How to Delete Memories on Snapchat

Delete/Disable all snapchat memories: One of the most important qualities of all social media apps is exclusively they offer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites offer a profound platform to the users to put their opinions.

Another benefit of these social networks is fun they provide, especially social networks such as Snapchat that has garnered huge popularity since its inception.

It lets you share photos and videos to the world that will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. The posts are deleted from your public story after 24 hours.

how to delete snapchat memories

However, the most interesting thing about Snapchat is that it lets you capture a snap of your friends doing some ridiculous stuff and share it on the social media platform. Also, those amazing video filters take the fun ride to the next level. With baby filters, you can make the face of celebrities and record video and share too.

In the first quarter of 2019, the total number of daily active users of Snapchat is 190 million compared to 186 million in the fourth quarter of 2018. It simply shows the popularity Snapchat is gaining with each passing day.

Know About Snapchat Memories Disable

About Snapchat Memories

We all want to capture good memories in the form of photos and videos to cherish them in the future. Snapchat understands this human tendency and allows you to save your best snaps to the feature called The Memories.

You can save the snaps before posting or you can save them from the story once you have posted. Now, a snap is saved in your account permanently and you can view it as and when you want. All you need to do is to just click on the Memories tab.

Why Delete Snapchat Memories?

However, sometimes, you want to visit the Memories feature and remove those snaps that you find irrelevant. A stranger on a train who no longer exists in your life, a video that is not relevant now, the random photos that you posted while you were overenthusiastic are such examples.

You want to get rid of these snaps and videos and it is possible too. However, sometimes, users get confused due to complex navigation and find it difficult to delete memories.

Delete Snapchat Memories

One of the most annoying things about smartphones is the limited storage space. All of a sudden, you will be notified that your storage is almost full and in settings, you will find that Snapchat is one of those apps that have occupied more storage than other apps.

In such a scenario, rather than deleting the app, it is better to get rid of some data off the app that would work in your favor, especially when you love Snapchat.

Let us help you out to delete those memories you don’t find useful and interesting now. This post will explain to you in details how to delete memories in your Snapchat app.

Access of Memories

Access of Snapchat Memories

To delete something, you first need to access it. You need to have access to the Memories and for a first time user, it is quite difficult to find it. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to launch your Snapchat app and open it to the camera interface.

Once it is open, look at the bottom right corner and you will find a card icon. It is a memories icon and all you need to do is to tap on it to load your saved memories.

Once the Memories open, scroll your finger to view all the images. If you want a closer look at the images, expand it by tapping on an image. The image will open to a full screen. Now, you can swipe left and right to view all the images. Isn’t it easy and streamlined?

How to Delete Memory From the Snapchat App?

Delete Snapchat Memories

Here, we will facilitate you two methods to delete those unwanted and irrelevant memories in the form of snaps and stories to make your app and phone light and functioning. Stay tuned!

First Method:

  • Visit the Memories feature first.
  • Choose a snap or story you want to delete. Tap and hold it to get options menu.
  • There will be three options:

1. Name story

2. Export story

3. Delete story

Name story

  • Tap on Delete Story or Delete Snap
  • The app will ask you to tap on Delete again for confirmation. Tap again on delete.

Second Method:

  • Visit the Memories feature
  • Choose and tap on the snap or story you actually want to delete
  • You will find the options icon in the upper-right part of the screen.
  • There will be five options in the options menu:

1. Export Snap

2. Delete Snap

3. My Eyes Only

4. Edit Snap

5. Send Snap

My Eyes Only

  • Tap on Delete Story or Delete Snap
  • To confirm, tap on Delete again.

One thing to consider here is that once you delete a snap or a story, you cannot recover it back. It will be gone forever. Hence, when you select stories and snaps for delete, you need to take care.

How to Clear All Memories from Snapchat?

You are not done with deleting with some snaps and stories. You have a very limited storage space in your phone and you want to delete all memories from your Snapchat app. It is possible too, but not in one click. Alas, Snapchat does not allow you that. The only alternative is a yet simpler one and quick too.
Delete snapchat

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the memories
  • There is a checkmark in the upper right corner. Tap on it.
  • Now tap all the Snaps and stories you want to delete.
  • There is a trash icon in the bottom left bar. Tap on it.
  • To confirm, tap on Delete.

It is too easy, quick and accurate, isn’t it?

Clearing the Memories Cache

Clearing the Memories Cache on snapchat

If you don’t want to delete Memories, but want to clear cache for an app, it might also clear some storage space for your phone. By clearing the cache for Snapchat memories will make your phone lighter and at the same time, you don’t have to compromise with your precious memories too.

Get rid of all the hidden data that Snapchat has gathered during the use of the app.

  • First of all, tap the ghost or Bitmoji icon in the upper left corner.
  • Now tap on the Settings icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on clear cache.
  • Now, tap on clear Memories Cache.
  • To confirm, tap on clear again.

tap on clear

It is the best way to clear your storage space while still saving your Snapchat memories. You just saved them for you.


We all know about the basic features of Snapchat, almost all the users know who use Snapchat regularly and you have added them as snapchat friends. Features such as sending images to friends and groups, using different filters and others are simple and doable.

However, if you know how to clear memories on Snapchat, it will help you to use Snapchat more freely and effectively.

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