The Ultimate List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Do social media abbreviations and acronyms confuse you? If yes, we have come to your rescue with the ultimate list of social media acronyms and abbreviations. We’ll also discuss why you should use social media abbreviations and how. Whether you use a personal account or for a business account, you must know these abbreviations.

Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations: The world of social media is certainly astonishing for people for sure. There is just so much to see and do right there. We have no doubt that social media is something you are going to love for sure. That is one of the main reasons why people want to be on social media in the first place.

Did you know this? About 4 billion people are using the internet these days and more than 3.5 billion of them have their accounts on social media.

This only goes on ahead to say one thing. The power of social media is ever on the increase and hence people will be able to have fun with the best options for sure. We have an example here for you.  Do you know what that is in the first place?

Well, we are talking about the amazing abbreviations and acronyms that you can use for sure. These are basically just a new language that people tend to speak these days. Are you familiar with these amazing terms? If you are not then we are here to tell you all about it for sure.

Best Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Trust us when we say that having an idea of these abbreviations is really important in case you want to make sure that you know each and every single thing. You are going to be in pretty much big of the trouble of you don’t know what we are talking about.

In case you are on social media, then we are pretty sure that you are going to learn all about it for sure.

Why Should You Use Social Media Acronyms?

Now that you know something about social media acronyms, we are pretty sure that you want to have a little chat about it in the first place. Why do you think people want to use social media acronyms, to begin with?


Well, there is no doubt that social media is particularly important for people these days. We all have some accounts on the famous platforms of social media. Being popular on these platforms is something that we all want for sure.

Here is a fact for you

About 81% of teenagers feel that social media has had a positive effect on their lives.

So, it can be said without a doubt that social media is quite popular these days. We all want to be on social media to have some conversations and do so much more. Not just that but businesses these days also want to be on social media. This is one of the best things that they have for sure.

So, why not go ahead and try that? However, if you are on social media, then you need to find out a clever and easy way of being on it. Yes, you heard it absolutely right.

Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Most people are on social media for having some conversations right? However, there are so many people who don’t have the time to give in to that. So, with the abbreviations and acronyms, they can save time and effort.

These are basically like the shortcuts that people tend to use in the first place.

We can say this without a doubt that if you are using it then you will be greatly benefitted for sure. So, why not go ahead and try that one out right now?

We are pretty sure that you are definitely going to love it. Shall we get started with it then?

Amazing Abbreviations That You Need To Know About

Amazing Abbreviations

These days every single person is on the platform of social media. So, there is a sudden rise in the popularity of the platform for sure. In case you want to be on social media as well, you need to know some things about it in the best way. We are here to tell you all about it for sure.

Here is a fact: The users of social media grew by 328 million from the year 2018 to 2019.

With the help of social media acronyms, you can easily save some time and effort. All you have to do is provide the abbreviations of the text that you want to say and you are all set.

But then you cannot just abbreviate anything right? You need to know about the most important acronyms that people these days tend to use. So, we are here to tell you all that you need to know about it.

social media acronyms

Here we are going to present to you some of the best. And the most interesting abbreviations that you can use. Make sure that you are listening to it carefully because it is definitely going to be a lot of help to you.

So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let us get started with the best social media acronyms and abbreviations.

Some Abbreviations For Social Media Networks

There are so many different types of social media channels that people know about. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so much more.

We are here to let you know the abbreviations of these amazing social networking sites so that you can save some time while writing the names of these channels. Make sure to pay attention.


  • FB for Facebook.
  • IG for Instagram.
  • LI for LinkedIn.
  • YT for YouTube.

Some of the best abbreviations that you are going to find are right here so make sure that you have a look at all of these for sure.

1. MT – Modified tweet

It is a manual retweet that has been altered before the tweet.

2. CMGR – Community manager

CMGR – Community manager

Responsible for managing brands relationship with its community.

3. CMS – Content management system

It is a tool used for editing, scheduling, and publishing of any written material to the web.

4. CPC – Cost per click

It is the amount paid by the advertiser to the publisher for total clicks on ads.

5. CPM – Cost per thousand impressions

CPM or cost per mile is used to measure the cost of an online ad per 1000 impressions instead of clicks.

6. CR – Conversion rate

It represents the total number of people who took the desired action on your site divided by the total number of audience visiting your profile. 

7. CRO – Conversion rate optimization

It defines the measures taken to improve the conversion rate.

8. CTA – Call to action

CTA – Call to action

It refers to advertising and selling on social media by encouraging the audience to take certain action in the form of signup for a newsletter, call, email, or other.

9. CTR – Click-through rate.

The number of people who took action by clicking on any particular link.

10. ROI – Return on investment

The amount of money you earned by spending the amount of money on those earnings.


11. SMB – Small and midsize or medium businesses

It is used in context with small or medium-sized businesses.

12. SMP – Social media platform

It is an information directory that presents social media and related technology.

13. SMM – Social media marketing

It refers to internet marketing that uses social networking websites as a marketing tool for the advertisement.

14. SMO – Social media optimization

Strategies used by businesses and outlets to maximize their reach online.

15. SoLoMo – Social, local and mobile

It refers to the merging of mobile marketing with social media marketing. 


16. SRP – Social relationship platform

A centralized platform that allows you to publish your content on various social media platforms and then analyze the results.

17. TOS – Terms of service

It represents the terms of services defined by any particular account.

