15 Tips For Growing Your YouTube Channel

To grow your YouTube channel, it is extremely important to attract viewers and keep them glued to your channel. For this, you need different videos, topics, and upcoming matters which are of your audience’s interest.

Further, you need to know your audience well, their interest, what do they expect from you, and the basic factor is continuous communication. This can be done via comments, another revert (reply) video, feedbacks, etc. Here we will see many tips to grow the youtube channel.

Proper Guide For Growing Your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube Channel is the overall projection of your image and your business/ brand if any. This process will help you out to promote your business among all professional world. Customers need varieties, new happenings in the channel, mentioning the same matter differently, guiding them. This will bring amazing engagements and target your audience.

Well, below are 15 tips and tactics for growing your YouTube Channel in a detailed way:

YouTube Channel

1 – Make it a point to post multiple times in YouTube Channel per week:

Recent surveys have proved that if posting multiple times in YouTube channel per week the performance and engagements increase. This will help you to build your audience initially. For this, it will be better if you keep a schedule intact for the regular video postings on YouTube.

This will create a library of your content for your targeted viewers. The result will be to give them a reason to continuously watch and also subscribe to your channel.

2 – Develop a continuous video production workflow:

If you are taking too much time in producing a video, then your videos will not get any recommended views from your audience. Being consistent is extremely important. Viewers wait eagerly to know further exciting content.

Choose the content that you need to develop and then create regularly. Then proceed further by deciding about your production workflow. Upgrade your topics accordingly and the production workflow until to get you what you need to achieve. E.g. – you can set a small studio for yourself, where you can hire a production team, assistants or need to edit a template for the video.

The more regular you are, you will get more and more views for your upcoming YouTube channel.

3 – Each video must have an interesting look:

Everything depends on you and your content. A stunning result will make the viewer more interested to see how you achieved it at the end. Most viewed contents are DIY, makeover videos, stories. When you start a video with a story, people will want to stick around to see what happens next. Viewers click your channel because they are interested, therefore post such contents which your audience or viewers want to see and hear.

4 – Titles and Opening credits must be kept short:

Make your opening title and credits short. The whole opening must not be longer than 5 seconds.  If the title or opening credit is long, people will lose interest. A long opening discourages people as they do not want to watch the same long sequence again and again.

5 – Add End Screens to Promote Your Videos, Channel, or Website:

If you want someone to subscribe to your channel, then the option of adding an End screen can be opted. End Screens link to another video, playlist, channel and can be added in the last 20 seconds of your video. 

a – Another creative action is to form your video in such a way, that there will be space for the end screens. Talking about the end screen will engage the viewer. It has been observed that if you cut to a screen with a design or anything, and not providing any information the viewers will click off your page. So, it is better to keep on providing information. In this way, the end screen will work best and the viewers will also stick to the channel.

To analyze the success of your end screen, always refine your strategy based on the data or content.

b – The best way is to focus on the goal for your video. That way you can certainly craft your video and optimize around that goal.

c – For your video, you can add links, CTA’s which are the marketing rules to hike your YouTube channel. The end screens are mobile friendly and can work on anyone!

6 – Distractions must be removed from your Video:

Distractions like long pauses, bouncing from one topic to another, boring talks will make the viewer’s lookout for other interesting videos. If in case, you slip out from your topic or have become slightly boring, ensure that it is to a minimum level. Keep the video visually or story-wise engaging. 

If your video is slow, no viewer has ample time to watch it till the end. Keep the videos fast-paced and engaging, can cut from one shot to another. For this, you can use – text or transitions that come with basic editors.

7 – Video Thumbnails can be designed for YouTube Users:

Suggested Videos and Thumbnails are the factors that can make or break your success on YouTube. Suggested videos are the leading source of emerging and extensive traffic on YouTube. Your video thumbnail must stand out for suggested videos, then tips for youtube can endorse it by saying that your video can be enjoyed as well. YouTube wants viewers to click videos, so they will recommend those which are most likely to get clicked.

a – Deliver on the Thumbnail – People will click away from those videos that have nothing to do with a thumbnail, so make the thumbnail relevant to the video’s title and content. YouTube also values low watch time.

b – Your Viewers must wonder what’s next – Tell a story or show an image with the help of your thumbnails. This will make them wonder what happens next or what happened before.

c – Keep the Design small – YouTube recommends to create 1280 x 720 pixels for the video thumbnails. But this thumbnail size cannot be seen on YouTube, though it looks great. To know how your thumbnail looks on YouTube, zoom out so you can see the image on-screen. You can even try simple image edits accordingly.

d – Consistent look and feel are necessary – When your thumbnails have a consistent look, people can recognize it from anywhere. You need to decide about the consistency look. It can be anything and must be applied to all your thumbnails. People will surely stick to your content and thumbnails if they find that consistency in all.

