6 Ways to Use Embedded Tweets to help your Business

Twitter allows the ability to embed tweets on certain websites. This will also allow you to show off your customer’s kind words of appreciation about your business. In this way, you can also add social proof to your content, get engagements and extend your website’s newsfeed. This will certainly add value to your website.

People have discovered creative ways to use them. Through embedding, the content can be tricky, not impossible. Sharing customer testimonials and promoting events help in supporting engagements with your brand/business. This also increases traffic.

How to embed your Tweet

Choose the Tweet you want to embed on your website. Click and you will find an Embed Tweets option. Click and then copy the sharing code for the related Tweet. Then paste it in your website. You will get a live and interactive tweet on your website.

Below are the 6 ways to Embed Tweets which will help your business to increase:

1 – Customer testimonials can help you to build your reputation:

On Twitter, you will find people who will quickly share their good experiences. You will also find testimonials mentioning your username and a Twitter search relating your business name or brand. After browsing, save the best and potential tweets about your business as your favorites. Add them to new testimonial pages on your website, or circulate them in places where social proof is needed.

2 – Support your Statements:

Support your statements to protect your contents. Readers may think that it is taken from somewhere or you have added it on your own. So, use embedded tweets to cite quotes and sources. Tweets from a reputable source will help you to prove the written content.

3 – Retweets of your Media:

Why to share the content directly on your webpage? Share the content on Twitter and then embed the related tweet including the media in it. In this way, people will retweet it to their audience and also reply to you.

4 – Tweet Chat increases the Website Traffic:

Twitter chats on your website will increase the overall site traffic or page visits. This will help you to get more visitors and thus more business.

5 – Create a Twitter Engagements for blog posts:

Search Twitter or URL of one of your blog posts. Change the filters to All, and then get it to embed somewhere in your blog post. You need to guide the users about it by telling them to click on the area, compose a new tweet, add a comment and include the link. This is a new way to engage them with your content and get more tweets for your posts.

6 – Promoting your event is very important:

promoting your Embeddable tweet widget on your status or website is important. Ensure that all the proper details/ info is displayed. You also need to know through tweets what people are saying, and then continue to evaluate embedded tweets accordingly.


This way will certainly increase the popularity of your website which will be beneficial for your business. You can get related social media content into your website from the vast options like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Calendar, YouTube and Slide Share.

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