31 Valuable Tools and Apps for Marketers 2022

We know that being a social media manager you always have to switch between different tasks but don't worry, here in this blog, you are going to read about the 31 valuable tools and apps for marketers in 2021 that are surely going to help you in executing your tasks with ease. Let's begin!

Valuable Tools and Apps for Marketers:- Do you wish to take your social media marketing to another level? We bring you an exclusive list of 31 applications that will help you to make the most of your social media business account to reach high business growth. 

These tools will not only enhance your marketing efficiency but also make you stay ahead of your competitors. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

31 Best Tools and Apps for Marketers

1. Audiense

Audiense tool

Looking for potential consumers on social accounts? Audiense, a social intelligence tool is what makes it easier. Not only can you  spot new target audiences with the tool but also categories them into different groups. 

 With this tool you are able to understand how your social media users click on your social media accounts. It then lets you track users’ engagement with the help of tracking reports and more. In simple words, you can consider Audiense as a tool for establishing user relationships.

2. Tweepi


Tweepi is an AI-driven tool for Twitter that finds relevant and potential followers for your business account. The tool works in three simple steps, for the first step you need to setup your account specifying relevant #hashtags @users. In the second step the Artificial technology of Tweepi will analyze or monitor  to find your right followers on Twitter. Third part is where you get notification of new followers.

With Tweepi you can gain an average of a hundred followers every day. You can find people that show interest in your social media topics. To target such users you need to engage them in tweets then you can engage those users by mentioning them in tweets, adding them to a list, or following them.

3. OptinMonster


This lead generation tool is power-packed with features. The best part about OptinMonster is that it offers marketers the optimal time to engage with visitors. The drag and drop template makes creating visuals from lightboxes and landing pages to pop-ups everything seamless, allowing you to capture leads.

OptinMonster comprises several splendid tools that boost lead generation; it includes growing mailing list, recovering abandoned carts and more. Now, here is a fun fact, the new update of OptinMonster lets marketers incorporate it in social media campaigns. To do that, use the latest ChatBot element which will connect you to Many Chat. And that’s it, you are all set for sharing. 

Discover Target Audience and Buyer Persona Tools

4. Socialbakers


Making decisions on social media accounts can sometimes be a daunting task. This is where you need tools like Socialbakers. The tool will assist you in decision making based on the follower data. 

It also allows you to compare your social media performance with respect to your competitors. You can analyze the data and make necessary changes to improve your content quality. The tool was especially useful at the time monetizing campaigns. 

You can not only optimize and plan effective budgets, but also enhance user acquisition, retention and more. In short it is a social media growth boosting tool.

5. Socedo


Socedo tool finds you followers that meet your buyer persona. It is a read-time monitoring tool that analyzes people’s behaviour on social channels. It later divides the individual data into multiple groups.

This segmentation allows you to choose the most relevant users for your ad campaigns. Choose a group as per the product or content you post on social media feed. 

Tools providing Valuable Analytics

6. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is an analytic tool for twitter that does some in-depth research. It helps you monitor and optimize your twitter audience. It is the optimal tool for twitter marketers. The tool functions in three steps i.e Find, Analyze and Optimize.

In the first phase the tool will let you search twitter bios to connect with anyone and compare it to find overlaps and also new target influencers. In the second phase it analyzes your followers on the basis of location, bio, follower list etc. This allows you to differentiate your brand‘s relationship with competitors and friends. 

The third phase is optimization, where the tool matches your activities and tells you how much you are gaining and losing in terms of followers. 

7. Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics

Facebook has the most number of active users which makes it the most important medium for marketers. That said, it is vital for marketers and brands to make the most of the platform and gain maximum engagement. This can be best achieved by the analytics feature of Facebook.

The Facebook analytics tool has a comprehensive list of features, it not only tells you the number of user engagement on your post, but also shows who actually interacted and also their location. As there is so much to track on Facebook business accounts, it has far more analytics features compared to any other social media channel. 

