7 Instagram Stickers That Can Make Your Stories Even Better

Instagram Stickers: The most wanted and watched a feature on Instagram. Yes! They are designed in such a way as they are exciting and engaging peoples on social media. The Instagram Stories do have that right sense of social media engagement that will get people to act. Instagram stories are one of the top social media trends.

Instagram Stickers to Make Stories Awesome

Instagram Stories for brands business

Stories can also bring out incredible results for businesses, including continuous queries, doubt clearance, and most importantly brand awareness. Many users look for Instagram Stories for products and services they need.

Now to get results with your Stories, one of the best ways is to use Instagram Stickers to make your content more engaging and powerful.

Below you are going to get 7 Instagram Stickers that will make your Stories attractive and in-demand 

1. Hashtag Stickers

Hashtag Stickers

Instagram Story Stickers are one’s personal favorite. They are not flashy. When any hashtag is attached to your Story, it will be taken to that tag’s feed. This happens when the users click on the hashtag.

It is also seen that there are many options to share, like including your own branded Instagram hashtag, the hashtag of a current event, etc. It increases the wanted attendance!

2. Poll Stickers

Poll Stickers

Emoji slider stickers and poll stickers work out in real-time as you get immediate feedback from your story viewers and followers. Poll stickers let you ask questions, offer two answers from users as well, and also allow users to click on their favorite choice of answers. You can answer what you think and like, no compulsion of any sort.

Emoji-slider stickers allow you to pick the emoji you prefer, ask a question, and then have users move the slider on the scale accordingly. Both these two stickers allow for engagements, which is huge and can create an upgrade on social media.

This certainly proves that how engaged your viewers are with your content. You may need to evaluate again, in case people are seeing the Story but not clicking on it.

3. Question Stickers

Instagram Question Stickers

Another cool feature of Instagram Sticker is – Question Stickers! You can use a question sticker to motivate users to ‘Ask a question.’ Users will then submit their questions from the Story, and you will receive them in your inbox.

For answering these questions You have many options, where you can answer some of these questions in your future stories, by creating a Q & A to keep the users involved and watching your Stories. This will show how immediate and quick you are on answering. People would love if you respond with a Story video.

4. Mention Stickers

Mention Stickers

This sticker allows you to tag another profile in your Stories. Later, you can send it to your users to the profile of your choice. Mention stickers have their features which are beneficial professionally.

  • Establishing a partnership with other business, and using the same mention stickers. This will help in promoting each other.
  • Tagging users with their permission, when they are in your brand, videos or photos.
  • Sending profiles to your users, according to their likes, interests, and need.

Mention Stickers are useful for business partnerships, and even gaining more traffic to other profiles you own.

5. Location Stickers

Location Stickers

Choose the location sticker, and add in a location of your choice. For this, you can choose big, general locations or your specific business location. The most powerful social proof of location sticker is that – when people click on the location tag, they will be taken to a feed of other content tagged. Secondly, this also sends users to a ton of user-generated content.

6. GIF Stickers

 GIF Stickers

These stickers let you add everything be it a ‘Sound On’ icon or a week tag to your Story. These small touches can make a big difference and you do not have to tackle even the animation yourself. GIF Stickers make your Story fun-filled and impressive for the platform. They add that touch that keeps users watching and coming back for more and more.

7. Music Stickers

This is one of the easiest stickers to be used, which helps you in searching for short video clips to add to the background of your Stories. It is safe Music Stickersand approved. It is also free of potential copyright issues.

The most effective feature of Music Sticker is that it catches your user’s attention because of the great music. For making your content more immersive, you can very well add clips of popular songs and artists.


Instagram story stickers will upgrade your stories to their fullest potential. Not only this, but it will also yield excellent results, opportunities, and direct you towards significant actions.

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