Top 6 Ways To Engage With Other Facebook Pages Using Your Facebook Page

Facebook for Business gives you the latest news, tips, and best practices for using Facebook to help meet your business goals. In this article you'll discover how Facebook page admins and Business Manager users can continue to engage with other Facebook pages. So, you can use these 6 simple ways for more engagement on your Facebook page. Read on to know more!

Engage With Other Facebook Pages:-Several businesses create and use Facebook pages to build community, use facebook’s free business tool, increase customers interaction, and more. But that’s not enough!  Many online marketers are aware that Facebook pages are great for engaging with potent communities.

It seems like the world is now spending way more time online than before and people are building stronger communities online. 

A Facebook Page is the best way to engage with a community that might be interested in your product or services. You can easily engage with potential Facebook pages, using your business Facebook page.

Here, in this blog, we have mentioned all the ways to interact with Facebook pages, so get started!

The methods below will help you post, like, share Facebook posts and blogs on any Facebook page for engagement, but it won’t help you much if you do not have a good strategy.

Over time Facebook marketing strategies and trends have been changing, also with so much content available now the online audience is pickier.

Brands on Facebook must not post content just for the sake of promoting, instead, provide value to the customers, make sure to greet your audience or initiate with some interesting topic and avoid going straight top advertising your product or services. 

Ways To Engage With Other Facebook Pages Using Your Facebook Page

Engage With Other Facebook Pages


Comments On Threads

One of the most approachable ways to engage with other Facebook pages is through conversations. First, you need to go to the other pages ‘as ’ your page. Now take part in their conversation, go through the question and respond to other fans ‘as’ your page.

The fans will now be able to see the post on which you comment on their newsfeed. So your stay ensures that your comment is no longer hidden on the wall or deleted. 

Soon enough you will be recognised by several other fans page owners. Similarly, engage on influencers pages or any potential page you think your audience will hangout to get noticed. 

Note that the goal here is to engage, so avoid promoting yourself until it’s required or when you are asked about the way you can contribute. Just make sure your conversations are fun and interesting.

Share your knowledge on your passionate topics and soon enough you will have numerous users visiting your page liking and commenting on your posts. 

Like Other Facebook Page As Your Page

Found an interesting page relevant to your business? You can instantly connect with it, all you have to do is like the page ‘as’ your page.

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

business page

Step 1: Open the business page with whom you plan to collaborate or build a brand relationship

facebook page three dots

Step 2: Click on the three dots next to Facebook cover photos

Like as Your Page link

Step 3: Choose the option “Like as Your Page link”

Step 4: A drop-down menu will appear on your screen consisting of all the Facebook pages you handle on your account. This list comprises pages within your Business Manager.

Facebook pages you handle

Step 5: Choose a page you want to use for like, after that click the ‘SAVE’ button. You will now receive a pop-up message saying “The page is added to your favourites”. 

View Updates From The Facebook Page You Like As Your Page

After you like your favourite Facebook pages, you would also prefer to check on the updates from that page.

To view all the updates follow the given steps:

facebook page for notification


Step 1: Open the Facebook page from which you would like to receive a notification.

see page feed

Step 2: Click on the see pages Feed or View pages Feed option, which appears on the left next to the cover photo.

Step 3: For the page that you manage within the Business manager, use the same steps as above, but use the business manager option to go to your page.

Step 4: On the left side, you will see the page you liked and to your right, you will have the latest updates.

Post On The Facebook Page As Your Page

You can post on the wall of a Facebook page as your page, this will show the post in the visitor box appearing at the left sidebar of the page.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook page to which you wish to post.

facebook page

Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu at the right corner and choose one of your pages to comment on.

Post on the Facebook page as your page

Step 3: Here, you can choose to post as a page that you manage within the business manager. To do so click the drop-down menu as mentioned above and select the business manager account from the bottom.

Step 4: Now choose a page.

Step 5: You now have to confirm that you wish to post and to do so, hover your mouse on the profile picture at the top right corner next to the status box.

Reply To Mentions As Your Page

Interaction on personal profiles as your page is possible, but there are only a few chances for that. One of the possible ways to interact is to reply when a user mentions your page in a post. 

You will instantly get a notification about your mentions, so open the notification tab, and scroll to page mentions.

You might think that page mentions already bring notice to your profile and that’s true. However, commenting on the page mention will increase your page visibility even further.

If you do not prefer to keep your Facebook notification on, remind yourself to open the notification tab and check all the mentions regularly.

Share A Post On Your Facebook Page

Share A Post On Your Facebook Page

You can even share posts from your newsfeed to other Facebook pages. To share posts, check if the post is publicly visible, if not you won’t be able to share it.

The tiny globe icon(🌐) symbolises that the post is publicly visible. You can choose to share any public post on Facebook, anything from a picture and Facebook groups to a person’s profile or a Facebook ad. 

Step 1: Dig for a picture that will grab the attention of your Facebook page’s audience.

Step 2: Click on the ‘share link’ on that post.

five options for sharing

Step 3: You will have five options for sharing, here you have to select the second option i.e Share…

Step 4: Now choose where you wish to share the post i.e on your profile or on a specific Facebook page.

share post on specific page

Step 6: Next you have to choose a Facebook page where you prefer to post, the list will include pages within the Business manager.

If the post you are sharing has a link or status in it, you may see an option of sharing the original post. Sharing an original post will feature a link to the author or group. It will also feature the author’s comment and link to the blog which is the source of discussion.

Now you can choose how you want to share the original post. You have the choice to uncheck the author’s credit, you can also add or remove group mentions, comments and links to the article.

After you make your preferences, you can add status to the post and then share the post on your selected Facebook page.


That’s all Folks! Use these steps to engage with potential Facebook pages and bring more visibility to your business. We hope this blog comes to your assistance. After you try these steps, do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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