8 – Test your Thumbnail Options with AdWords:

How will you know if your thumbnail will work or not? Several options can be created with AdWords to test your thumbnail.

a – You can opt for view-through rate (VTR), which will be worthwhile if you are running a campaign. 

b – In YouTube Analytics, the Suggested Video views can help you check the success or the progress of your thumbnails.

9 – Replicate the topics from Top-Performing Videos:

You need to do your research and find out which video gets more subscriber conversion per view. Look for the subject, delivery, or editing style. Then you can make such videos. 

10 – Long videos will Improve Watch Time:

Make your actual video content long only if it makes sense for your topic. Indeed, short videos are consider better but now longer videos are also equally important. The important thing is that in the long videos all sort of information must be provided. In general, videos from 7 to 15 minutes tend to be the best.

11 – Live on YouTube:

Live video is the easiest way to create video content. It is a great way to produce any sort of content without wasting any time. On YouTube, live videos are heavily supported as you can communicate directly with your viewer and it also has long watch times. This ultimately provides excellent engagement opportunities.

You can use your smartphone or webcam for high-quality videos and share them as live broadcasts.

12 – Three types of videos in your Content Mix:

You post videos having 3 goals – serving the community, being shareable, and performing in search. These videos can be added to your content calendar and thus can be posted accordingly. Google Trends is an excellent resource for trending topics that provide actionable value. It also helps in highly-searched content.

13 – Develop your Videos as a Series:

You want to create videos for your viewers, which we can watch from one to another. This is done in Series playlists. Research for popular content that has performed well. Many YouTube channels have more than one series, with a special topic, different thumbnail images, etc.

a – You can post your videos in the series playlist: From here, YouTube will add the next video in the playlist at the top of the recommendations. Your viewer will be able to visualize the videos one after another in your series playlist. Most importantly, make sure that your series playlists are high-level categories and are more specific on regular playlists.

b – To change a playlist to a series playlist: Go to Creator studio, then Video manager and click playlists. Then click the Edit button for Set as Official Series for This Playlist checkbox.

14 – Collaborate with Other YouTubers:

Collaborations among multiple content YouTubers are an effective way to expand your audience on YouTube. Sharing your videos with other YouTubers will upgrade your video in all ways. It will expose your channel to people who have not heard about you. 

Social Media plays an important role out here, where such collaborations lead to an endorsement to audiences. Viewers will check your channel, if they like it, you are about to get new subscribers.

There are many competitors to take over when you see a channel getting more attention or growing faster than others. So, you just cannot collaborate with just one, but find more and more genuine ones to grow along with them.

a – Channels having the same audiences but different content matter: It will be another good opportunity if you collaborate with those who have similar audiences but different content matters. Take suggestions from your viewers about their interest, who else they enjoy watching, etc.

b – Channels that are of the right size: You can find such channels that are neither too large nor too small, but almost your size.  Large channels do collaborations all the time and work with people they know. Small channels can be great if they are growing fast, as YouTube is a place where small can grow amazingly!

c – Collaborate with multiple and form a team: Multiple creators can come together and form their team to gain the same audiences. There are benefits of creating healthy relationships too while growing your channel. Content creators become friends, work and hang out together in real life as well.

15- Promote your Collaborations in the Video’s Title, Tags and Description:

Your collaborator’s viewers can also find your channel if you add your collaborator’s name and other details to the title, tags, and description. Ensure that your collaborators also do the same for you. Collaboration and Promotion go hand in hand, so highlight your partner.


Your channel will grow if you will follow the above tips for youtube channel. Important aspects like algorithm, thumbnails, strong content and videos, and lastly your viewer’s interest must be taken care of. Everything must be planned and executed accordingly. Your goal must be that your viewers must have an amazing experience and highlight your channel.

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