10 Ways to Get More Out of TweetDeck

The article explores the ten best ways to make TweetDeck's best, a social media management platform specially made for Twitter. 

If you are a marketer who dabbles with Twitter daily, you may have been searching for a social media management tool. The best social media management tools are good for streamlining your workflow and ensuring your content reaches the audience at the right time.

There are numerous social media tools available, but the best has to be TweetDeck because, unlike tools, it is always evolving. It is an entirely free social media dashboard application created explicitly for Twitter in 2008. 

TweetDeck can be used on macOS and chrome and is quite similar to the Dashboard app. 

Why use TweetDeck?


Some of the significant benefits it offers are- 

  • It can schedule and monitor tweets.
  • Can be used for multiple Twitter accounts at once.
  • Easy user interface.
  • All your DM, trending, planned, and active content is presented in organized columns on one screen. 

organized columns on one screen

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How to put TweetDeck to best use?

The best ten ways to ensure you are using TweetDeck to its fullest potential are mentioned below.

Streamline management of multiple accounts by linking them

TweetDeck allows monitoring of over 200 Twitter accounts for free, unlike any other social media management tool. These Twitter accounts can be monitored from within the dashboard as well. Here’s how you can connect multiple accounts using TweetDeck- 

Step 1– Start clicking open link- https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ and click on log in. 

log in

Step 2– Fill out your account details to visit the TweetDeck platform. 

Step 3– Now click on ‘Accounts.’ you will spot this on the navigation bar’s bottom left corner. (See image below)


Step 4– After adding one account, click on ‘Account’ again to link multiple other accounts. (See image below)

link multiple other accounts

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above, the accounts get added to the column. You can pick and choose the accounts as per your need after this. 

get added to the column

Customize your columns

TweetDeck allows easy customization of the columns to take place. Why is it necessary? Adding columns will ensure you can track anything from saved searches and messages to keyword mentions.

The best part about the customizable column feature on TweetDeck is that you can add any number of columns and rearrange the streams in an order that suits you best. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to customize your columns- 

Step 1– Click on the ‘+’ icon and add a new column. 

add a new column

Step 2– Now choose from the type of columns that pop up and then click on ‘Add.’ 

type of columns

Step 3– Once you have added the column, click on Settings.

click on Settings

Step 4– Now click on ‘General’ to configure the settings. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click on ‘Done.’

configure the settings

Your screen would display something like what you see below once you are done with following the instructions. 

screen display

View any Twitter users home feed

To gain access and updates of any account, all you have to do is add the ‘Home’ column. Adding this column will give you access to the home timeline of any celebrity, influencer or brand. It comes in handy for people whose content relies on curated content. 

You can add a Home column by following the steps below- 

Step 1– Click on ‘Add Column’ 

Step 2– Now click on ‘Home’ and add the username of celebrity, influencer or brand whose timeline you wish to keep track of. 

Step 3– Finally add the column.

Generate a TweetDeck Team

The TweetDeck Teams option was launched by the creators in 2015 and is perfect for businesses to access Twitter handle with multiple members. 

By accessing the dashboard, your team members can easily tweet, take necessary action on tweets,  create lists, add or remove followers and schedule tweets.

But the best part about this TweetDeck feature is that you won’t have to share your login information. So how will you provide access to the account to your team? Follow steps below to know-how- 

Step 1– Open your account and select ‘Manage Team.’ 

Step 2– Now add team members using their username or names. 

Step 3– After this, you will be asked to assign roles to your team members; they can be either an admin or a contributor. 

It is important to note here that the admin or the contributor can make any changes to your Twitter account or gain access without TweetDeck.

Create a Mentions and a Search column

Search column

It is essential to keep track of tweets that mention you or your brand to maintain interactions with those who follow you! Both the ‘Mentions’ and the ‘Search’ columns are responsible for monitoring and maintaining interactions with the tweets where they have mentioned you. 

The ‘Mentions’ column can only keep track of tweets with a ‘@’ sign while the ‘Search’ column tracks tweets that don’t have the ‘@’ sign included.

The ‘Search’ column offers an easy search of tweets by typing any Twitter domain, handle or any version of the handle people commonly associated with your Twitter handle. 

Add a Search column to your dashboard by simply clicking on the ‘Add Column’ option and then continuing to click on search. After this type in the Twitter handle and then add the column. 

Note– By plugging a competitor’s Twitter handle to your ‘Mentions’ column will help you keep track of all they are doing.

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Make a Tweet collection

With the help of TweetDeck, you can create a customizable Tweet Grid. A Tweet Grid allows creating a collage/grid format of selected tweets that can embed onto any website. This will enable users to place selected tweets in a grid format. This feature will be used when you want to share tweets (Yours or somebody else’s) with more people via a blog post or article online. 

You can create a Tweet Grid easily using TweetDeck, follow steps below to understand how. 

Step 1– Start by clicking on the ‘Add Column’ option. 

Add Column

Step 2– You can choose from a column and click on the ‘Collections’ column.


Step 3– Now, all you have to do is select the tweet you like and drag and drop it to add it to the ‘Collections’ column. To get the URL for the tweet, you will have to view your Twitter website collection. 

Twitter website collection

Step 4– You will have to paste the copied URL link on Twitters ‘Publish’ platform and then choose a presentation option that you like best.

display options

After this, you will get a URL that is embedded for the Collection. This can be entered into the website code, and voila, you are done! Collections will update your Tweet Grid automatically without any requirement for an embed code or update on the website.

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Make Twitter lists and edit them

If you are somebody new to the platform, make twitter lists as they provide the necessary insights required to understand it better. By creating a list, you will narrow down content and profiles to stay up to date on the latest news. 

Using TweetDeck will help you in creating and editing lists from Twitter. All you have to do is set up columns that monitor pre-existing lists you may have subscribed to or created. 

editing lists from Twitter

Mute out unnecessary noise

Twitter is a massive ball of conversation, and you will find an array of responses and reactions that you may or may not require. There is a simple way to ensure you don’t see unnecessary tweets about a user ranting about a new TV show without blocking them. 

You do so by muting the user using TweetDeck. Start by clicking on the arrow icon you see next to the tweet of a user. On clicking it, you will see multiple options to choose from. Click on ‘Mute this Conversation.’

Muting unnecessary tweets is an essential step for making your sure your feed is well-curated.

Muting unnecessary tweets

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Schedule your Tweets

TweetDeck offers its users with the benefits of scheduling tweets across all accounts connected with it. Any team members who have access to the account will make changes to scheduled tweet and see its updated version. 

You can schedule your tweets to go up at the same time in the future and mention the date and time as you see in the image below. TweetDeck will publish it without the user having to open the app!

Please keep track of all your tweets by giving them their dedicated column. (See image below)

schedule your tweets

Add a confirmation step

To make sure you don’t end up sharing a tweet which wasn’t thought through or had information that wasn’t meant to be shared, Then add a confirmation step with TweetDeck. You can add this confirmation step to each tweet!

confirmation step

Here’s how you can add the feature 

Step 1– Start by navigating to the Account tab.  

Step 2– Click on the account you want to add the confirmation step to 

Step 3– Drag the toggle towards the right to turn on the confirmation step.

After this, you will spot a new tick mark box at the end of your tweet!

new tick mark box


TweetDeck is a useful social media management tool, and the more time you spend on TweetDeck, the more you will be able to discover it. It is one of the best management tools used by brands to stay active and maintain their presence on Twitter, so if you haven’t been using TweetDeck, then you indeed must. 

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