18. UGC – User-generated content

Any type of content created by the user on social media example product reviews.

19. API – Application programming interface

It refers to the programming instructions that define how pieces of software interact with each other.

20. CX – Customer experience

CX – Customer experience

This includes every sort of interaction experience by the customer with you, such as interaction with your product, website, etc.

21. ESP – Email service provider

It refers to the software used for sending emails. 

22. GA – Google Analytics

A service offered by Google to track and report website traffic.

23. ISP – Internet service provider

A company that provides internet access to its customers, i.e. Verizon, Comcast.

24. PV – Pageviews

The number of visitors lands on a specific page.

25. RSS – Really simple syndication 

RSS – Really simple syndication 

Rich site summary is a web feed that allows users to access updates to the website in a readable format.

26. SaaS – Software as a service

A software company that provides a platform to access software programs online with monthly subscriptions.

27. SEM – Search engine marketing

An approach to increase visibility on search engines via paid ads.

28. SEO – Search engine optimization

It involves the approach to rank higher in relevant search results.

29. SOV – Share of voice

The total amount of a brand’s exposure over its competition. 

30. UI – User interface

It defines anything that is designed into the information device with which a person can interact.

31. URL – Uniform resource locator

A web address that identifies a website or page.

32. UV – Unique views

It refers to the number of individual page viewers during a specific period of time.

33. UX – User experience

It refers to the best practices that how people interact with and perform actions on a website.


34. AFAIK – As far as I know

It refers to convey uncertainty in between a conversation online or on email.

35. BTAIM – Be that as it may

It is used for arguments and online discussions.

36. DAE – Does anyone else…?

It is used when someone is asking if others want to share any habit or experience.

37. DYK – Did you know

If someone asks about the past situation or occurrence.

38. ELI5 – Explain like I’m five

ELI5 – Explain like I’m five

Used when people want a simple explanation for more complex topics.

39. FBF – Flashback Friday

A theme where people share their old pictures and posts on social media.

40. FBO – Facebook official

When you make a public announcement on social media for the live event.

41. FF – Follow Friday

A trend started on twitter that involves giving a shout out to the people that deserve more attention and recognition on social media.

42. FTFY – Fixed that for you

It refers to solving or correcting someone’s problem.

43. FTW – For the win

FTW – For the win

Internet cheer or celebrating something online to express enthusiasm on an achievement or victory.

44. G2G or GTG – Got to go

Used to end a conversation on the social platform.

45. GG – Good game

It is used when someone quits the game online and say “GG” to other players.

46. GTR – Got to run

It is used to cut the conversation in between.

47. HBD – Happy birthday

It is used to wish birthday to someone.

48. HIFW – How I feel when

HIFW – How I feel when

It refers to express feelings in between the online conversation.

49. TMI – Too much Information

It is used when someone overshared the information about a particular topic.

This is another one of the terms which is used to impart some knowledge or information in someone and it is sometimes used with a little bit of sass as well. So, you definitely need to know about it if you want to take part in certain conversations.

50. DM: Direct Message

DM full form

This is an acronym that is used for Direct Message and it is something that people tend to send on Instagram or Twitter. This is a type of private message that only two individuals will be able to see in the first place. One needs to know about this term because it is mostly used in casual conversations for sure.

51. PM: Private Message

This is another form of the message that we are talking about right here for sure. Since DM is something that is used popularly on the platform of Instagram, Private Message or PM is something that can be considered as a general term for sure.

This is a term that is used to describe the communication that happens between two people which is not seen by the public.

52. RT: Retweet

The abbreviation is used for the word Retweet and it can be used when a person asks for retweets something that they have posted on Twitter. If you are on Twitter most of the times then this is a term that you need to know about for sure in order to have the best information.

53. AMA: Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

This is something which can be used in order to promote some sessions of questions and answers that happen between the people for sure. There are certain brands. And companies that tend to host such AMAs to let the people know that they can answer the questions that they have.

54. BRB: Be Right Back

This is a relic that is something which was used before in the texting era. And now it has made its way back to the social media ages in order to gain the popularity that it had. This is something which is used in order to signify that the person is going for a while and will be coming back soon.

55. BTS: Behind the Scenes

Now, this is a term that is used in order to provide some behind the scenes looks for the projects of assignment that people have for their audience. This is used to save some time and let people know what they can expect from a particular project.

56. BTW: By The Way

By The Way

This is another abbreviation that is used in order to make sure that some additional information is provided to any particular topic. Some people also tend to use it in order to throw some shade on someone. So, this is quite a funny term that you can use for sure.

57. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

Here is something interesting that we have in line for you. In case you are not familiar with FOMO, trust us when we say you are definitely missing out. It is used in order to convey the phobia that people have of absence. This is something that has been used a lot in casual conversations for sure.

58. FYI: For Your Information

For your information

FYI is a common abbreviation of  For Your Information. It is commonly used in email, instant messaging or memo and messages, typically in the message.

59. Yolo: You Only Live Once

YOLO is the acronym word of the phrase “you only live once”

60. TTYL: Talk To you later

TTYL-Talk to you later it means that you will talk together in the future, but whether or not it will be soon is not stated.

61. IRL: In real life

IRL: In real life

IRL-In Real Life is a tech slang term used to talk about the real world, in contrast to the world of the Internet, or some other virtual or cyber world.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most common social media abbreviations and acronyms that you can use. Choose from the best right now.

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