Your 7 Step Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Pinterest is not a social media giant like Facebook but you would be missing out on impressing valuable demographics if you decide not to market on Pinterest.

How To use Pinterest for Business?

How To use Pinterest for Business

People don’t use Pinterest for the same reason they use Instagram or Facebook. Pinterest is a platform that harbours people who are looking for inspiration to create something and people seeking ideas to buy something. This suggests that they wait impatiently for the brands to show what new they have in store for them.

eMarketer conducted a study recently, according to which, Facebook is the only social media platform that outranks Pinterest when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of the users.

93 percent of the total population, yes, almost all of them, say that they use Pinterest to aid their buying decision. Almost two-thirds of the Pinners say that Pinterest is the reason why they know a new brand today.

And it’s not just limited to planning, a promoted pin influenced people to buy that product. Are you still going to hesitate after seeing these statistics?

Pinterest for Business Overview

Pinterest for Business Overview

Pinterest is very different from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so it makes sense that you know these terminologies in advance:

Pin: pin can be an image or a video that you save on Pinterest. For businesses, however, a link is more important than the image. Every pin on Pinterest takes the user back to the original source of the image, a reason why Pinterest is a good source of traffic via referrals.

Boards: users of Pinterest are also called Pinners and they save a lot of stuff on the application, 100 billion pins to be exact. So, to keep this vast data organized, Boards were introduced, boards sort the pins into collections.

Pinners have the liberty to follow either a specific link that you have or your entire page. Then the pins that you will save to board will be in the feeds for everyone to see.

Feed: this is probably the only similarity Pinterest has with other social media platforms. A Pinterest feed is like any other feed of any other social media. It shows all the content of the board that a user has followed.

How to set up a Pinterest Business Account?

How to set up a Pinterest Business Account?

Now, that you have decided that you want to dedicate a Pinterest account to your business, the next step is to actually begin making it. But make sure that you are creating a business account and not a personal one.

The major difference between the two is, the Pinterest business account offers certain business-like features that the personal account does not show. The business account of your Pinterest will show you the analytics of your advertisements.

Now, if you already have a personal account then it is very easy to convert it into a business one. There is some additional information that you need to fill and then accept the terms of service of Pinterest and voila, you have successfully converted your account.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Business Account

So, here are some steps that you need to follow to create your Pinterest business account


  • Start travelling, your destination is, ‘Pinterest for business page’, when you reach there, click on the option that says, “join as a business’.
  • To claim the account as yours, enter your email address, business name, password, your website and the category that your business belongs to. Your business can be professional, media, retailer, brand, local business, online marketplace, institution/non-profit or some other category, choose a relevant one and move ahead.
  • After reviewing the terms and conditions, click ‘create an account’. You will then be taken to your home page, remember, only you can see how your homepage looks like, your followers can’t. followers will be able to see your profile though, and you can access it by clicking on the red thumbtack located on the top-right hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Your Pinterest account is very much bare, to make it credible and appealing, fill in the profile details. Here are the steps, follow them and complete the profile:

  • Log in to the Pinterest account, if you have logged out already and click on the profile icon and then click Settings.
  • Scroll down and find the profile section and upload a 165*165 pixels profile picture there. Finish writing about yourself in the about you section and then add the location of your business. Entering all this information gives credibility to your business.

Make sure you click on the Save button before moving ahead.

Strategies for Marketing on Pinterest

1. Add Save Buttons to Your Site

Add Save Buttons to Your Site

The basic purpose of having a Pinterest account is to make people take some action when they see your posts. You can make it easy for people to take action when you add a save button to your site.

If you add a save button, people will be able to share your article by a simple click. Doesn’t matter whether they have the Pinterest browser button installed, the amount of traffic on your site is going to increase manifolds.

There are options you have when we talk about the save buttons. There are these automatic buttons that will appear on every image your site has and then there are hover buttons that appear only when the user hovers their mouse over the image. You can choose any one button, but do add a button.

2. Pin Consistently

According to Pinterest, US-based brands have peak times in evenings and weekends, Pinterest recommends that the users pin every day, especially in these peak times. If you plan to post a large number of posts in a week, divide them according to the seven days and then post daily, instead of posting in bulk.

If you are trying to target any event, season or holiday, you need to start posting about them in advance, as advance as 45 days.

3. Focus on Great Visuals

Pinterest is a very visual medium, its all about pictures, so posting quality pictures is so worth it. Before posting, make sure your pictures are clear, well-composed, well-lit and in-focus.

4. Don’t Neglect the Words

Now just because I just told you that Pinterest is a visual medium, doesn’t mean you won’t concentrate on the written content.

Keep the description optimized, by adding keywords and tell your visitors exactly what it is that you are trying to sell. They need to know why they should click on the link and visit your site.

5. Use Rich Pins when Appropriate

rich pinterest pins

Nah, we are not talking about donating your money to pins to make them rich, it is something simpler.

Rich pins are the pins that use the metadata from your site and tell the pinners exactly what they will find when they will click on the pin.

6. Get Social

So, like any other social network, you need to engage with other people if you want them to engage with you.

Pinterest isn’t a billboard after all. Follow some boards that are relevant to you, but are not competitors and engage with them by liking their pins.

7. Use Analytics to Improve Results

Pinterest Analytics gives you information about the type of content that is best for your network, so that, accordingly, you can tweak your content.

You will be able to see the most popular pins and the pins that bring the most traffic to your site. You can use this information to optimize your pins in the future accordingly.


These were some of the best and most popular Pinterest marketing guide new and old businesses can use on Pinterest to give a boost to their marketing plans.

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