easiest one as shown in the figure below. The square grid is for those who like a simple but attractive feed. Just post your photos, one photo at a time.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure the filter and tone of the images are the same, and then you are good to go. Keep posting pictures as you get them, and the great will fall into line on its own.



Just like the tiles on the floor of your house, you have to post pictures alternatively. All you have to do is post a photo and a quote one after another. Like Other IG influencers, you can choose to use different sets of colours to tile your feed.

For example, every second image can be white, or have lots of blank space, while other images can be your regular picture. No matter how you do it, tiles, also known as “checkerboards,” can be used in many different ways.



A lot of IG users use the third IG layout on our list. It instantly makes your Instagram theme look consistent and polished. And it’s so easy to do! You need to (1) pick a type of photo and (2) pick a colour.

Then drag and drop your photos to rearrange them like the image given below. This will give a stylish look to your IG feed, and it is not a very hard layout to copy.


Row By Row

This is a very artistic IG grid layout. It is gorgeous because it looks like you are reading from a book or a magazine. Our eyes naturally look at things from left to right. You can use this layout to tell the story creatively.

row by row

Each row can say to an account. For example, if you are a frequent traveller, you can use each row to show pictures or experiences of a particular journey.

Vertical Lines

With a vertical line layout, you have to be careful about the kind of post you make. If done carefully, this can be a beautiful layout for your Instagram.

One of the most popular layout grids is the vertical line layout, which keeps one of the columns, generally the middle one, a consistent colour or image.

A common choice is to post text on a solid background colour. This helps in keeping a consistent theme for your Instagram feed. To give this look to your feed, choose three styles of photos and post them consecutively.

As you post, they’ll see each shuffle across your feed. The rows also move to create symmetry in your feed. It creates an overall aesthetic feed and will make people scroll endlessly to reach the starting point.



The puzzle grid is the hardest to pull off themes in this list, but it is visually stunning. In this theme, each image is connected to the pictures around it. You will need image splitter tools to double this Instagram grid layout.

Make sure each photo can stand on its own and be part of the more significant piece of the puzzle. This grid looks fantastic after successful execution, just like the picture below.


This might irritate your followers, and they will be puzzled first and foremost when they see haphazardly cut pictures. But it will create an incredible look for your feed and allow you to express your creativity uniquely.

Stick To One Filter Or Colour Scheme

Choose a filter that you like along with the colours of your choice and stick to it consistently to create a theme.

You can still apply the creative techniques mentioned above, but it’s ultimately more important that your images still look like their part of a “family.”


White Borders

If you want a simple and elegant way of making your Instagram feed look good, then this is the best bet for you.

White Borders is one of the most common grid layouts that you may have come across. Adding a border to your pictures is a great way to create blank space on your feed and allow your photographs to breathe.

Most people go for a white border, but you can use any colour as your border as long as it creates an artistic grid. Using bright or block colours will help you stand out. This is the easiest method to create an aesthetic Instagram feed.

white borders

The Alternating Colour Scheme

This is similar to the tile layout we talked about. Maintaining a consistent colour scheme throughout your feed will create an overall aesthetic look.

To pull off this layout, use any two colours of your choice and only use them for your posts. This layout is usually for those users who post quotes, poems, or textual content on their feed.

colour scheme

The Gallery

You have to post three pictures in the same outfit and the same background to look similar in this layout. This is a good Instagram layout for influencers and models. So they can flaunt their outfits row by row while giving a stylish look to their feed.


The Tonal Feed

Well, if you like a particular filter more than others and you generally use it on all your pictures, here is some good news for you. The tonal feed layout is the most suitable one for you.

Post pictures with the same filter and aesthetic look, just like the picture we have shared below. This simple scheme ensures a beautiful layout for your Instagram grid.



This is one of the most difficult Instagram grid layouts out. The images are matched up together in this layout, but they look good both individually and in the group. It’s where all the pictures run across the screen, looking blended into each other but still look good as single posts.

It’s tough to achieve, and it will take more than 10 minutes of planning to pull this off. Try it if you think you can handle all the planning and meticulous details required for this look.


Rainbow Grid

The rainbow grid for your Instagram requires a lot of planning, but it looks fantastic. The idea is to transition every row, or the group of rows, from one rainbow’s hue to another.

At first, you can upload 3, 6, or 9 photos with high saturation of red colour, and then you can move on to the next colour of the rainbow.

The result is a colourful but consistent feed. The Rainbow grading will enhance the look of your Instagram feed, and it will make new followers flock to your account.

rainbow grid

Colour Blocking

This is one of the prettiest Instagram Grid layouts, but it is also a bit tricky. You have to be consistent with the colour choices and ensure that the saturation level is the same in all the pictures.

colour blocking


As the name suggests in this layout, you have to post pictures in black and white filters to create a vintage aesthetic look. Making a predictable look and feel for your image across all advertising is staggeringly significant, so don’t allow it to drop off the radar over IG.

You have to stick to black and white filters to create a consistent theme on your feed. You may be sceptical at first, but it looks fantastic once you have done it to perfection.


Final Thoughts

Let’s face it; no one wants a mundane-looking IG feed. We are always trying to click our best shots to make our feed look elegant. Everyone wants to make their feed stylish and eye-catching, and you will surely learn a lot about some of the most popular grid layouts from this article. We hope this article helps you in designing an excellent layout for your Instagram feed.

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