Why Are My Twitter Videos Not Playing On Chrome?

If your Twitter videos are loading on your mobile app but not on your Chrome, there are some of the reasons behind it. In this blog, we will share reasons for why Twitter videos not playing on chrome and ideas to overcome these issues.Read on to learn more!

Twitter Videos Not Playing On Chrome:-Do you confront the display –“video could not be played” every time you play a Twitter video? Indeed it is a frustrating experience to encounter such a playback error. Usually, the Twitter videos auto-plays as you scroll down your Twitter page.

If your videos spot an error while playing, then there must be a backend issue. According to the HubSpot report, 4 out of 5 users use Twitter to follow brands and companies.

In this way, you must be missing out on multiple impressive posts and information due to the playback trouble. If you want to get rid of this frustrating error, this article is the ultimate solution. 

Here is an all-inclusive guide to comprehend and resolve your trouble. As aforesaid, there is a wide array of reasons and faults that lead to the inability to play Twitter videos. Therefore it becomes essential to spot the precise cause to find an appropriate solution. 

The following are the most probable reasons that might be hindering you from playing videos on Chrome

Why Are The Videos Not Playing On Crome? Let’s dive into the problems!

Twitter Videos Not Playing On Chrome

1. Internet Connection

Internet Connection

A problematic network connection is the most notorious culprit for the improper functioning of platforms. This issue intensifies for platforms that work via the internet. A weak internet connection can be ground for your backend fault.

You must check the connectivity settings of your device to scan your network. If the strength is not dependable, try switching to a better one.

2. Cookies And Cache

Cookies And Cache

Cookies and Cache can be a potential cause for your inability to play Twitter videos in Chrome. Cookies store information about you and keep track of sites you are logged in. A cache is a place where your browser stores code, images, and files. 

This storage is to avoid reloading the information, as mentioned earlier repeatedly. The cache saves bandwidth and speeds up our browsing. That indeed is beneficial. But do not forget, it can create backend issues as well.

One such issue caused by cookies and cache can be barriers in playing a Twitter video. To keep your device healthy, always manage your cache and cookies. 

3. Twitter App Issues

Twitter App Issues

This sounds weird, right! But it is true. Sometimes, the Twitter app on the device can cause playback troubles. You must have encountered a situation where you hear the sound, but the video does not play.

In such a scenario, consider uninstalling your Twitter app. Subsequently, reinstall the app from the play store. A vital aspect is always to keep your app updated.

4. Old Browser

Old Browser

How long has it been since you updated your browser? Well, it is the most relevant question that needs to be considered.

An old browser is often incompatible with Twitter video formats. Click on the three dots on the left side of the browser. If an update option is displayed, then your browser needs to be updated.

5. Chrome Plugins And Extensions

Chrome Plugins And Extensions

Are you able to play your videos on other browsers but not Chrome? If yes, then it is time to manage your extensions. You need to delete every Chrome extension and reload your Twitter page. 

To manage the extensions, click on three dots on the right side of your address bar. Click on “More Tools” and select “Extensions”. This will display a list of extensions to manage. Sometimes, the security software of plugin and firewall options can also lead to video playing issues.

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6. Incompatible Video Format

Incompatible Video Format

Does the scenario involve the issue of playing only a specific video? In such cases, you must check the compatibility of your video format with your device. 

The compatibility issue frequently results in an error while playing videos. MP4 video format in H264 format and A64 audio on the web are compatible to run on Twitter.

Ensure you have a proper video format. In such situations, consider copying the link and load the video using a reliable video downloader like Circle boom Twitter video downloader.

7. Browser’s Flash

Another striking error aspect can be the browser’s flash. If you have not enabled your flash, it results in a hindrance while playing video on Chrome.

Log in to Twitter to check the status of your flash, go to the lock shape icon on your address bar. To avoid any trouble while playing the video, unblock the flash.

Troubleshooting Ideas To Overcome The Playback Issues

Troubleshooting Ideas

Once a proper analysis of the cause is performed, it becomes easier to fix the error involved in your Twitter video playback. Here is a comprehensive guide that supports you in resolving your backend issue. 

