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Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: Guidelines for All 7 Major Social Networks

Social Media Image Sizes

Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow in 2019 You have all the amazing tools for creating the best and the most engaging images on your social media channels. You are familiar with the fact that we absolutely love images and visuals. Also, you know how to create perfect images for impressing people. If that […]

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How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?


Average Daily Time Spent on Social Media Social media platforms are the applications and websites that allow people to share their pictures, videos, gifs, snaps, tweets, pins or simply text messages. These platforms are famous because they share content from one point to another, quickly, efficiently and in real-time. Nowadays social media for people is […]

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Everything About Snapchat Marketing

Everything About Snapchat Marketing

We wonder whether you’ve ever thought of using Snapchat as a marketing platform. Amidst the ever-growing list of social media marketing platforms, we reckon Snapchat grabs one of the top spots. Snapchat Marketing: Ultimate Guide This is despite the interface is towards the laggy side and requires a lot of improvements. Still, we have been […]

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