How to Use Embedded Tweets to Help Your Business?

In this article, we try to explain how you can embed tweets to a website. We’ll also tell you the ways to improve your tweet engagement and pros/cons of embedded tweets. Go through our article and learn every topic in depth.

How to Use Embedded Tweets: Social media plays a big role in the world today, be it in the commercial or private sector. End customers, as well as businesses, make use of various social platforms to either be connected with others or to pitch in new products and ideas.

And while Facebook and Instagram have been the center of brand promotions and advertisement, Twitter has been a relatively less sought-after social platform. So, even though paid promotions and marketing campaigns are off-limits here, organic advertisement is possible.  

Influencers and brand ambassadors post promotional tweets and the same can be embedded on other websites to increase the exposure. These tweets and followed up embeds can have links to pages or products.

How to Embed a Tweet?

How to Embed a Tweet?

Embedding tweets on websites is very common these days, especially in the news media. You will often find news and other forms of journalism blogs embedding tweets from public figures, celebrities, politicians, government departments, etc., as content to support their reports. This is done via a ready-made coding snippet available from

In order to embed tweets on websites, you have to be logged in on a desktop browser and not the mobile app.

Check out the steps to do it:

  1. Open the tweet you want to embed
  2. Look for the small down-arrow symbol on the top right
  3. Click on it for a drop-down
  4. You will get a code snippet, which you have to paste in the backend of the website
  5. The code needs to be pasted in the HTML version of the post

Some Ways to Use Embedded Tweets

Build a Reputation with Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Building up reputation is one of the primary intent that businesses have with respect to using Twitter. Both influencers, as well as popular brands, use the platform to stay connected with their customers and prospects.

A lot of brands embed tweets from their customers or clients within their website as testimonials. This is a great way to encourage positive branding as well as manage the ORM (online reputation management).

Encourage Your Retweets


Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms and encourages users to make posts very often. A well-known celebrity or influencer makes around 3-4 tweets on average a day, and the same goes for big brands as well.

Keeping the active user-base in mind, the most effective Twitter handle-management includes making the tweets more interactive. This way, your audience will be enticed to retweet (share) your tweets.

Supporting Statements Tweets

Supporting Statements Tweets

Embedded tweets are an excellent way to establish the credibility of your posts. People might often think that you might have made up something that you have posted. In such cases, embedded tweets are a great way to cite sources and quotes and establish the fact that your post contains correct and valid information and is not simply speculation. 

Tweets from a reputable source can establish the credibility of your post and solidify your content very effectively. While a post without citing any sources may lead to the question, “Is this even true?” among readers, a tweet with a supporting statement from a reputable source can make readers ask, “what must be done about this?” and drive them towards the services offered by your business.

Increase Traffic with a Tweet Chat

Increase Traffic with a Tweet Chat

Another extremely efficient and effective way to use embedded tweets is increasing traffic to your site with the use of tweet-chat. You can host a Twitter chat on your website with the help of embedded tweets. In fact, you can advance embedded tweets and make use of embedded widgets. 

Let us take a look at how to add an embedded widget and increase overall traffic on your website. Let’s say we want a Twitter chat with the hashtag #digitalmarketing.

  1. On Twitter, search for the hashtag #digitalmarketing
  2. Change the filtering to ‘All tweets’, and click on the Settings wheel icon
  3. Then select the option “Embed this search”
  4. Configure your widget, and make sure that you have turned on the safe search mode to keep the conversation PG
  5. You must also keep the refresh rate low on these widgets

Event Promotion

Promote Your Event on Twitter

If you want to use embedded tweets for your business, event promotions are a great way to use relevant widgets. You can use these for both event marketing as well as displaying tweets from an ongoing event. This can surely spark interest among visitors on your website.

Although, you must also consider that when you are using these tweet widgets on your website, all tweets containing the relevant items will be displayed. Along with that, you must also keep in mind that even though Twitter automatically removes any sensitive information and profanities, any negative responses or spams won’t necessarily be removed.

So it is imperative for you to check out the discussions and the comments of people before you display them on your website.

Create Twitter Engagement for Blogs

Twitter Engagement for Blogs

Another excellent use of embedded tweets is the creation of Twitter engagement for blog posts. If you are wondering how to increase Twitter engagement and get extra tweets for your blog content, here is how you can do it.

  • Search Twitter for the URL of the target blog post/s
  • Change the filtering to ‘All’
  • Click the settings wheel icon and embed the search
  • Embed the search somewhere in your blog post
  • Right below the embedded widget, inform users about the way they can click on the area and compose a new tweet, add a comment about the post
  • Include the link of the comment so that the tweet shows up in the widget

This will enable a completely new way for people to engage with your targeted content (blog posts) and also result in an increased number of tweets for the post!

