It is a great way to get feedback and know your products/services from a customer’s point of view. You can ask your audience anything and see their responses in real-time

Instagram Polls


Geo-tagging stickers are effective in getting location-based exposure for your company. It is great way of attracting local customer


They are the secret sauce to determines the success of your insta Stories They help your content to get noticed by your target audience and become highly discoverable


countdown sticker is a great way to set reminders for your audience about an upcoming event. It is also the best option to promote time-sensitive offers on Instagram


It combines various interactive stickers, drawings, and texts without the need to add photos or videos. Content creators and influencers use this to build authority 



One of the latest additions to the insta Stories is the shoppable tag, where marketers can use the “product” sticker to the Instagram Stories

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These highlights are reflected right above your posts on your profile and do not vanish after 24 hours, rather are live for as long as you want them to be

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