Facebook analytics is a must to use tool for any online business, and by any means you run a facebook group, checking its analytics data is really helpful.

8. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tool is used to check the performance of your twitter campaign, check how much engagement you are creating. This includes a number of likes, comments and retweets. This free-to-use tool gives you important audience insight that will help you enhance your marketing tactics.

9. AgoraPulse


Need an affordable analytic tool that covers all the basic? If yes, then this is a tool you will be needing. Along with social media analytic features, agorapulse helps you in running content, quizzes and promotions. Agora pulse is a simple and affordable tool that allows you to compare your social media campaigns with your competitors. The tool comes with a free trial, so before making an investment check if it works for you or not.

Account and Data Protection against thefts and spammers

10. Circleboom


If you are a brand that uses Twitter a lot, this is a tool that needs your attention. Cirecloom lets you identify spammers, bot and inactive users, as well as users showing the low-quality account from your follower’s list. You can either unfollow or block such accounts.

It’s very easy to use to begin with, open Circleboom website, click on the ‘free Twitter analytics tool’ option. Next, authorize your Twitter account and it will automatically analyze all your followers’ accounts.

11. ZeroFOX


ZeroFOX is a tool that protects your social media accounts from wicked hackers that are willing to spoil your brand reputation or want to take control. The tool is compatible with all social media sites and even works for slack, google play and Apple’s store account.

It helps you maintain as well as boost your social media image by eliminating offensive and troublesome content. It also alerts you about fake profiles and scammers in your followers list. Basically, ZeroFOZ is an optimal solution for account security that is also great for public relations. 

Tools that Create Right Content for Audience

12. Tailwind

Tailwind tool

If you are marketing on image oriented social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram, you need to post constant images and content. This is when the Tailwind tool comes handy. It is an excellent scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest that has many added advantages. 

On Pinterest, tailwind lets you pin numerous pins together. You can also upload photos in bulk as well as schedule content on a preferable date. There is a drag and drop calendar that makes content scheduling more simpler. With Tailwind you schedule a week’s pin at once. 

For Instagram, Tailwind offers Auto-posting. Another interesting feature is the hashtag suggestion that can instantly multiply your audience reach on every post. 



If you are interested in finding new and popular content on the internet, then BuzzSumo is one of the best tools to use. It allows you to plug in a topic or keyword and more. Next you get a breakdown of popular trending posts in those categories.

BuzzSumo makes you aware of how social media content goes viral, for that it enlists influencers sharing keyword oriented content. You can utilize these ideas in your content marketing campaign as well as to connect with influence of your industry.


Tagboard tool

Tagboard is a very easy to use as a listening tool as it allows you to make content searches just on the basis of term, topic or hashtag. Simply apply the data and the topic gets discussed online. 

The tool brings on board advanced ways for monitoring brand, product mentions and checking its correlation with your marketing strategy. Also, the best part is, it gives you new ideas for engaging content and tells you about the latest social media trends. 

Make your content Alluring with Graphic making Tools

15. Descript 


Descript is a desktop tool that allows you to edit your audio as well text. Whether it’s a podcast or audio or video file the tool will immediately provide its transcription. The tool will first turn your uploaded audio or video(if applicable) into waveform and the text co-relating to the wave will be visible. 

You can now go to the transcription and remove words or sentences which you do not need in the audio/video file. Deleting any part of the audio will make the text disappear from the transcription. If you wish to remove audio of a person, it is best that you first locate the audio text, highlight it and then delete. 

Description includes scanning features that allow you to find unnecessary words and sounds like thud, umss and you can later remove it from the file through copy and cut method.


Although emojis were introduced in the 90s, it’s only now that it’s use is prevalent. As per statistics 92% of internet users are using emoji marketing. So, there is no doubt that emoji are great when it comes to social media marketing

If you wish to effectively incorporate emoji marketing for your social media account, Emojim is the best tool to use. It is a browser-based application that allows marketers to find the perfect emoji according to any social media posts, blogs, ads or other contents. 