Promote Your Twitter Wall

Promote Your Twitter Wall

Promotion of your Twitter wall is a key way to stay relevant and retain the reach of your profile. If you want more exposure and a larger set of audience for your business, make sure you promote your Twitter wall with the help of embedded tweets on your website.

Ensure that all the important and essential information is displayed and this will surely interest the audience and visitors of your website. Promoting your wall is an effective way to increase the reach and overall traffic on your website.

Examples of Embedded Content

Embedded Content

Now that we are through the parts of embedding tweets efficiently on your website and have also discussed how embedded tweets can help your business, let’s talk about some instances of embedded Twitter content. There are various examples of embedded content that can help understand the importance of embedding tweets for the growth of your business.

If you are wondering how it is done, let’s take a look at some of the useful and effective ways of using embedded tweets on your website.

A Social Proof for Your About Page

A Social Proof for Your About Page

A good ‘About’ page is very important to establish reliability and credibility of your Twitter handle. That being said, let’s take a look at Jason Acidre’s About page.

This is a very good example of using embedded Twitter content in the right proportion to carry the right message to the target audience. The page is not over-done and is yet very convincing.

Recapping Your Old Twitter Chats

It is said that old is gold. This proverb is true in the case of embedded Twitter content as well. You must surely consider recapping your old Twitter content and chats through an appropriate platform. Twitter chats are usually re-capped through apps, like Storify and other similar apps that make it extremely easy, convenient and helps take your message one step ahead.


You can also write original summaries of the Twitter chats, which might seem to be a little hectic and complicated but is pretty effective. Alternatively, you can write your own article where you can vividly explain the topics of discussion during the chat.

You can also embed selected tweets and make the blog post more engaging for readers and visitors on your website.

User Reviews for Products You Feature

User Reviews for Products You Feature


It is not breaking news that tweets are used for testimonials by several businesses. Unfortunately, only a few people make use of embedded tweets to showcase other opinions (both good and bad) about products they feature and discuss on their blogs. User reviews for products you feature is a great way to increase the popularity of your products right in the middle of the city. 

If we want an example of how embedded tweets can be used for user reviews, we can talk about Site Geek. The company posted tweets next to more traditional user reviews to provide more opinions about each of these hosting companies.

These tips and examples show how embedded tweets can be used to ensure the success of your business and a sustainable rise in the number of customers in the region.

Now, let us take a look at some ways how Twitter content can be embedded on your website or blog posts.

  • Manual curation of tweets by the embedding of the Storify chapters

Manual curation of tweets


  • The GetKudos curated tweets widget can be in-line or floating, but it is not indexable content
  • Be it your own tweets, tweets from any Twitter list, in your favourites or any search results, embedding live conversations from Twitter is very simple and effective
  • Make use of screenshots and Twitter quotes as an overlay
  • Embed timelines

Pros & Cons of Embedded Tweets for Businesses

Everything has its own perks and cons. Similarly, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of embedding tweets for businesses. While we have discussed all aspects of embedding Twitter content on your website for the growth of your business, you must be aware of the positives and drawbacks of embedded tweets for your business.

Let us take a look at some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of embedding tweets on your posts or website.

Pros of Embedded Tweets

  1. Encourage people to communicate. Embedding tweets make more interactive and engaging content that will also encourage users to retweet them
  2. Blog inspiration
  3. Positive comments
  4. Increase interactions
  5. Testimonials
  6. You can automate to save time
  7. Easy to track data
  8. Ideal for collaborations
  9. Convincing content and improved credibility

Cons of Embedded Tweets

  • Hard to build a following
  • Distracting and addictive
  • Very noisy
  • Twitter may disable the “Embed Tweet” option
  • Tweets that you have embedded may be removed by the respective authors

Use Embedded Tweets for Your Business More Responsibly!

Along with these pros and cons of embedded tweets for your business, here are some tips to eliminate the risks of embedding tweets and using them more responsibly for sustained and long-term results.

  • Embed tweets to support your post. Do not try to replace your post with embedded tweets only. If you are embedding a certain tweet, first explain what it says in your own words and then embed it or vice versa. This will keep it relevant and useful even if the embedded tweet is removed.
  • Moderate embedding is the best way to go. This means that you must not embed too much. It can lead to multiple complications and slow your page down.

Moderate embedding

  • If Twitter goes dark, too many embedded tweets will make the page filled with errors. The ideal recommendation from experts is using a maximum of 2 embedded tweets per article.

Final Words

Tweets are a great social media instrument that can help increase the overall traffic of your website and the reach of the business site as well. Among many other techniques, embedding tweets on your site or posts for your businesses is a really effective and efficient way to increase the popularity and credibility of your posts.

You should make a well-informed and a perfectly optimized embedding strategy by making use of all the above tips and tricks and keeping in mind of all the factors we have mentioned. This will ensure that embedding tweets for your business will be a cakewalk to success!

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