Youtube Analytics: A Simple Guide to Tracking the Right Metrics

Tracking YouTube analytics is an important part of any YouTube marketing strategy. The data collected from the analytics helps a business in designing its marketing strategy in a very efficient way. This blog carries a step by step guide for using Youtube analytics with some important metrics that should be considered.

Gone are the days when doing business was limited to a physical shop, and transactions were completed with an essential contact of sellers and buyers. When increasing the online presence of your brand, almost all the transactions are completed over the internet. Here is the best guide for youtube analytics.

With this, there is a massive shift in marketing techniques adopted by the business. One of such methods adopted by various brands to market their products is creating a Youtube channel. This is the second most used search engine and one of the most effective places to market your product.

How to Use Youtube Analytics?

youtube analytics

Needless to say, you will want to make the most of your Youtube channel and understand who your audience is and how they are engaging with your videos.

To have a piece of complete knowledge on all these aspects, Youtube Analytics is a valuable tool that will give you the absolute scenario of your audience and what videos you should upload to cater to their needs.

Youtube Analytics is the best tool to give you a piece of complete information about watch time, demographics, the device used to watch the video, audience retention, traffic collection sources, and much more.

Step by Step Guide to Use Youtube Analytics

1. Sign in to your Youtube Account 

2. Click on your profile picture

3. Click on “ Creator Studio”

4. A menu will pop-up on the left side, click “Analytics.”

5. Choose the report you want to see.

Step by Step Guide to Use Youtube Analytics

Overview Tab will give you a quick check on the performance of your channel. Every category under this tab has a dedicated page and will provide a detailed assessment of every aspect.

Youtube Analytics can be used for three primary purposes: Revenue Reports, Watchtime Reports, and Engagement Reports. You can find some of the essential statistics, such as views, retention, etc. under watch time reports.

1. Youtube Analytic: Watchtime Report

This group will give you a detailed assessment of your audience, watch time, devices used, etc. we have compiled some exciting features you can get here.

Youtube Analytic: Watchtime Report

Watch Time

Views are an essential part of considering the success of a youtube video, but alone, opinions can not be found. Video earns a view only if it is viewed for 30 seconds. Watch time is the total time that people spend on your Youtube Channel. 

Watch time considers the time spent on all the videos and not on a single video. So if you divide total watch time by views, you will get an average view duration that can be obtained on a per video basis.

You can view this in various forms by selecting from the left column. There can be a pie chart, a multi-line chart for comparing different videos, bar chart, etc.

Higher Average View Duration means a higher rating on Youtube and is an indicator that you are keeping your audience glued to your content. 

Audience Retention

Audience Retention

When you start a Youtube channel, it is essential to be mindful of the type of engagement generated by the videos.

Audience Retention shows how far viewers are watching through your videos and where in your video, people are dropping off.  There are two tabs under this: Absolute Audience Retention and Relative Audience Retention.

Absolute Audience Retention shows exactly the most-watched moments in the video. This will help you to get the highlights of what people want to see.

Also, it will give you an idea of when people drop off from the video. This is again a tool for compelling content creation as you can adjust the weak points in your next video.

Relative Audience Retention will simply compare your video to other similar lengths videos on Youtube.




It is imperative to understand the type of your audience precisely their age, gender, location, etc.

This will help you to create content for the targeted group of audience, i.e. the people mostly viewing your channel. It is also a valuable tool to consider for catering to different audiences.

Playback Locations

This option will give you a complete picture of how are people watching your videos. Is it through your channel page or through an embedded link on the blog post?

This will open doors for new marketing partnerships. You can optimize your ad spends on such websites and blogs where your videos are most watched. 

Traffic Sources

How your viewers are finding your videos will give you a great chance to understand what sources are working and what areas need help.

Types of sources include paid ones such as Youtube advertisements for marketers as well as organic sources such as  Youtube suggested videos. This will give you a detailed analysis of your channel’s reach.

Traffic Sources


This feature gives a detailed report of the devices and operating system on which people are watching the videos. There is a breakdown for all the devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, television. 

