Social Media Manager V/S Community Manager: What is The Difference?

Social Media Manager V/S Community Manager: Many people assume that social media managers and community managers share the same work profile. However, in all cases, this might not be true as there is always a thin line difference between them, which is often blurred.

Many organizations think that social media managers can manage the community, and community managers can do strategic planning, but it is not the possibility of such a scenario is less. To get a clear image of both aspects of an organization, let us start with defining the most basic term, “Manager.”

Who is a Manager?

Who is a Manager?

A manager is a person who has the quality to manage a team, department, or a particular organization. He is the person who is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and administering his or her own team.

For the success of any business organization, the term “Delegation of Authority” should be imposed. Delegation of Authority offers the manager a complete authority of his specific team or organization.

Marketing Department of any organization consists of a Digital Marketing Team, which deals with the marketing of products or services on the internet through various means including social media campaigns, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, etc.

The digital marketing team has lots of work to do, and for these, the manager use delegation of authority to allocate different managers with different work. Social Media Manager and Community Manager both are a part of the digital marketing team of an organization.

To understand the difference between social media manager and community manager, first, we need to understand their meanings separately.

1. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the person responsible for representing a company on various social media channels. Other roles performed by a social media manager are to improve traffic on websites and create awareness of the brand through posts of creative content, respond to comments, and keep an eye on various social media business channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

social media manager

2. Community Manager

A community manager is responsible for growing and managing the online communities of a brand or a company. He monitors social media posts, creates forums and blogs as third party person to keep the engagement of customers on social media. The community manager must always stay alert about what the audience is talking about their brand.

Let‘s discuss the difference between Social media manager and Community manager based on these below-mentioned terms:

  • What They Do
  • Skills Requirement
  • Success Measurement
  • Intra Day Work

1. Based on What They Do

A social media manager posts the content on behalf of the company. He is the voice of the company responsible for optimized posts, giving effective replies, and sharing creative content to ensure the active presence of a brand on social media channels.

Here is the List of Social media manager’s Key Job Roles:

  • Create quality content to ensure the static presence of the brand by publishing images, videos, blogs, and articles.
  • Give constant reply in the form of comments on posts and live chats to resolve queries of customers.
  • Make strategies for further improvements in posts to maximize the ROI
  • Build strong sentiments for the brand, product, or services.
  • Offer some sharing benefits to your audience.
  • Run social media ad campaigns and track the metrics

A community manager does not post something as a brand. He acts like a third party person who is an advocate on behalf of the company, and similarly on behalf of the users. He facilitates the relationship between brand and audience by creating a healthy environment for users to connect well.

Community Manager


Few tasks of community manager are mentioned below:

  • Create a community with sufficient members
  • Ensure guidelines and policies of the community
  • Welcoming new members, removing the irrelevant one.
  • Gather feedback and reviews from members about the company.
  • Make strategies for further improvements.

2. Based on Skills Requirement

A skilled manager leads to effective management. Whether he is a product manager, social media manager, or community manager. He should have all the necessary qualities featuring his post. Skills required for social media managers and community managers look the same, but there is a slight difference between them. Here are some skills listed below to differentiate between them:

Strategy planning

Social media managers must have the ability to make strategic decisions regarding social media content. He must know about how social media works, how it crawls content, what, when, where can schedule posts to get viral.

A community manager is not needed to have that quality. He must occupy short term strategic planning of a single day’s work.

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Community Management

Social media manager observes monitors and instructor of the community management. This is an essential skill for a community manager to manage trolls, tweets, and other conversations within the community. He must have the quality to manage the community work. Provide feedback to the brand that will reveal the clear image of the company in the eyes of customers.

Optimizing content/ Writing Skills

To get success on social media, optimized content is necessary. SEO, optimized content goes viral instantly. A social media manager must have the quality to create optimized content. Writing skills are not a priority to be a good community manager. The community managers should have conversation skills to keep engaging the members.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Communication skills is one of the most valuable skills must have by both of the managers. The social media manager needs to convey his content in the voice of the brand.

On the other hand, the community manager must have the quality to interact with people, nurturing them, and ultimately focused on sales growth.

3. Based on Success Measurement

The goal of social media is often mirroring to the purposes of the company with an increase in sales volume, viral, engaging posts, and boosts brand awareness. The success of social media manager is measured with the number of followers increased, number of likes, tweets, comments and shares, number of inbound links, and more on social media progressions.

The success of community managers is measured in a long period when community members will be converted into users. More users talk about the brand, promote our brand in their way. Community manager’s success depicts the number of members increased, the rate of active members, and rate of retention, conversational speed, and extensive discussion within the community.

4. Based on Intra Day Work

The role of both managers differs from each other, and then the intraday working process is different for each post.

Social Media Manager’sRole

Social Media Manager’sRole

  • Create content or post
  • Share it on their social channels
  • Monitoring likes, comments, and shares
  • Give replies and solve queries of customers
  • Respond to messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Congratulate others on their special events
  • Schedule future posts on the appropriate time
  • Join viral hashtags
  • Research on most impressive posts and current trending topics to customize content.

Role of a Community Manager

Role of a Community Manager

  • Answers messages and emails from community members
  • Read the posts, reply to comments
  • Create engaging content
  • Monitor community conversation
  • Find trending hashtags/ conversation and join them
  • Review negative posts and take required action
  • Look for new members to join and connect
  • Maintain community guidelines
  • Resolve interpersonal issues in the community
  • Create community events
  • Share daily thank-you notes to community members
  • Post company’s recent announcements and news
  • Give content suggestion to the digital marketer

All these work leads to building relationships and facilitate communication between brand and members.

In Conclusion,

Do you get the difference between Social Media Manager V/S Community Manager? Now it depends on company needs, whether they need an advocate for their brand or they need to promote their brand. As per their requirements, they can hire one of them or both of them. Also, they both operate online, but their skills, way of work, goals, authority, and responsibility differ from each other.

A social media manager focuses on brand content; on the other hand, the community manager focuses on presenting that content in the community. If an organization recruits for online management, it is necessary to understand the difference between both terms to facilitate adequate job description and script of work for both posts.

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