Emojim tool has both mobile and desktop versions with splendid features that get more clicks and taps. There are multiple ways to search emoji on this platform, for instance, you can scroll through the site to find the right emoji or go to the search bar and type in the emotion for which you need the emoji. You can also search emoji by typing the skin color, theme etc.

Once you click on the search icon, the tool provides you with a plethora of options and keeps refining the page until you get the emoji you were looking for.

17. Canva


Canva is a splendid tool for social media graphics, which is loaded with social media templates, stickers, images and whatnot. You can use these tools for almost all social media sites possible. The tool is for all, no matter how big or small is your business, you can create eye-catching content posts with Canva.

One of the best things about using Canva is that you don’t have to be a professional editor, a little bit of practicing and you will get hold of all its features and editing process. Whether its videos, posts, templates, banners, featured images or story, Canva does everything seamlessly. 

Canva is a free tool, however, to use its premium graphic elements and collaboration tool, you will need to buy its paid version priced at $12.95 per month. 

18. Animoto 


Videos are one of the most engaging ways of creating content on social media. Video creation tools like Animoto are worth your attention. The storyboard templates along with drag and drop features makes video creation super easy and convenient. However, you don’t necessarily have to use a template, it also allows you to create videos from scratch with little edition or filtration if needed. 

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19. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout social is a multipurpose tool that assists you in social media listing, analytics and improving user engagement. It’s a great tool for those willing to use minimal marketing tools. 

The social media listening and monitoring feature of Sproutsocial makes you more aware about your audience. It goes deep into your social data to reveal current trends and important insights for you to build optimal brand strategy. 

After you finish social media monitoring and prepare your marketing strategy, the tool will help you at next step i.e content publishing. From content planning to scheduling as a team with cross-network social publishing. 

Sprout social not only helps you in streamlining social monitoring but also to better your responsiveness which is done by unified inbox. Feature rich dashboards along with social media data will boost decision making across different social media channels.



SocialOomph may look like a simple and ordinary tool for social media monitoring, but it does have some top-notch functionalities. For instance, you can upload numerous posts on the tool at once and then schedule it for different dates and times. 

SocialOoomp tool is for everyone whether you are an organization, a small team, individual blogger or anything else, the tool lets you have full control over the content. Manage your content on multiple platforms. This doesn’t stop here, the tool also includes an exclusive feature called intuitive follower analysis that helps you in enhancing your audience engagement.

21. Brand24


Get the insight of users that are actually interested in your brand with Brand24 tool. Whether it is social media channels or popular publishers, the tool provides you immediate access to brand mentions across the internet. It allows categorizing mentions on the basis of positive, negative and neutral mentions and can also spot social media influencers with high numbers of followers.

Content Curation and Scheduling Tools

22. Buffer


Buffer is one of the highly recognized social media platforms out there. It is used by all kinds of businesses no matter the size across the majority of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Although the tool is used for multiple purposes like post engagement and analytics, it is specially great for content scheduling. 

On Buffer you can choose automating posting on the basis of days like weekends or everyday. There are multiple things the tool is best known for like the follow up features which lets monitor your previous post and see which are the most effective or engaging and also their reasons.

23. MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar is a smart social media scheduling tool that provides suggestions for your campaign. You can schedule your old post by recycling it. To do so open your account and look for the content category. Next you will find suggestions for a content category, times to post and more. Select a well suited category and time. After that, the tool goes through each content category. Once the posts are scheduled, Edgar moves on recycling older content.

24. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a hit social media management tool incorporated by tons of social media marketers. The best feature of this tool is that it allows you to manage all your social media channels at one place like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You can efficiently manage your time with this tool. 

Another excellent feature on Hootsuite is ‘Stream’ that will help you monitor and scale across all the social networks. It makes you stay ahead of your competitors by updating you with informative conversation.  