Such analysis is important to optimize the content based on the devices used by the audience.

For example, people who watch videos on phones will usually like short videos. Over the past year, there has been an increase in smart TV viewers. In consideration of this, there is a need to modify the content as per these trends.

Live Streaming

You can get various metrics when you go live on Youtube. Click on each video so that you can see the total number of people who have joined the live video, interactions while streaming, etc. Various updates will come, particularly for this analysis.


You can translate your videos in various languages. Under this, you can see which languages are people opting to view the video. You can also check the number of people who opted for subtitles.

2. Youtube Analytics: Engagement Report

This is one of an essential analysis to understand how engaging your content is. This will give a piece of detailed information on likes and dislikes, comments, sharing, subscribers, etc.

Youtube Analytics Engagement Report


Having a high number of subscribers can help you gain more views at the same time it can create more awareness for your channel. Under this metric, you can see how many people have subscribed or unsubscribed to your channel.

This is a measure of the success of your content. This analysis can be further viewed as:

  • Subscribers gained and retained over a period of time.
  • Gained of subscribers, i.e. the total number of people who subscribed over a period.
  • Subscribers Lost, i.e. data showing people who dropped off the channel.

If there is a significant change in subscriber count, you can watch these statistics on per video basis to see which video gained more subscribers or otherwise.

Likes and Dislikes

The ratio of likes and dislikes is an important indicator that can be used to make sure if your content still appeals to your audience. Your viewers can express their feelings with just one click. You can use this analysis to check if there is any alteration required in the content strategy.


Likes and Dislikes

There can be some opinionated videos with many dislikes. This does not reflect the quality of the video but the opinions of people for the same. 


Comments will give you a better understanding of audience reaction and their opinions. You should always monitor the comment section. This can also be an opportunity to interact with your audience and increase engagement.

You need a well-monitored comment section to ensure there are no spam comments, and your channel provides a safe environment.


Here you can check out the total number of shares as well as shares on individual videos. You can ask your subscribers to share the video and check the platforms on which the video has been shared the most.

Although Youtube will measure the shares that are generated based on the share button next to the video, your actual shares can be much higher than that.


This report will indicate the number of times your video has been added to someone’s playlist. There are three data statistics under this head, which are quite similar to subscribers’ reports.

  • Videos in Playlist indicates the number of times your video has been added to the playlist by the users.
  • Videos added to the playlist shows the number of times video was added to the playlist over a given period of time. 
  • When videos are removed from playlist indicates the number of times video was deleted from the playlist


Youtube Cards


Youtube Cards were recently launched by Youtube to boost engagement and marketing. They appear at the end of the video to inform the users about the related videos or the products used in the video.

These are clickable links that will direct you to the appropriate location to purchase the product or view any other video.

Under the Cards Metrics, you can see

  • Teaser Shown: Number of cards teaser visible.
  • Card Teaser Clicks: Number of clicks on card teaser
  • Card Clicks: Number of clicks on cards

3. Youtube Analytic: Revenue Report

The revenue report is accessible only to Youtube Partners. To be a Youtube partner, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Channel must reach 4000 hours of watch time.
  • Channel must have 1000 subscribers.

This report will show how much money you are making by way of Youtube:

  • Ads of other companies displayed on your videos.
  • Your own paid ads on Youtube.

Two leading analytics available under this tab are: Revenue and Ad Rates

Revenue: You can see your estimated revenue from the last selected period, revenue from ads. This is a useful stat to keep track of.

Ad Rates: This will give detailed statistics of projected income from Adsense and Double click ads.

Youtube Analytic Revenue Report

This data can also be organized on the basis of geographical location. You can see the most profitable video and use the same for your next videos. 


By incorporating these tools, you are just one of your way to create a successful Youtube Channel for your business. The better your videos perform, the more revenue you can earn. Youtube Analytics are entirely designed to help you get the best results. 

Avoid tracking the metrics just because you can do so; use it to plan your content creation strategy. Use the parameters to support this strategy and create a channel that can brag you maximum revenue and viewers. 

Happy Youtubing !!!

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