How To Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate?

Recent studies have proved that social media has become integral to clients and realtors across the real estate industry. This can never be ignored.

Brief detail about the findings can be visualized below

It is acceptable that – Social Media is an absolute asset for real estate businesses.

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate?

How to Use Social Media for Real Estate


Whether you need to start from scratch or need more leads from social media, you must consider social media as the best option.

Following are some ways to know for getting social media work for the real estate industry

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Based on a recent survey, It has been noted that Facebook – 97%, LinkedIn – 59%, and Instagram – 39% are realtors most used social media platforms. This helps them to gain knowledge. Information and other required details. You also need to prioritize your time and focus on these social media platforms for amazing results.

Let us have an overview of these social media platforms

Facebook for Realtors

Facebook for Realtors


Facebook is a vast platform, where real estate agents can market their businesses. It targets the audience of any age, or income-wise. Facebook is perfect for real estate businesses as all the related features are provided and shown.

It also allows brands or businesses to publish listing-related updates and content, book appointments, communicate with customers and get reviews.

Getting started with Facebook ads which will allow you to directly target demographics and users who are interested in buying property or houses/flats/villas in your area.

LinkedIn for Realtors

LinkedIn for Realtors


LinkedIn is a fantastic place to network with your colleagues and realtors, to show them about your industry experience and update your related knowledge. It is a B2B network, and not necessarily where you can get real estate clients.

Here, many businesses have specific company pages where employees can share opportunities. Setting up a profile or page will surely show your presence online. In other words, it can also be said that LinkedIn is a digital resume for individual realtors.

Instagram for Realtors

Instagram for Realtors


Instagram, is famous for real estate businesses at present. The reason is clear and visible in the form of stylish property photos that go hand in hand with the popular types of content. Instagram as a platform is becoming more and more a priority and a secondary social channel for luxury and boutique real estate businesses.

To add on – Instagram Stories ideas provide quick and personalized property updates daily. It is a profitable channel for realtors.

What Types of Real Estate Content are Appropriate for Social Media?

We need to know about the types of real estate social media posts, according to the networks which represent our real estate industry. Social Media for real estate suggests you be transparent and flexible regarding what you are selling.

Related marketing ideas provide a diverse content calendar, which shows what you can post and how to engage your followers. It is not necessary to jump around your followers with sales pitches.

Here are detailed functionalities for the real estate industry

Property Photos

For real estate business, social media works as a boon in terms of content. Most of the contents are highly visual. Here, you can see stunning, high-res property photos that are effective and one of the social media strategies for the real estate business.

Such amazing photos encourage likes and shares but also force your viewers to get in touch with you. All these photo-based real estate contents have details and contact information including ‘sell’ the property.

Now for photos, you need to be creative and Premium Instagram filters which are solid starting points for your visuals!

Company Milestones

company milestones

Not only social media, your awards, and achievements are also another way to highlight your real estate business track record. Always be open and clear about your business accomplishments, which will certainly help you in winning over the clients.

Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Real Estate social media posts can highlight your success stories so that you can connect with clients. It will be better if you provide proof of your satisfied clients so that other needy clients can easily go through and clear their upcoming doubts.

This will make your clients happy and known about your clear image. This social strategy will be a plus in your favor.

Industry and Market News

The real estate market is constantly evolving. Helpful content, related advice, and industry reports keep your clients informed that you are an active part of this industry.

New Listings and Properties

For your latest listings, stylize and elaborate via photos and captions. Some companies incorporate multiple photos of each listing. They provide contact information as a sort of call to action below, which becomes helpful.

Home Tips and Renovation Ideas

Home Tips and Renovation Ideas

Your work after the sale is not over but starts. Keeping your audience updated is a challenge in real estate social media marketing. You can provide renovation ideas and further information to buyers. The educational content on home maintenance serves many audiences and also highlights your knowledge in this industry.

Event Coverage

You can meet your clients face-to-face and let them know about the upcoming events. This can also be done by creating Facebook events or a post on Instagram. Along with getting more leads, you can also market yourself in person. Through your social presence, your marketing assets and photos can be easily tracked.

How to Win Real Estate Clients from Social Media platform?

Apply the below elements of your social strategy that can have a direct impact on your clients –

Put your Contact Information Front-and-Center

Your goal is to get clients on the phone, be it real estate business. Therefore, you need to put essential contact information on display where your clients can get in touch with you easily. Certain details on the social channel must be 100% complete =

  • Email address
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Website to capture leads

If on Facebook, enable Facebook Messenger and add a call-to-action on Facebook, which will connect with potential clients.

If on Instagram, optimize your bio which includes your contact information. You can also convert your account to a business profile, containing all the contact buttons. Most importantly, add your phone number and email to all your posts.

Client Communication Must be Streamlined

You are responsible for responding to your clients, and that is essential in real estate businesses. Well, it has been observed that many real estate businesses do not communicate well, as many struggle between multiple platforms.

So, the best way is to keep track of your communication by putting your messages, DMs, and other mentions in one place. This will surely keep you less stress bouncing in between social platforms. Another option is – activate push notifications and emails on each social channel so that you do not miss any of your client’s messages.

Discover Relevant Real Estate Conversations and Clients

Discover relevant real estate conversations and clients:

Social media for real estate means to be proactive and looking them out yourself. There are many Facebook Groups where real estate professionals network and provide referrals to each other.

How To Grow your Social Following into Real Estate Business?

You have content to publish, want to grow, and win your leads/followers then here are some tips to be considered –

Promote your Social Accounts Everywhere you Can:

Promote your social accounts everywhere you can

If you are active on social media, then you need to be loud and clear to your clients. Some ideas for promoting your social presence can surely help you out –

  • Include your social accounts in your email signature.
  • Feature your accounts on your homepage through icons.
  • Add social icons to your business card for networking events and other related promotions.

Your Social Account Must look Fresh

Consistency is very important when it comes to engagements and ensuring that your posts are really valuable. You can schedule according to multiple profiles and platforms. When prospects see that you are posting every day, this will impress them and update your thriving business. Ensure that whatever you are posting must be fresh content.

Your Personality Must Shine Through your Social Presence

Your personality must shine through your social presence

Your followers must also know about your personal life, instead of just business. This will also add some contribution to your business since your image is fair and transparent.


Social media is the prime place to generate leads and also improve your real estate business. Many clients hover around social media for their property and related information. Here you can meet them, get more clients, upgrade your business only if your strategy is planned. Right implications can serve you well for your real estate business.

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