The third tool of Hootsuite is analytic that allows you to measure engagement on your content as well as campaigns. Most of the tools are free on the platform and paid options are quite pocket friendly.



IFTTT is one extraordinary application that allows YouTube connection application in a remarkable manner. The term IFTTT stands for: ‘If this then that’. The tool connects social media sites with other social media accounts as well as devices, creating unique recipes. We know it is a bit complicated to understand and so we have mentioned a few examples of IFTTT on social media below.

  • You can connect Instagram and Twitter and create a recipe that automates a tweet whenever you publish a new Instagram content. 
  • Automatically update Pinterest pin to Facebook Profile
  • Share Thank You message to your new Facebook or Twitter Follower
  • Make your hue Bulb appear everytime you get a new instagram follower

And that’s not enough there are multiple recipes you can make for your social media account with IFTTT and all that for free! IFTTT is completely free no matter what you use it for, just visit its website to find unique app connection ideas.

26. Oktopost


Oktopost is an easy to use scheduling tool made for B2B companies. The tool helps you in all stages of content marketing i.e. planning, curating, scheduling and monitoring. It checks the effectiveness of published content. It also makes you aware of content that is vital for your online business.

Oktopost comprises many tools that help you manage large social media teams. This will simplify a lot of your task when collaborating with a wide audience.

27. Everypost


Everypost is one out of the box tool that makes curating content super convenient. It helps you create intuitive visual content by pulling multimedia from numerous sources like Instagram, YouTube, RSS feeds and more. You can then customize the multimedia content as you like and schedule it on different social media channels. Everypost tool comes with a 14 days free trial, so check it out and see how it works for you. 

Other Important Social Media Tools

28. Feedly


Feedly is somewhat like BuzzSumo, a content discovery tool, however there is more to it, this tool is a content aggregator. It gathers content from multiple areas, it amalgamates absolute reading material and turns it into a single feed you can easily browse in your spare or leisure time. 

Feedly consists of abundant reading material so there is very less chance that you loose on things to post on social networks. However, it fails to offer in-depth matrices like BuzzSumo. 



Every social media marketer at some point needs a tool to shorten their huge links. If you are one of them then this tool is what you should have your eyes on.

Bitly is an excellent URL shortening tool that works for multiple social media channels. This tool also comprises links analytics with which you can check your link performance. You can use the insight to optimize your marketing efforts.

30. Influential

Influential tool

Influential tool is a best tool for those who wish to initiate influencers’ marketing but are skeptical about. The smart matchmaking features connect  business to potential influencers across the majority of social networks. 

The most interesting thing you should know about this tool is that it is powered by Watson and is one of the most efficient artificial intelligence of IBM.

The AI-driven tool will precisely search your social media covering every angle. It thoroughly examines your content to tell you who is engaging with it and how. The more you allow the tool to research your feed, the more you will find out about the interested audiences. This insight will then be used to find the best influencers for your brand. 

31. Woven


Timing is very important when marketing on social media,  it hugely affects your marketing efficiency. If you are struggling to streamline your marketing plan, Woven is a tool you need.

The calendar and productivity application is best for scheduling links to people on a definite time you choose. You can also set group scheduling polls that allow other people to view the times they are available. Hence, you can select a suitable time that is preferable to all. 

From virtual meetings and podcasts to YouTube content and more, Woven helps you in creating multiple templates consisting of different links, setup etc. You can create many copies of the template and also sync these templates with different types of calendar. It will notify you if the available calendars are conflicting.

Woven is a web application, currently available for Mac, Windows and iOS users, the android version is also going to be launched soon. At present, the tool is available free in the beta version.


This was our take on the best tool for social media marketers. Social media is a wide marketplace that allows you to take your business to the next level, hence, to make the most of it you need to incorporate best social media marketing tools.

Now every business is different, so what works for some might not work for others. In order to find the best tool for your business you need to experiment with multiple tools. We recommend you to use free trials of the tool and then decide if the tool is worth investing or not. 

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