8 Free Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video

Don’t worry if you don’t have time and resources to create a soundtrack for your videos. In this article, we have listed websites where you will find the best soundtrack for your videos. Also, you don’t need a licence to use that soundtrack.

Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video: Do you have a business online that you want to promote business in the best way? Well, when you want to have some great results then we are pretty sure that you need to definitely try out the amazing social videos are going to be some of the best options for sure.

There are so many different types of social videos that you can create for sure. where Soundtrack to Social Videos is essential to make an attractive video. When it comes to promoting the business in the best way, there are many different things that you can actually try out for sure.

Visual content is something that can be used in the best way for sure. That is one of the main reasons why people want to use it in the first place. We are pretty sure that you would want to use it as well.

Did you know this? Most of the marketers who tend to use the videos for their brand promotions tend to receive about 41% more traffic than the marketers who don’t use videos.

All of this means just one thing. When it comes to the best of the videos, having the proper ones is really important. However,

Best Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video

Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video


Social media has become one of the primary components of our life? I mean, isn’t everyone present in social media nowadays?

And there are thousands of people who are earning or the least, gaining popularity in social media. Now among all the things that are getting popular on social media, videos are the thing that is making most of the revenue. People are getting paid loads of money based on the views and likes on a video. This has become a full-grown industry now and it is enlarging day by day.

Now when it comes to such videos, do you think it is that easy to just put any video or any video with some background music and get paid for it? It is certainly not so! You must be very careful when you post videos on social media especially with audio in it. If you use any audio which is copyrighted, then the sites immediately will revoke your account. You might even get sued in the Process!

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What Is Audio Copyright?

What Is Audio Copyright


The idea of copyright basically is that if any content is solely created by a person then no other person can use or copy that content for their own work. It is actually like you have something of your won and you do not want to share it with anyone. These copyright acts are used to protect our own work. If you are a celebrity and even you are not, your work is equally important and it must be protected. This protection is given by the different laws of copyright.

The audio copyright works the same as the image copyright, which I think you all are familiar with. There is a certain number of images on the internet with the copyright sign which you cannot use in any form. But at the same time, there are so many variants of the same thing or the same picture which are completely free and can be easily used for your content.

The case of audio copyright is exactly the same. There are songs that are copyrighted and if you put a video of your content using the songs in the background then it is going to bring a lot of problems in your work! You can even face some serious allegations.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Music In Your Video On Social Media?

Now, in order to use someone else’s work in your video on the social media platform, you are going to need the license for the use of the music or the audio. This licensee is actually the permission by the creator that you can use his or her work. But the catch here is that taking permission from someone has always been one of the most tiresome work in any aspect of life!

People just like giving permission for anything and everything. So obviously in this case as well, getting the license means you have to waste a lot of money, time and energy on it. But time is very precious in social media. If you have to wait so much for just an audio clip you can never finish your project on time so is this the only option out there?

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Did you know? Posts with video in them attract 3 times more likes than the text-only posts.

Actually, the answer is no! There are audios out there that can be used for your kind of work and they are definitely licensed free. Such audio can be found in many resources and sites; these sites are like water in the desert. The songs are cleared for commercial use and thus are easily available without having any copyright issues.

You can use any of the music from those sources and use them in your videos or other posts without any fear of getting sued.

Where You Can Find The Audio Without Copyright?

Creative Common is a platform where you can find the audio for your videos. According to the Creative Commons, you can use the derivative of any audio for your business.

It can be in the form of a video or it can also be used for any other commercial purpose. The Creative Commons believes that everyone has the right to use the audio for their own content creation.

Definitely, such videos must have the appropriate credits for the audio but the artists should never be denied to any form of work.

Obviously, a little help is not that bad! Right? Also, you can find free audio for free in some open sites on the internet. Sometimes the copyright holders die and their music is distributed on the internet for free so that it can be used by everyone. So there are some sites pertaining to it which can be used to get license-free audio. Also, there are some other sites from where you can get the music of your choice for free.

Get Your Audio For Social Medial Video Without Any License

What Are The Music Resources From Where You Can Get Your Audio For Social Media Video Without Any License?

These are some sites where you can actually get the Creative Commons music that is license-free. Although the license type of every song is different. So you must be very careful before choosing any song for your video. And also you must read through the instructions related to the music very carefully for Soundtrack To Social Videos.

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Fun fact for you: About 79% of internet traffic will be video content.



This site has original samples that are completely free to use by the other creators. Also, Capella music is available on this site.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

This site was developed by a radio station. It consists of all license-free music and they are completely free. This site has all the songs arranged in an orderly fashion. There are proper genres for all the sings and they are also classified as the latest hits, last week’s top songs, etc.



This site contains an enormous collection of musical sound effects. The sound effects are of various genres and there is a huge number of such music on the site. All the tracks are of different lengths and types. All the music is completely free.

Free Sound

Free Sound

Free sound has a huge collection of sound effects and they are completely free.

Then comes the audio that you can find in the public domain straight away. Some of the famous sites are listed below.



This site contains absolutely free audio and music tracks which can be easily used by the other creators. Now Kevin MacLeod has always donated his entire collection of work to this website. So if you end up using his music through this site then you do not even have to give credits for his songs.



This has a huge collection of public domain music. Music is categorized in this site according to the composer, the instrument used, the performer, the style of the music of the century it belongs to. This way you can get a wide variety of music on this site.

There are some other sources as well other than the ones mentioned above which can be used to download free music. Such sites are listed below.

The YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library

This library provides absolute free music although some of the music is licensed under the creative commons. But the collection of sound effects in this library is awesome! It has a huge database of different kinds of sound effects that can be used for any type of purpose or for any type of sound so Soundtrack To Social Videos became very arduous due to copyright.

Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme

This site also contains a huge collection of free music tracks.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best resources to add some soundtrack to social videos without actually getting sued for copyright issues. Try them out and see the results.


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