What Could Blackjack Gaming Look Like In 20 Years?


As technology plays a vital role in casino gaming innovation, newer ideas and creations emerge every year, with many having the potential to disrupt the whole dynamic of the industry as we know it. The latest technological advances of the last 18 months can’t be ignored.

Although 20 years is a long time, many of these ingenious changes are starting to shape how casino operators and blackjack game designers are piecing together their long-term business plans.

Cryptocurrency Blackjack Casino Gaming

Although the cryptocurrency market has experienced three bull runs since the original design of the innovative digital payment system back in 2008, it remains on the fringes of the gambling industry.

There are multiple reasons why thousands of people have decided to move from traditional currency casinos and chosen Bitcoin casino games as their number one way to play blackjack.

For those unfamiliar with the nature of blackjack with Bitcoin, it operates in the same ilk as a blackjack game at a traditional casino. The only difference is that you use your digital assets to place your bets, as you would if you used dollars or other currencies.

As cryptocurrency casino gaming doesn’t require your bank to get involved in any deposits or withdrawals, any deposits are seamless and are guaranteed on the blockchain. It is, of course, the blockchain that ensures any cryptocurrency transactions are verified, secure, and immutable.

In addition to this security, which negates the need for a bank, cryptocurrency casinos don’t hold onto your personal information, so if they’re victims of a cyberattack, there’s no personal information that criminals can use maliciously.

Due to this enhanced security and convenience for many people who invest or trade digital assets, barring any draconian law or legislative changes, cryptocurrency could play a significant role in online blackjack gaming.

Virtual Reality (VR)

As the world’s biggest companies make significant investments in new technology, one of the stand-out sectors over the last couple of years has been Virtual Reality.

While it might have been eclipsed by the explosive growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout 2023, VR has made some colossal inroads into new, uncharted terrain within the gaming industry since 2021.

Meta and Apple are two tech giants that have injected more money and excitement into the industry. Whenever companies of this size show interest in a burgeoning tech sector, it also results in several other companies paying attention.

Apple wheeled out their multi-billion dollar VR headset idea recently, leading to a number of venture capitalists and other significant investors putting more of their money, time, and energy into the VR industry, including the casino sector.

Land-based casinos still attract a specific type of gambler due to the feel and aura they have. However, a VR casino idea, if executed correctly, could aim to take the whole concept of a land-based casino and deliver it to people from home.

Casino companies have been exploring the idea of being able to place your VR headset on and sit down at a table as though you were in a physical casino. As billions of dollars plow into this sector, this technology could quickly ramp up in sophistication. Twenty years from now, it could be a pivotal change we see in online blackjack gaming.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The emergence of ChatGPT took the world by storm at the end of 2022. It continues to grab headlines across the globe due to the astonishing potential it has showcased in such a limited amount of time.

All businesses have used AI, whether it’s basic tasks like sending out e-mail marketing information or in blackjack gaming, where AI tools are able to break down betting patterns quickly and allow casino companies to gain clarity on how people place their bets.


Again, like VR, AI has seen a staggering level of interest, both from a monetary perspective and a total crossover into popular culture. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, recently launched his own AI-based company. Given that such wealth and interest are honing in on the sector, this inevitably leads to other industries paying close attention.

AI could take the shape of virtual live dealers to replace humans or AI bots that sit at the table and play blackjack next to you, whether you’re online or in a land-based casino.

This may sound like a farfetched idea, but with the speed at which AI is moving, there could be many sharp changes to multiple industries, and the casino industry could easily be one of them. With so much money at stake in the AI and the casino industry, designers and casino operators will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to find ways to bring the two sectors together so that they can work in unison and help each other develop.


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