Useful Youtube channels to Boost Your Marketing Knowledge

As a student, you should do all in your power to ensure that you have the tools necessary to achieve your academic goals. That includes having some understanding of Video marketing and its principles. With the rise of digital technology, getting access to marketing information has never been easier. There are countless online courses, tutorials and resources available for anyone looking to learn more about marketing.

Acquiring this knowledge can be a great way to invest in your own self-growth which will help you achieve success not only during your studies but also beyond that. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – start learning about marketing today!

You can even incorporate what you have learnt into other areas of life for extra impact. For example, by researching various strategies in order to improve your social media presence or learning how to effectively pitch an idea when applying for a job.

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As you have more free time, check the best YouTube channels about marketing.

Dan Martell

Dan Martell is an entrepreneur and investor who offers advice on how to start a business. He has created several successful businesses, including Clarity and Flowtown. On his YouTube channel, he provides valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and shares tips for navigating the startup process.

His videos cover topics ranging from raising capital to marketing strategies. Through his content, he hopes to inspire viewers to turn their ideas into reality.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and author who focuses on digital marketing strategy development and brand building.

His YouTube channel features educational videos that provide practical advice aimed at helping marketers create effective campaigns. He covers key topics such as:

  • SEO optimization
  • email marketing
  • content marketing.

His videos also feature interviews with experts in the field of digital marketing.


HubSpot is one of the most popular software companies for marketers. On its YouTube channel, viewers can find educational videos that cover a range of topics related to marketing and business growth.


The company showcases helpful tutorials, webinars, and other resources that explain how to maximize the potential of their software tools. Additionally, it features interviews with experts who share valuable insights into various aspects of online marketing.

Marie TV

Marie Forleo is a life coach and entrepreneur who runs her own media empire through her YouTube channel “Marie TV”. She provides viewers with advice on topics such as productivity, goal-setting and self-care.

She also shares inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs. Her videos are designed to help motivate viewers and equip them with the tools needed to build a successful business or career.

Adam Erhart

Adam Erhart is an entrepreneur and author who runs his own YouTube channel featuring helpful tutorials on digital marketing topics such as:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • email marketing
  • content creation
  • sales funnel optimization.

His videos provide practical advice that can be implemented immediately in order to increase website traffic and boost conversions.

Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand is a YouTube channel run by digital marketing expert Bryan Neubert. He mostly provides tutorials on various aspects of online marketing such as:

  • SEO
  • content creation
  • social media optimization.

His videos are filled with helpful tips that can be implemented in order to improve the effectiveness of online campaigns.

LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses build their online presence. On its YouTube channel, viewers will find tutorials on topics such as:

  • content strategy
  • website design
  • email marketing.

The channel also features interviews with experts in various fields who share valuable insights into the world of digital marketing. Additionally, it provides webinars that explain how to leverage their software tools for maximum ROI.

With this, we’ve reached the end of our list of YouTube channels to help you boost your marketing knowledge. We hope that these channels have been helpful in providing you with valuable information and insights on a variety of marketing topics.

How to write a research paper on marketing

To a new student just starting out, this may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. ​​There are, however, steps you may do to improve the quality of your research essay. Select one or two primary marketing-related subjects that you want to explore in your paper.

Writer writing on computer paper sheet vector illustration, flat cartoon person editor write electronic book text top view, laptop with writing letter or journal, journalist author working clipart
Writer writing on computer paper sheet vector illustration, flat cartoon person editor write electronic book text top view, laptop with writing letter or journal, journalist author working

After making your choice, you should start outlining the sections of your paper. This might involve looking into relevant ideas and literature, as well as conducting surveys and interviews to collect relevant data.

Next, make sure any essays you write within the context of the research paper are properly structured and clearly written. This can include creating a student contract for grades, setting the tone of your essay and ensuring that it is free from any spelling mistakes or errors.

The last section of your research paper should be a well-organized summary of the most important themes you covered throughout the paper’s main body.

By following these steps, you will help ensure that your project meets academic standards and spell for good grades is not needed as you will easily earn them.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to also check out resources such as blogs, podcasts and online courses for even greater depth of knowledge – there is so much information out there ready to be absorbed. Take advantage of these opportunities and tailor them to your needs in order to gain an edge in the competitive world of marketing.

Good luck on your journey and may you continue learning even more amazing tips and tricks along the way. Stay updated with the latest trends, news and stories from expert marketers around the world and you’ll be sure to reach success

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