Best Call-to-Action Phrases To Convert Your Users

Marketing copies without a CTA phrase are way less effective than expected. Here we discuss the inside out of Call-to-Action phrases, the 4 types of call-to-action phrases, the benefits of them, and how they help to increase your clicks.

Call to Action phrases is an effective marketing Campaign tool, which is used to persuade, create a sense of urgency, and raise the level of interest. It can be used within websites, email apps, etc. which ultimately can give big results. A well versed CTA can make your conversion rate and sales reach heights.

Increase Clicks with these  Call-to-Action Phrases

call to action

If nobody clicks on your call to action phrases and buttons, there are no leads and thus no revenue. It is clearly mentioned to use CTAs, which will be rewarding later.

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There Are 4 Types Of Call To Action Phrases

1. CTA’s That Persuade

Generally, marketing is all about persuading the customer on the value of the offer. The certain trigger words that make your call to action are – free, guarantee, results, etc. These words are simple, basic but if taken in a positive manner are competitive in the market world.

Freedly CTAs


Other phrases that are extremely productive in the CTA world are – Free Consultation, Enjoy free gift, Start your free trial, Results guaranteed, etc.

2. CTA’s That Create A Sense of Urgency

Buyers generally find difficulty in making a decision and therefore can get easily lost and never come back. Their mentality can be changed by creating a sense of urgency for the offer. Creating a sense of urgency means using words like: now, offer ends, last chance, today only, closing soon, limited supply etc.

buy now

3. CTA’s That Provide Exclusivity

Customers will not buy immediately because they want to’ shop around’ to see what else is exclusive out there in the market. You can use this trick to create the conversion rate via CTA’s. Exclusivity makes the customer feel special and appreciated, so they will easily sign up for the offer.

These CTA’s show exclusive implementation – Limited edition, Members only, Join the club, Apply for access, Custom made, Sign in, By appointment only etc.

Limited edition

4. CTA’s That Raise Interest Level

Customers generally browse the internet without purchasing anything. Their interest level must be increased so they can give another thought on it. They can easily converse on email communication for further purchasing.

Here are some CTA’s that can help increase the interest level – Visit our office, Read the summary, Watch, Help, Download the checklist, Click to call, Contact me, Email me at etc.

types of CTA

Benefits of Call to Action Phrases

Now after the above CTA’s, it is important to know the benefits of improving Your Call to Action Phrases –

1. Increases Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Time and money are needed to increase traffic in your sales area. A well-executed CTA can increase the conversion rate and turn a marketing campaign into huge success.

2. Reduces Audience Confusion And Hesitation

CTA Reduces Audience confusion and hesitation

A clear CTA reduces the confusion and helps the buyer understand that the time to act is now. The right CTA with your offer will be indeed a great prospect for the customer.

3. Presents A Clear Next Step

After reading the content the customer needs to know what next? What is the purpose? So adding an email newsletter or a membership to sign up will hint towards the benefits of the offer.

In Conclusion

Call to Action, therefore plays an important role in the marketing strategy of a product or an offer. Without such phrases or buttons, no sales can be effective. They help the customer to decide easily and also have their own advantages.

Every Call to Action must be used according to the nature of the product or an offer. It’s not only about Call to action phrases, but a pleasing design is also needed. The best way is to use – Hello Bar to test these Call to Action phrases!!

So, let me know your views or comments, which can make the article really interesting and helpful.

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