1. Browser Related Issue

Browser Related Issue

If the cause of the error lies in browser-related issues, you must strive to keep your Chrome healthy. Wait! It does not take a lot. You need to follow the given steps to troubleshoot it:

Step 1: Restart the browser after removing all the running web pages. Come back to the video to check if it is playing.

Step 2: In your browser, navigate the settings, click on “About Chrome” and make sure to update your browser.

About Chrome

Step 3: Make sure the flash of your browser is enabled. Go to the address bar and unblock your flash.

unblock your flash

Step 4: As discussed in the causes, your cookies and cache can lead to blunders. That is why you need to liberate your browser. To clear the cookies, go to the “Chrome settings menu”, and click on cookies.

Chrome settings menu for cookies

Step 5: Now, select “search twitter” and clear the cookies. To clear cache, go to settings, select Twitter. Lastly, click on “clear cache”.

2. Android Related Issues

Android Related Issues

If you fail to play your Twitter videos on your Android, then the following solutions will help you overcome the errors.

Check Your Network 

wireless networks

It is highly recommended to have a strong network while using any social media platform. The same rule goes for Twitter. The first step to deal with the network is to restart your phone.

Later, go to settings, click on “wireless networks” in the menu. In case you are using Wi-Fi, then switch to the mobile network to check whether it works for you or not. 

Make sure to check signal strength. Click on “about phone status” displayed in the menu of settings and check your signal strength. 

Reinstall The App 

install twitter


If your app is not up to date, then the prime troubleshooting method to resolve the playback issue is to uninstall the Twitter app and download it again.

To reinstall, go to the play store and search the “Twitter” app. Click on the install app and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the “accept” button after installation. 

You can also consider updating your app. In outdated versions, several errors, including video playback can pop up. To update the Twitter app, go to the play store, click on my apps and games.

Now search Twitter in the search bar and click on update. This procedure will assist you in resolving any fault due to an outdated version. 

Launch Mobile Phone Browser 

Launch Mobile Phone Browser 

Even in the updated app, the error pops up? If yes, then it’s time to launch the mobile phone browser. Click on Chrome and log in to your Twitter account via “mobile.twitter.com. Now try to play the problematic video again.

3. Issues Related To iPhone and iPad

If an iPad or iPhone user encounters difficulty playing Twitter videos, it could be because of several reasons: the Twitter app itself, the iOS software, Wi-Fi connection, or Twitter servers. Let’s find troubleshooting ideas for all of them. 

The Twitter App 

The Twitter App 

Sometimes, the Twitter app creates errors while using it on an iPad or iPhone. Firstly, clear all the background apps.

Numerous apps running create memory load, which in turn can cause faulty functioning of apps. Uninstall and reinstall the Twitter app and make sure that you use an updated version. 

iOS Software 

iOS Software 

You must ensure that the iOS software is updated and compatible with the applications working on it. To update your ios software, connect your phone to a strong Wi-Fi connection and plug it into a power supply.

Go to settings, click on “software updates”, and select install to update the latest version of the software. 

Faulty Wi-Fi Connection

Faulty Wi-Fi Connection

To tackle errors related to Wi-Fi, turn it off for 2-3 seconds and turn it on again. It helps in improving the signal strength. Try to fix the issue by forgetting the Wi-Fi network and reconnecting to it. You can also reset your network.

To do so, go to settings, click on “general”, select “reset network setting”, and click on “set to default”. These procedures will tackle your problem if its origin is the network connection.

Twitter Server  

Outdated Twitter log-in servers can also be a potential reason for issues encountered in Twitter video playback. You should go for a quick fix of the antenna to overcome the faulty server issue.

Pro Tip – You can use reliable third-party software like Wonder share Recoverit video recovery. It aids in recovering deleted files, videos, emails, etc. It also provides a broad range of compatibility with more than 1000 formats. 

Concluding Remarks

You may face the inability to play Twitter videos on Chrome, Android, or iPhone on account of several reasons. The most familiar causes are faulty network or Wi-Fi connection, cookies and cache, outdated app, blocked flash, browser extension, or even incompatible video format. 

We hope that this article assists you in spotting the exact reason and applying the accurate solution. Let us know which troubleshooting idea worked for you in the comment section below.

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