The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes in 2020

Social Media provides a lot of pressure to stay active and keep up the expectation with the latest social media trends and techniques. Entrepreneurs, business people, marketers, and others do take notice about it and therefore work out hard to stay updated. The best guide for social media image size is here for you.

 They keep changing their profile and cover photo dimensions, layouts, and uploaded images. Certain times it becomes difficult to track all of it without social media image sizes.

Complete Guide to Social Media Image Size

Social media is an effective useful tool in the business world, where you can boost your brand recognition and loyalty, connect with potential or current customers, advertise your products and promotions, and share helpful, inspiring content by social media image sizes.

The best part about these social media platforms is that it is free and requires an investment of some time and creativity.

Social Media Image Size

High-quality and creative images work impressively to your social media marketing success. It is important to know about the proper dimensions for each network you use. Below are the proper image dimensions for the following social networks –

1 – Facebook

Facebook shows your audience that your business is legal, reputable, and pays attention to all the small details by featuring high-quality images. It is an increasingly important aspect of the social web and knows the importance of visual advertising and thus offers the opportunity to promote the posts on your page.

Facebook’s text to image ratio is focused on providing a positive user experience and prevents advertisers from publishing promotional or unwanted content.


a – Profile/Cover photos: Profile photos make a big impact though it may be Small Square shaped in size. It represents the brand on Facebook. You can use your brand’s logo or your photo for your business. 

There are shared images on your timeline as well and also in your follower’s news feed. Ensure that the images you share are seen by your fans which will increase the engagement on your images.

b- Shared Link photos: sharing the link photos, is also an effective way to spread content and generate website traffic. Another better way to connect with your audience via social media is to share your customer’s content or images.

2 – Twitter

This social tool is considered a popular customer service and promotion solution for any business. Customers can tweet about an issue, compliment or even share their experience. Here, you can very well represent your business via Tweet.


a – Profile/Cover photos: you can use your photos on the profile photo area. Most businesses use their logo in this place to promote their brand. Twitter recommends that you must upload your cover photo having the dimensions of 1500×500 pixels. It depends on your screen, which may show the cover photo bigger or smaller. Cover photos are a great place to display about your brand and it can also be used as a free advertising space!

b- In-feed photos: Twitter has a limit of 140 characters but you can use visuals too to promote your business or brand. 

3 – Google+

Google+ may not be at the top social media platform, but it cannot be ignored as well. It has been redesigned recently, giving marketers hope and the opportunity to socialize their business or brands.


a – Profile/Cover photos: Always ensure that your profile image is of high quality and have some recent posts to be viewed. We can observe that though you upload your profile photo as a square, it will always be displayed on your page in a circle. Regarding Google+ cover photo, it is the largest image at the top of your profile photo. Therefore, it must be clear and creative which can portray your brand.

b- Shared Image/Link: For sharing on Google+, you get various options like within a collection, in a community, with a circle, etc. In collections, you can organize and collect images based on topics that are of interest. People come to discuss and share news on common topics of interest.

There are followers like your friends, colleagues, etc. They form a group. Under the link, when you paste any link on Google+, it will pull multiple photos to be posted. You can choose the one which you would like to feature in Google+ post.

Sharing the relevant content and photos in Google+ is a great way to raise your brand awareness, promote your page, connect with different designative people, post quality engagement, and get traffic to your website.

4 – Pinterest

It is one of the amazing and much-searched tools in Social media image sizes. It has 90% of pages and more for driving referral traffic.


a – Profile photo/Pin sizes: Pinterest does not have any cover photo, so the responsibility rests totally on your profile photo. When uploading a profile photo as a square it will display as a circle above your name. In Pinterest, the layout is a portrait and vertical pins are design there to perform better.

b- Board display: Collection of boards is the first thing, any visitor would like to see while looking out at anyone’s Pinterest profile. So, the board’s name must be appropriate, have good cover photos for each of them. If the boards are empty, it will not serve you good!

Always make sure that your boards are relating to your business or audience. Visitors will leave your profile if they will not understand your business or cannot get the needed information.

5 – LinkedIn

It uses for networking with other professionals, where you can connect with prospective employees and industry leaders. Many businesses connect with other resourceful businesses to gain both promotion and profit. There are options to choose from, personal profile and business page option.


a – Personal profile/background photo: For your personal LinkedIn profile, you must have a professional and impressive photo. Background photo or the cover photo relates to your business or brand, which you would like to display.

b – Business logo: The logo for a business page is a rectangle at the top, which displays next to your brand name. This logo helps the visitor to search your company profile.

c – Banner photo: you can design a banner image that stretches across your profile. You can also use a group photo of your employees or the building of your business as your banner photo.

6 – YouTube

It is a high and popular video-sharing network that uses a variety of devices, like tablets, phones, desktops, and televisions. Therefore, it is important to have high-quality images that can be seen on any device.


a – Channel Icon: There is a small square profile photo at the top left corner of the YouTube page. Many users will visualize your videos first, which will make the images important for you and your brand.

7 – Instagram

Instagram is all about photos and visuals, so high-quality images are very important. 


a – Profile photo: The profile photo out here is a circle which shows next to your posts. For your business or brand, it will be better to put your business’s logo, so that it will relate to the photos of your brand. You can show the aspects regarding your business for photos, customers using your products, how you can create products, etc.

8 – Tumblr

It is a blogging and social platform where users share quotes, music, articles, videos, and images. Text content is link with Tumblr and images both are important.


a – Profile photo: It has a small box or square next to your posts, which has your username. This helps in searching for you or your business brand. Always consider placing your business’ logo to increase brand visibility and recognition.


Your basic concern must be the visual content and the exact way you would like to see it. The dimensions are right and must not be stretch off or out of proportion. You can use infographics for your social media images.

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