10 Brilliant Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook

promote Content on Facebook: The logic behind Facebook promotions is to take advantage of its broad, global reach. Without getting the information out relating to your blog, your content will never maximize its reach.

It hardly depends on the writing quality, but without readers, your efforts as a marketer will fail. Facebook traffic provides incredible opportunities to increase your blog content as a readership!

It is important to understand Facebook participant behavior. Many users on social media platforms get involved via a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, your blog must present all the information which is appropriate for these behaviors.

Tips to Promote your Blog Content on Facebook

blog content on Facebook

1 – Images on Your Facebook Blog Post Must be Big

If you want more Facebook likes, shares and comments then make your images big and obvious. In this way, you will more Facebook engagements. Facebook posts with no images or photos are not viewed much and thus the engagement count is very less.

You can use full-sized images in your Facebook blog post. This is one of the best methods to keep generating the most blog traffic.

To create a full-sized image Facebook post, upload the image directly according to the requirement. Then link to your blog post in your text.

Tips to Make Your Images Big

  • Upload an image that is appealing visually so it can increase the clicks through your blog.
  • Facebook and blog sites can be analyzed for the success of your full-sized images. If it works best, then repeat the process.
  • Use a short link in your image posts.

Tips to Make Your Images Big

2 – Updates Must be Kept Short

On Facebook, witty updates generate the most engagement and clicks. Keep your updates in one sentence. Many Facebook users are active on mobile, so it is necessary to keep this in mind while creating your text. Make your blog updates short, clear and attractive for your blog article.

Tips for Making Short Facebook Updates

  • Always keep your Facebook updates under 140 characters. This is the needed counting for your text.
  • You can create your update as a teaser for your blog. In this, short one-sentence summaries of your blog, and then post it on Facebook.
  • Mobile readers must be kept in mind.

3 – Ask Questions

Use questions criteria to create excitement among your Facebook users. You ask and they will answer!! Make your questions witty, short and intriguing for your users. Keep your readership in mind, and keep your questions related to your blog. This will put your followers in action.

Tips for Asking Questions

  • Keep your questions relatable to your Facebook followers, like ‘you’. They must be short and easy to read.
  • Use curiosity-invoking questions to get clicks, sharing, likes, and comments.
  • Question types can be – opinion getting, problem-solving or even their personal views.

4 – Use a Short Quote From Your Blog

You can give an idea about your blog post to your viewers. Share some quotes from your blog content, which is mostly shared. The quote can have its flavor, or make it personalized by including a photo.

4 - Use a Short Quote From Your Blog

Tips for Using Quotes For Facebook Promotion

  • Choose a quote from your blog that highlights the main points.
  • Use a quote that generates more engagement and clicks on your Facebook.
  • You can also personalize your quote by posting a photo of the writer.

5 – Skip the Link

Make your update clean by deleting the link in your text. The image and the content of your blog will directly lead to your blog when you click on it.

Tips for Skipping the Link

  • You can keep the update more readable, even without the link.
  • If you are using a full-sized image, then only an actual link is needed.
  • Delete the article link before the blog content is posted.

6 – Lifestyle/How-to Blog Articles to be Shared

Your Facebook followers don’t just want to see your products or service. They are also interested in enhancing their lives. Along with your business, you must also post on how to enrich the lives of others.

Tips for Sharing Lifestyle/How-to Articles

  • Besides sharing your products and services, provide something more. For this, you can use lifestyle/how-to articles.
  • You can include questions for your Facebook followers and ask for their tips or suggestions.
  • Use words like ‘you’ and ‘us’.

7 – Contests Can be Held on Your Blogs and Website

Your followers want to engage with you, and many businesses follow this process by hosting Facebook Contests. In this way, you can generate Facebook traffic to your blog by publishing content, like contests.

Use your marketing strategy to get more clicks, and views to your website. Share your contests by posting them on Facebook. Along with this, you can also show the prizes which will be offered. Include a short link at the back of the contest.

Facebook Contests


Tips for Sharing the Contest on Your Blogs

  • Use interactive content on your blog to get more viewers from Facebook.
  • Promote your blog contests on Facebook to get more shares and comments.

8 – Embed Short Blog Video

Make a short video to show your readers about the authenticity of your blog article. You can also get creative with the blog images. Now embed the video on Facebook.

In this way, your followers will get an idea about your blog content. They will surely engage with your post and click through the blog article.

Tips for Embedding Short Blog Video

  • Make a short video about your blog content.
  • Embed the video directly on your Facebook, and let your viewers interact with it.
  • Make it more personalized and cool.

9 – Share Other’s Blog Content

This is an excellent strategy to get more traffic from Facebook promotion to your blog. Share relevant content from other reputable sources. Use articles that relate to your business.

In this way, it will make your business more attractive and your customers will appreciate the informative content.

Tips on Sharing Other’s Content

  • Share other people’s content which is from a trustworthy source, and also benefits your viewers.
  • Include the link of their Facebook Page.
  • You can generate such sharing opportunities by increasing your network.

10 – Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads


Facebook ads increase your engagements and targeted audiences. They will connect to your blog updates, and improve Facebook traffic. You can start targeted Facebook ads for promote content on Facebook.

Facebook ads need not be very expensive for the required ROI. You can choose the pay per click option and target your ads to reach your specific people. 

Tips for Using Facebook Ads

  • Facebook ads enable you to reach specific and targeted markets.
  • Use Facebook ads for desired traffic from Facebook to promote content on Facebook.


Hopefully, the above tactics will help you out to get more traffic for your blog through Facebook promotion. Therefore, Facebook is indeed an amazing social networking site where you can share your blog and get more readers and engagements for your blogs. This will help your website to grow actively!

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