22 YouTube Stats that Matter to Marketers in 2022

Knowing the inside out of any social media platform, including its statistics is as important as using them to create visibility. Here, in this blog, we are going to talk about some less known facts and statistics about the most talked-about platform, YouTube. These stats are sure to help marketers to take their decisions. Dive in.

YouTube Stats: YouTube has become one of the world’s most ubiquitous apps, which is the home of short videos that is prevalent in today’s media. It is a young platform’s place where independent content creators can share their work with the world.

YouTube achieved this status and has managed to retain it. The introduction of a range of innovative features to serve creators and users, viewer ratings, below-the-line comments, content algorithms, voice recognition, live streaming have helped it to get to that position.

YouTube has come to serve a wider demographic of content creators. Brands use this platform for marketing, musicians and labels to release music, media outlets to host video output.

Complete Guide About Youtube Stats

Complete Guide About Youtube Stats

Users can also subscribe to YouTube Premium, which allows accessing original content and ad-free viewing. Below you can find out about YouTube stats, which can help you to get your place on this platform.

YouTube User Statistics

We consider YouTube as a social network, given its user-generated content and its numerous opportunities for connection/communication. It is the world’s second-biggest according to YouTube Stats and statistics.

YouTube gets 2 billion logged-in users every month

monthly users on youtube

 Every day they watch billion hours of video.

96 percent of users are American Internet users

YouTube is too much freedom, and very free. So you can see every single person with an internet connection on the platform.

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YouTube works in 80 different languages

YouTube likes to keep its potential reach as high as possible, meaning it reaches at least 95% of the internet worldwide. It also has versions in 91 different countries.

American count of YouTube visitors are more

As compared to India, Japan, China, and Russia, Americans visit YouTube in large numbers.

YouTube usage Statistics

youtube is the 2nd most visited website in existence, according to Alexa – Reports mention that People spend 8 minutes each day on YouTube, and is the most popular search term in 2018.

70 percent of viewers view mobile

YouTube Stats

YouTube’s value is its portability that is why entertainment and information have moved on to couches. It can be visualized on mobile too, besides smart TV or a desktop.

YouTube is the top iOS app

According to Apple, the result shows that YouTube is at the first spot in 2018. It has left Snapchat and Facebook behind as the free app with most of the downloads. For Android, it is in the third position.

YouTube reaches more American (18 to 34) than any TV network

 Mobile also can be included. TV reach has been 76 percent in mid-2018.

59 percent of users have increased their YouTube usage since last year

46 percent of people have been increasing their usage of YouTube. To be precise, 16 to 24 age onwards are using YouTube, and then Snapchat, Instagram in order. YouTube is the best social networking site to invest in to reach the kids and you can bet on it.

For Demand music, YouTube provides it

YouTube provides 47 percent of the demand music content, which is Spotify, Apple Music, Cetera, etc. 86 percent of consumers used to listen to this music. Therefore, YouTube gets huge attractiveness to audiences too.

YouTube Premium is upcoming now and is affecting advertisers. Though it may be a rival to Spotify, must most of the consumers are opting for YouTube Premium.

Relaxation Videos are up to 70 percent

Relaxation Videos on youtube

Surveys have been showing that between July 2017 and June 2018, YouTube reports that yoga, meditation, and other relaxation videos have been trending. This is relaxing, decluttering, and simplifying.

Last Year 70 percent of millennial YouTube users watched a video to learn something new

YouTube CEO announced that millions of people refer to YouTube Stats to learn. Therefore, they are planning to invest 20 million into the YouTube Learning initiative. This will pay the creators to make even more educational content – how-tos, lectures, explainers, etc.

YouTube suggests that brands who have the knowledge and want to share it with the world, this is the right time to start and send it out.

YouTube for Business Statistics

Top ten YouTube stars earned 42 percent more in 2018 – YouTube has been growing its species of celebrity, having the potential for non-trading marketing with macro/micro-influencers. This tops the potential audience to reach.

It has also been mentioned in Forbes that 10 men have earned $180.5 million in 2018, so the credit goes to YouTube.

Among the top ten YouTube stars, five are gamers

It is worth visualizing, how your brand can rise in gaming culture. According to YouTube, members of the gaming community turn to YouTube videos to improve their craft.

People watch 50,000 years of product review videos

Consumers turn to videos to figure out what they want to know or consume. It can be anything like window shopping or even product comparison. People would prefer to watch a YouTube video instead of reading an instruction manual.

Your customers are welcoming customer care open-heartedly on YouTube, as your brand provides more information about products and services on YouTube.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are advertising on YouTube since 2016

YouTube offers granular advertising tools that can analyze your target audience easily.

LEGO, has many views on YouTube

LEGO on YouTube

LEGO’s YouTube channel is outsmarting with both original content and user-generated content. It operates channels in multiple languages to increase their reach. They work towards their fan base to capitalize on existing engagement levels.

YouTube ad statistics: YouTube mobile ads get attention time of 83%

80 percent of sports fans switch between TV along with watching live games. They are multi-tasking. TV ads average around 45 percent.

YouTube competitor statistics

YouTube Stats data shows that the platform reaches more than 18 to 49 US consumers in an average week. As comparatively, the usage is the smartphone, tablets instead of TV, as most of the consumers watch YouTube on these gadgets.

YouTube ads are 95 percent audible

 Comparing Facebook, only 15 percent of ads are audible. There is a sizeable lift in brand awareness, ad recall, and consideration if the ads are audible and viewable.

The revenue of YouTube’s video ad was estimated to go up to 17 percent

For Context, 73 percent of that income comes from American video ads. They will spend around 30 percent overall to $27.8 billion for context-related and 25 percent for digital ad videos.

Youtube has doubled the pre-roll ads it follows

YouTube provides ads in between the videos, and this will be applied to mobile in 2019 also. 39 percent of media consumers say that they are willing to pay for ad-free content, but here the marketers must be concerned and accepting against digital video advertising.


This is all the after results which can be visualized later. But, for your YouTube marketing strategy, one thing will always be the same. That is the QUALITY which will help you out to rise above all. This is also possible if proper strategy is planned out for the YouTube platform.

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